Fishwrap promotes a “sermon” by a wywymprystess

The National catholic Reporter quousque tandem?

The Fishwrap brings us today the “sermon” of a woman who thinks she is a priest.  She is a member of the big-puppet crew, the wymynpryst thingie.

Honestly, as I read this I had a suspicion that Fishwrap was engaged in self-parody.  I promise, I am not making this up.  And the caption on the photo, below, is “Janice Sevre-Duszynska prepares for liturgy Nov. 19. (Submitted photo)”.  Really.

My emphases and comments.

How do you welcome strangers?
Nov. 22, 2011
By Janice Sevre-Duszynska

Editor’s Note: The following is the homily preached Nov. 19 by Janice Sevre-Duszynska, ordained a priest [The Editor accepts that she is ordained, it seems.] in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests. She and Franciscan Fr. Jerry Zawada led an inclusive Catholic eucharistic liturgy [simulated a Mass?] at the SOA Watch Vigil at Ft. Benning in Columbus, Ga., as part of the Progressive Catholic Coalition. Zawada and Sevre-Duszynska have both served jail time for civil disobedience to protest nuclear weapons and militarism.

First Reading: “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,” in The Eucharist and the Hunger of the World by Monika K. Hellwig.
Second Reading: Ballad of the Carpenter (sung in English, then read in Spanish)
Gospel: Matthew 25: 31-46.
We afflicted the comfortable after showing “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican” for the first time in Rome in October. Following our press conference, our group met at the corner of Via Concilizione, the street leading to the Vatican. We were members of Call to Action, Women’s Ordination Conference, and women priests. We were here to support Roy Bourgeois and women priests. [Remember that great event?  I think there were, what… five people there?]

“What shall we sing?” we asked one another. [I promise… I am not making this up and it seems to be sincere…] I shook my ordination tambourine as the WOC banner was displayed and Roy brought out his red-and-white banner with “Ordain women priests” in English and Italian.  [Ordination Tambourine!   I didn’t get one of those.]

We were chanting the Celtic Alleluia and singing “Here I am, Lord” on our way to the Vatican to present the petition signed by 15,000 supporters of Roy and women priests. We were in Rome to cleanse the Vatican temple of sexism. A church that excludes women distracts us from being aware of the feminine aspect of spirituality and the experience and perceptions of women’s living and dying. The result is we have a church with a distorted understanding of God. The imbalance creates evil, sin and the suffering continues in our world community.

“What do you want? Women priests. When do you want them? Now,” we shouted out.
Roy turned to me and said, “Janice, we’re turning over the tables in the Vatican.”
“Yes, Roy. We are,” I nodded, smiling
.  [And the music swelled….]
Temple cleansing is not easy and can be unsettling. The Vatican showed its resistance by having the Italian police take the WOC banner away from Erin Hanna, as she was the organizer, and putting her and Miriam Duignan, the translator from in London, into the police car, and with sirens at full blast, taking them to the police station. Then a plainclothes detective of the Italian police violently grabbed the banner away from Roy, pushing him. Roy joked at CTA in Milwaukee earlier this month that when he was driven to the jail in the police car, he had no sirens.


I bet the comments over there are a hoot.

My response:

I need to buy an Ordination Tambourine.

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  1. Legisperitus says:

    After you’ve afflicted the comfortable, are you supposed to comfort them again? Where does it end?

  2. nialasfitch says:

    “A church that excludes women…”

    This phrase alone is so over-the-top that it robs anything they have to say of credibility.

    The church excludes women? Y’know, I could’ve sworn I saw a few (hundred) at mass on Sunday…

  3. Dr. Eric says:

    Here’s your tambourine, Fr. Z. I couldn’t figure out how to post the image.

  4. Christo et Ecclesiae says:

    Pick your favorite Ordination Tambourine and put it on your wishlist!

  5. catholicmidwest says:

    The problem really is much more complicated than this. Some women feel that the only roles they have been led to believe “count” are closed to them. Yet, most of the roles that women should be filling, like genuine hospitality without ideological thorns, are vacant. This is really the source of all this “making people feel at home” business, except it’s horribly twisted by misunderstanding.

  6. Maggie says:

    Remember we must always pray for dissenters, especially those who seek to lead others astary. For those who haven’t already, LarryD at Acts of the Apostasy has been running a prayer campaign to pray and offer sacrifices specifically for the conversion of “women priests.” Read more at his post here

  7. Phillip says:

    Is the editor of this paper even Catholic?

    I just don’t get it. If they hate the DOCTRINES of the Church so much, why don’t they just…leave? We’re not talking about Vigil Mass versus Sunday Mass, or Michael Joncas versus Gregorian chant, or some other matter in which personal preference matters. It’s a non-negotiable teaching of the Catholic Church. It is what it is. Take it or leave it.

