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Key stats for vocations to the priesthood – POLLS

The USCCB released survey results of the 2014 class of ordinands (from Latin, ordinandi, or “men to be ordained”).  HERE 82% were altar boys 73% attended adoration of the Blessed Sacrament regularly Suggestion to parish priests… heck… let’s include bishops, too: … Read More

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Stratford Caldecott is dying. Something just too cool ensues.

I have learned that the English writer Stratford Caldecott is dying.  He has end-stage cancer.  I know that you will, in your goodness, pray for him and for his. Sad news, but there is a Just Too Cool element. At … Read More

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MUST READ: Ed Peters on Bp. Galantino about “expressionless persons praying rosaries outside abortion clinics”

I wanted everyone to see this. You remember the remarks made about those “expressionless” people reciting Rosaries outside abortion clinics by the Secretary of the Italian Bishops conference, His Excellency Most Rev. Nunzio Galantino.  I wrote about that HERE. Ed … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Gifts for new deacons and priests

‘Tis the season for ordinations! I am getting lots of questions about what to give the newly ordained. First and foremost, cash and gift cards are always welcome. It doesn’t seem very personal, but unless you are pretty close to … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

It’s back! My not so subtle way of poking you to pay close attention to the sermons you hear on Sunday, so that when there is a good point, you can relate it to others succinctly. So. Was there a … Read More