Fishwrap’s latest tacky move

Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter) tested new depths of tacky today.  They published, on the 20th anniversary of St. John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter Ordinatio sacerdotalis, a piece by the excommunicated “lady tambourine ‘priest” (perhaps you recall the Bob Dylan parody song HERE), who – completely deluded – thinks that wymyn have really made progress, along with their tens of followers.

This on the heels of publishing an editorial that climate change is the Church’s #1 pro-life issue and that “no sin is more heartless” than not caring for the environment.  Good grief.

Simply publishing such rubbish from an excommunicated woman, faking ordination and simulating sacraments, is bad enough.  What is worse is that NSR’s editors accept her premises and claims.  They think that these women really are validly ordained, despite the Church’s crystal clear teaching to the contrary.

Remember: The catholic Left will never stop agitating for the ordination of women.  Never.  That is their Unholy Grail, Eldorado, and much needed Fountain of Youth wrapped into one.

The bishops in these USA must officially declare that the National Catholic Reporter cannot use the word “Catholic” in their title.

Woman Priest and congregation


Meanwhile, in Springfield in Illinois, the great Bp. Paprocki has confirmed the excommunication incurred by a woman, Mary F. Keldermans of Springfield, who attempted to be ordained, by other women, who also were not and can never be, ordained. Paprocki wrote to her last month asking her to reconsider her plan. She went ahead and committed the grave sin.  She is now excommunicated.  The decree is HERE

As Catholic Vote put it:

The bishop also issued this statement to his diocese:

Please be advised that Ms. Mary F. Keldermans of Springfield, Illinois, has attempted to be ordained a priest for “Roman Catholic Womenpriests, Inc.” in a ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Springfield on May 5, 2014. As a result, she has incurred an automatic excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See.

That is what you call a bishop who’s not afraid to bishop.

At the same time, we should be careful not to tout this as some sort of righteous smack-down or triumphant display of authority.  Bishop Paprocki is much too holy and charitable a bishop for that, and I have no doubt that his declaration of excommunication was issued with sorrow, not pleasure.

But he didn’t hold back from issuing the decree of excommunication either, or from publishing it prominently on the diocesan website.

Perhaps Bp. Paprocki will take up with his fellow bishops that the Fishwrap must be told not to use the word Catholic in their title.

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  1. majuscule says:

    And they are moderating the comments on the fake ordination discussion taking place about the article.

    I have it fron a reliable source that someone happened to mention, in non inflammatory terms, the Austrian We Are Church excommunication. They did not even provide a link. Just mentioned it.

    But the post never appeared.

    But now they do have an article about the We Are Church fauxpriest!

    “Head of We Are Church excommunicated for celebrating Mass without priest”…

  2. LeeF says:

    Father Z said: “The bishops in these USA must officially declare that the National Catholic Reporter cannot use the word “Catholic” in their title.”

    Can’t Bishop Finn just place the leaders/owners of the newspaper under interdict after a final warning? This assumes of course that those persons actually attend Mass regularly at a Catholic parish.

  3. Joe in Canada says:

    Perhaps another step would be for the Church – ordinaries and superiors – to forbid clerics and religious to write articles or opinion pieces for it.

  4. Jackie L says:

    A few years ago NcR published that the average age of their subscribers was 67. I would guess that this has probably gone up since. The Bishop condemned this magazine and forbid its use of the word Catholic 45 years ago. The NcR type of “thought” is dying off, I wouldn’t be opposed to the Bishops taking action, but it’s clear that this is not promoting anything Catholic, and it is fading away on its own.

  5. benedetta says:

    The corrected title should read: “The National Anti-Catholic Reporter”. Just reading from week to week easily establishes this, but, if you are still not fully convinced that it sees its mission on such terms thoroughly, just do a little checking into its history. That it has employed a token columnist here or there who passes for authentically Catholic is not enough, at the end of the day make it a Catholic publication.

    But increasingly one sees how lockstep is this agenda which is grounded in, I guess, to put it the most charitably, Protestantism, and, a slate of political demands. As I have been saying it has become so apparent that the world of orthodoxy offers quite a beautiful diversity of thought and culture in comparison.

  6. Elizium23 says:

    But Father, but Father! Bishop Paprocki did not excommunicate this womyn, she excommunicated herself. It is latae sententiae. The declaration merely states that the sentence took place upon commission of the deed. The bishop did not issue this sentence himself. It’s just a finding of fact.

  7. Bea says:

    I remember reading that Bishop Finn had, indeed, demanded they remove the word “Catholic” from their “rag/mag”. They simply ignored him.
    They should use the “rag” to gag the “mag”.
    There was an ad in our diocesan newspaper for the NCR “fishwrap”.
    I sent a letter to the editor (not printed in the d. nwsp.), of course, however I haven’t seen the ad again.

  8. acardnal says:

    Good work Bp. Paprocki. Thank you.

    Dear Pope Francis, please keep Bp Paprocki in mind for the archdiocese of Chicago.

    Praying for Cdl. George’s health.

  9. acardnal says:

    Bea wrote, “There was an ad in our diocesan newspaper for the NCR “fishwrap”.
    I sent a letter to the editor (not printed in the d. nwsp.), of course, however I haven’t seen the ad again.”

    Tip o’ the hat to Bea! “¡Vaya lío!”