    It makes no sense. I could never remain even a nominal Catholic if I hated Church teaching so much. And why does the NcR even print this crap? I get that a paper will print anything that sells, but who would actually BUY it? It’d be like buying a book full of insults to my mother. No point wasting my time or money on very politely-put vitriol.

  8. Kypapist says:

    The priestly ordination tambourine is received after the diaconate knee cymbals, and next she will get her episcopal kazoo! It’s a set.

  9. B.C.M. says:

    Put it on your Amazon Wishlist, Pater. I’ll write Fatheressa Sevre-Duszynska… Maybe she’ll buy it for you.

  10. BV says:

    Kypapist… I was thinking they get kazoos when they are “ordained” “bishops”.

  11. amenamen says:

    Maybe it would be a good ordination gift after all.
    I notice that Elvis Presley’s tambourine doubles as a collection plate in this routine from “Harum Scarum”. Look at 1:44 in the video

  12. EXCHIEF says:

    I think you should become an ordination tambourine dealer. Put the ad right next to Mystic Monk Coffee. Buyers of both can seranade themselves as they sip.

  13. LarryD says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Maggie.

  14. JohnE says:

    I’m inclined to think the typo in one of the comments was intentional:
    “I support the orcination of women.”

    (in fantasy literature and games) A member of an imaginary race of humanlike creatures, characterized as ugly, warlike, and malevolent.

    I think “orcination” sums up the imaginary ordination of wywymprystsss and their malevolent character quite nicely. I do not support their orcination either though, but it is a more appropriate word.

  15. Gail F says:

    It’s nice to see that Fr. Roy B. is keeping himself busy after his Dissident U.S. Speaking Tour. Janice S-D is the woman whose ordination he participated in, they are old friends. I heard her speak (at a viewing of “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican,” at which I was one of the few people under 55 present). She comes across as very earnest and kind, not at all a raving loon. I don’t know about all the RCWP people, but the ones who come out of the Maryknoll peace folks seem to see the whole world through a very strange set of glasses. Everything in the world is a matter of justice, and every way that people are not equal is wrong. Looked at that way, the world is just full of things to protest — and always will be.

  16. jaykay says:

    Fr. Z: “I had a suspicion that Fishwrap was engaged in self-parody”

    I don’t think that po-faced publications like the Fishwrap do self-parody (much too absorbed in themselves for that) but, when I’d stopped sniggering at the utterly barmy, deluded, self-righteous guff in that hilarious excerpt I was reminded of a spoof blog that hasn’t been too active recently but used to provide some moments of light relief

  17. Supertradmum says:

    Does the fishwrap get any diocesan or USCCB money? If so, this must stop. The whole thing is so sick. These poor deluded women are stuck in some type of gaga-land.

  18. Tom Esteban says:

    Making martyrs of themselves and fulfilling their own prophecies. All the while comparing themselves to Lord God Almighty who by His Divine Right cleansed the temple (a building made for Him).

    Makes me want to vomit.

  19. I was expecting it to be weird, odd… but I cracked up at the ordination tambourine part.

    I see what you meant in confusing this with a self-parody.

  20. dnicoll says:

    Oh. My. Word. And I thought ‘ordained’ ‘interfaith ministers’ were a bit misguided. (yes, they do claim to exist). As someone with a mental illness, I thought I was the loopy one, but apparently not.

  21. paladin says:

    Re: the original post:

    Oh, the humanity…! (*face-palm*)

  22. John V says:

    Ordination tambourine. Sounds like a mission for the great Vincenzo, official WDTPRS photoshopper.

  23. SimpleCatholic says:

    Hey everyone: look closely at that picture…. closer now…. cloooooser….. do you see the walker in the background? I almost bust my gut laughing when I noticed it….. worry not, our Lord’s biological solution to this nonsense is evident even in their own propaganda. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while!!!!

  24. Rich says:

    Not only were the sirens going when they took them to the police station, but going “full blast” no doubt.

  25. albinus1 says:

    If the Italian police want to honor someone who died, do they lower the sirens to half-blast? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  26. Dr. Sebastianna says:

    As you might have surmised from my username, I am a woman. A highly educated one at that (two masters degrees and a doctorate). And yet, I am offended by the notion of so-called “women Priests.” This woman “priest” makes “women” look, well… ridiculous. With all of my education, I am quite pleased to sit in a Church under my antique, black lace mantilla while “hearing” the Extraordinary Form of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in LATIN. That feels more dignified to me than… pretending to be a PRIEST for goodness sake. OK… so I threw a “nutty.”

