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Caption Call

“By my apostolic authority I command you… RISE!”

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GUEST POST: A Baptist Pastor asks for thoughts

I received this, which I bring to the readership’s attention: Greetings Father Z, I am a Baptist Pastor and a fan of your blog. Recently, I read the following thread on a Christianity forum. I asked the original poster if … Read More

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Fr. Z’s annual rant about Ascension Thursday Sunday

We know with holy and Catholic Faith that what was not assumed, was not redeemed (St. Gregory of Nazianzus – +389/90). Our humanity, both body and soul, was assumed by the Son into an unbreakable bond with His divinity. When … Read More

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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! You helped a US Army Chaplain and his troops!

YOU DID IT!  100% Fulfillment of the requests for socks.  I am really proud of you. 1800 pairs of sock in less than a month and a half. ____ Our own “Cantor”, frequent commentator here, broke down the purchases by … Read More

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Pope Francis on the airplane: The Synod, the family, Communion for the divorced and remarried

You may have heard that Pope Francis visited the Holy Land.  On the flight back to Italy, His Holiness held another presser. At this point many of you might be cringing as the thought “What could possible go wrong?” flashes … Read More

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