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Venice Day 8 – Of Moses and Sardines

This morning I said Mass for us at San Moisè, which is convenient for the hotel. The sacristan is wonderful. He is as helpful and friendly as (most) Roman sacristan are… not. He was also interested in the older, traditional … Read More

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Catholic pro-marriage speech repressed at Notre Dame

More news from the school that gave the most aggressive anti-Catholic pro-abortion politician we have probably ever seen an honorary doctorate in law (of all things). From the TFP site: Young Catholics Not Welcome at the University of Notre Dame … Read More

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Fishwrap piece reveals a dilemma for the ‘c’atholic Left

This is great! One of the perks of being on the road and having a semi-vacation from reading the interwebs and posting a lot is that I haven’t seen the National Schismatic Reporter very often. Today, however, something from Fishwrappy … Read More

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