    Look at the photo.. If these people were attempting to celebrate some sort of “Eucharistic Liturgy,” they were not vested to do so… Interestingly, the actually ordained Franciscan Priest was not wearing a Stole during this “Liturgy,” but the so-called Woman Priest was. I find this interesting… What does this mean? That the so-called “woman priest” is wearing a symbol of “so-called patriarchal authority” but the truly ordained Priest is not?? Neither are wearing vestments. But in their world, why should they vest? They don’t follow any of the other rules, anyway… Hmmmph… May I address the “ordination tambourine” issue? We should give it to the nearest Shaman and/or witch doctor… but better yet, let us give it to the African shaman who recently prayed to pagan gods (or worse) at Assisi!!! :- )

  27. Mundabor says:

    “The result is we have a church with a distorted understanding of God.”

    They believe in Godda, I suppose…..


  28. ipadre says:

    Left over hippies. Google their names. Arrested a nuke plants here and there, but never arrested at an abortion mill. They will soon be on this list:

  29. dcs says:

    I shook my ordination tambourine as the WOC banner was displayed and Roy brought out his red-and-white banner with “Ordain women priests” in English and Italian. [Ordination Tambourine! I didn’t get one of those.]

    Clearly they are taking the decrees of the Council of Florence too literally. It seems they think that the handing over of the “instruments” is the matter of the Sacrament!

  30. AnAmericanMother says:

    Oh, good grief.
    This is like Johnson’s Law with reference to Episcopalians — it is impossible to parody them because they will do something worse before you can publish the parody.
    In passing, Sidney Carter’s song “The Carpenter/Good Friday” is not a bad song, in fact it’s rather thought-provoking, the hot-headed words of the Good Thief hanging beside Jesus and speaking truth without actually knowing what he’s saying.
    But it was never intended as a hymn or reading for any sort of religious service, let alone a Mass. The composer himself said so. And he can’t be blamed for the egregious misuse of his work.

  31. AnAmericanMother says:

    That’s Sydney, sorry.
    And I think he was a member of the Society of Friends/Quakers.
    Why so many Catholics and wanna-be or shoulda-been or aren’t-really Catholics insist on ignoring our own incomparable musical heritage and singing stuff from Friends and Baptists and Unitarians and so forth is a complete mystery to me.

  32. Geoffrey says:

    “Roy turned to me and said, ‘Janice, we’re turning over the tables in the Vatican.’
    ‘Yes, Roy. We are,’ I nodded, smiling.”

    Talk about delusion with a pinch of pride! If a prelate in the Vatican knew what was going on, “Roy and Janice” more than likely got nothing but a roll of the eyes and a few prayers.

    I thought I read in the Code of Canon Law and/or the documents of Vatican II that no organization can use the name “Catholic” without appropriate permission. What legal (civil or canonical) recourse do we have?

  33. Liongules says:

    Many years ago, when I was a deputy sheriff in Columbus, Georgia I had the displeasure of seeing Fr. Roy B. being brought back to the jail by US Marshals after a court hearing and he refused to walk, the poor marshals had to pick him up by his wrists and ankles and carry him into the jail.

  34. A church that excludes women distracts us from being aware of the feminine aspect of spirituality and the experience and perceptions of women’s living and dying.

    Where have these women been? Do they even pretend to honor the Mother of God?

  35. Perhaps the only way to reach these people is through prayer as opposed to reasoned argument – which doesn’t appear to have a lot of effect.

    Off I go to the AoftheA site to ask to ‘Adopt a Priestess’.

    Ordination Tamborine?

  36. Robert_H says:

    Time for a new side-bar donation meter:

    Get Fr Z an Ordination Tambourine.

  37. ray from mn says:

    I’m so tired of the “Fishwrap.” I sent this article to my Bishop and will continue to send him similar articles. It is an incredible scandal that this piece of trash is allowed to publish. The Church probably can’t stop it, but it can stop schools, libraries and parishes from subscribing to it.

  38. fatherrob says:

    Hey, I want an ordination tambourine too!

    I feel deprived and excluded by a church that didn’t gift me with an ordination tambourine. How can I sing the song of my specialness without an ordination tambourine?

    You are responsible for my pain. I demand an ordination tambourine, in the name of all oppressed and tambourine-less priests.

    Only when Father Z, and I, and all priests have tambourines can we have peace.

  39. Clinton says:

    ipadre touches on a point I’ve often wondered about: why is it the “women-priest” crowd is
    so keen on protesting everything except abortion? Will we ever see Miss Sevre-Duszynska
    shake her ordination tambourine outside an abortion mill?

  40. ScholaLady says:

    This is simultaneously the saddest and funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

    What color would you like your ordination tambourine, Father?

  41. albinus1 says:

    It looks like a standard tambourine has six cymbals. Maybe on an Ordination Tamborine each of the cymbals has a portrait of one of the popes named Paul.

    Conservatives have the Pope Pius clock, liberals can have the Pope Paul tambourine!

  42. albinus1 says:

    “Roy turned to me and said, ‘Janice, we’re turning over the tables in the Vatican.’