  10. Dax says:

    Thank you Bp. Paprocki.

    A Unitarian church? How fitting and attending a service there of any kind should be grounds for excommunication.

    The only thing Unitarians can agree upon is that is at least one god.

    Q:How do you know when you’ve been attacked by a Unitarian?
    A: There is a large question mark burning on your front lawn.

    Here all week, folks. Try the osso buco…..

  11. Dax says:

    *there is at least one god*

  12. Elizabeth D says:

    I have said repeatedly Bishop Paprocki might make an excellent Archbishop of Chicago. I saw some people on Twitter advocating for Wilton Gregory, he is a good man and that makes a whole lot of sense in certain ways but not really nearly enough sense. Then again another person on facebook says: “I get the impression that Cardinal Burke could be sent there…”!

  13. Gerard Plourde says:

    It might come as a shock, but “Catholic” is unfortunately not a trademarked term. (Not surprising since the vast majority of the Founding Fathers as Protestants influenced by the Enlightenment probably hated the Catholic Church for its “Popery” as much as they loved liberty.) Consequently, in addition to the Womenpriests, there exist the schismatic Polish National Catholic Church, the schismatic and probably heretical Old Catholic Church, Catholic Apostolic Church in North America, the American Catholic Church and a number of others. In addition claiming the title “Catholic” we have the irregular Society of St. Pius X (not declared in schism but not possessing valid faculties), its breakaway the Society of St. Pius V and the various sedevecantist and Feeneyite groups.

  14. Salvelinus says:

    Well, I copied snd pasted Bishop Paprockis letter into NSRs comments, and I got banned! !

    Careful over there, folks

  15. AVL says:

    That NCR article left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder why, oh why, could it be that they refer to JPIIs decree that only men can become priests and say women are therefore blatantly discriminated against – and yet they fail to refer to JPIIs On the Genius of Women. Hm. Odd.

  16. The Sicilian Woman says:

    After Bishop Paprocki did something else recently that proved he had a backbone, I had a Mass said for him. It’s among the best $10 I’ve ever spent.

  17. Mike says:

    The U.S. hierarchs have been stumping for nationally-run healthcare and similar modernistic and socialistic mischief for over a century. That they would subject themselves to the discomfiture of addressing modernism elsewhere in this nation is not something I ever expect to see in my lifetime.

  18. JonPatrick says:

    @Gerard Plourde, note that the “Feeneyite groups” i.e. the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, are in fact in full communion with the Church and are obedient to the Church and the Holy Father. Of course like many groups that teach the Truths of the Catholic Faith they sometimes are at odds with the local diocese, as Fr. Feeney was himself for daring to preach what the Church had always taught, that there is no salvation outside the Church. Just wanted to correct that.

  19. Gerard Plourde says:

    @ JonPatrick,

    You’re right that Fr. Feeney and a number of his followers (though not all) did reconcile with the Church. As an aside, whether Fr. Feeney’s personal speculations concerning the latitude of God’s mercy vs. His justice in applying “extra ecclesiam null salus” with regard to the Church’s teachings concerning Baptism of Blood and Baptism of Desire are correct is a matter open to debate.

  20. LarryW2LJ says:

    “At the same time, we should be careful not to tout this as some sort of righteous smack-down or triumphant display of authority. Bishop Paprocki is much too holy and charitable a bishop for that, and I have no doubt that his declaration of excommunication was issued with sorrow, not pleasure.”

    But this is the very definition of courage! Doing what you have to do, doing what is right – especially when it causes you pain and you don’t want to do it.

  21. Imrahil says:

    Dear JonPatrick and Gerard Plourde,

    It is true that the Feeneyites (or most of them, I don’t quite know) have been successfully reconciled (good for them).

    Though we might say without that was in post-conciliar leniency. Fr Feeney was asked to confess the Faith according to a formula, he chose the Quicumque which he had the feeling of actually defending all-along, and he was declared reconciled. Obviously he’d have done the same thing in the 1950s any time…

    This should not make us overlook, h0wever, that the reason he got himself excommunicated is not “daring to preach what the Church had always taught”, but an actual error regarding salvation on the unbaptized*, and that he refused to recant and refused to appear in court in the consequence.

    It may be noted, too, that afterwards he did not become simply an “EENS (his interpretation) Lefebvrite (ante verbum)”, in the sense of keeping up, in a situation judged one of necessity by his conscience, Catholic services with as little as deviation from usual Catholicism as possible under the circumstances. No, he went beyond that: for instance, he founded an “order” consisting of married couples which decided to educate their children together… Sounds a bit awkward to say the least.

    [*Fr Feeney made things easy for his opponents: he went as far as actually denying baptism of blood and of desire altogether, which are firmly taught by Catholic doctrine. It was quoted as so-to-say “old hat” in a speach by Pope Bl. Pius IX that God does save unbaptized people. There is much more room for controversy regarding the extension of baptism of desire, but even on that, the Magisterium has something rather non-Feeneyite to say in Spe salvi 46 for example.]

  22. Mike says:

    My wife sent this article to me today….
    Nothing that, “Fishwrap” says surprises me…. the word spelled, “p-r-i-e-s-t-s” in the title should have quotes around it.

  23. aviva meriam says:

    The Bishop will be in my prayers….

    Just annoyed that these women not only commit these acts, but by their examples lead others astray.

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