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ASK FATHER: Altar girls also Communion ministrices

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I went to Mass today in the diocese of [removed] as a visitor. The priest had 4 teen age alter girls and I actually received communion from one of them. This brought tears of sorrow to … Read More

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Luke 19: Zacchaeus

I think we could benefit from a discussion of the moment in the Gospel of Luke when Zacchaeus meets the Lord.  The Pope recently used this pericope when addressing the UN delegation.  It made me scratch my head.  The Pope … Read More

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The Vandals would be impressed: Univ. of Dayton chapel

I received a link to an article at Catholic Beat about the slated renovation of the chapel at the University of Dayton. There are before and after pictures which are striking.  The Vandals couldn’t have done a better job of … Read More

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Another liberal writer turns on Pope Francis

The repulsively lefty Maureen Dowd has a piece in the Irish Times… it’s like a perfect storm, no?… in which she lays into Pope Francis. This is how the Liberal catholic Left will be talking about Francis before too long. … Read More

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