    The only tables they turned over were the ones in the local taverna. (Again, sorry; I’m in a punny mood today.)

  43. YoungCatholic says:

    What about this tambourine ?
    Here is one that can be used for ecumenical celebrations!

  44. digdigby says:

    The irony of it all is that women religious of God-given power and great organizational skills used to find their place running immense orders of teaching nuns, hospitals, worldwide organizations, missions. Some were saints. I look at this slumped over poor dear and I can’t imagine her running a church raffle and turning a profit.

  45. Capt. Morgan says:

    “Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church’s divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32) I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”

    That is what I posted. Let’s see if that post makes it through the censor!

  46. tianzhujiao says:

    Father, I’d like to get you this ordination tambourine:

  47. tealady24 says:

    Couple this claptrap with Pelosi’s conscience talking to her daily, and you’ve got the liberal media’s take on “real Catholics” !!
    I’m waiting for Newsweek and Time rags to display their yearly anti-Christmas rantings on “Was Jesus Really God?” or something to that effect come the week before Christmas.

    Over at Amazon, they’ve got a Latin (isn’t that nice?) Percussion Tambourine, was $20. but you can buy it for $11.! Put a few green and red tassels and you’re all set for “the holiday” — what could be better!

  48. JuliB says:

    SimpleCatholic, I have GOT to stop watching AMC. I went to the article to look for the ‘walker’, thinking of Walking Dead – not a medical item!

  49. Stephen D says:

    I think that the ‘ordain women now’ crowd will be overtaken by the ‘who needs priests anyway crowd’. At least one commentator at the ‘fishwrap’ site points out the obvious injustice of an ordained priesthood. Perhaps we should all have tambourines (and mitres?)

  50. “The imbalance creates evil, sin and the suffering continues in our world community.”

    So sexism is the cause of evil, sin, and suffering in the world. Should have seen that one coming.

  51. FloridaJoan says:

    At first, I thought … silly people ! But afterwards , think sad, misdirected and just plain prideful people. They are in my prayers.

  52. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Went to the NCR page and zoomed in on the picture they featured. Not a person under 55 years in the photo of their ‘communal consecration’. Surprise, surprise. Also, comments supporting the “orcination” of women had me laughing out loud. The best was when someone else used the term “orcination” later in the comment thread as well. It is disturbing to read of people like Deacon Thomas Crossett speaking vocally regarding their heterodox beliefs for the scandal of those who associate their ordination with such nonsense.

    A google search of Crossett’s name reveals he is a deacon of the Syracuse diocese and has transcribed for, including entries for “Deacon” and “Deaconess.” I had always been fairly trusting of the online Catholic encyclopedia, but if they are employing the heterodox who publicly support female ordination to transcribe entries on “deaconesses”, I have my reservations…

  53. Really? For Pete’s sake. Women are excluded from the Church? I’m so sick of people speaking for everyone. We have a huge role in the Church and in life and I’ll get blasted for saying it but women and men are not equal in every way. We aren’t supposed to be and we aren’t made to be. If these women feel excluded – I can give them a list of jobs they could do but I’m sure they will see them as demeaning. The little ladies cleaning all the churches need replacements! Assume the role God intended – helpmate!! Take care of the men in your life and encourage them in doing what they we made to do. I wouldn’t go into my husband’s office and take over but I’ll be sure he has a lovely home to return too when the day is done. I will never be ordained a priest not do I want to, but I’ll do all I can to encourage the ones I know because without them… Good grief. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  54. Denis says:

    I take it that Father Jerry’s in ‘full communion.’

  55. benedetta says:

    Does Temple Cleansing have anything to do with Temple Police? I’m confused…

  56. MargaretC says:

    I’m a Dante fan — his Divina Commedia was instrumental in my conversion. (Long story.) I wonder where these people would fit in his Inferno? “Pride” seems too strong a word for what’s displayed in this article. Where in the Inferno would you put the silly, shallow, and self-absorbed?

    And while it’s easy to laugh at this, we should pray for them. They are leading themselves and others into the ditch.

  57. Apparently, Fr. Jerry Zawada, OFM wants to be excommunicated and laicized.

  58. What’s next, a Civil Constitution of the Clergy? Chinese American Patriotic Catholic Association? You know they want it, and they would do it if they could. They don’t want freedom and liberty, they want to take these away.

  59. Trad Catholic Girl says:

    Phillip, you said, “I just don’t get it. If they hate the DOCTRINES of the Church so much, why don’t they just…leave?”

    Excellent idea.

  60. amylpav22 says:

    She and Franciscan Fr. Jerry Zawada led an inclusive Catholic eucharistic liturgy

    They most certainly did not. I, and my beliefs, would not be welcome or included there.

    Phillip, you said, “I just don’t get it. If they hate the DOCTRINES of the Church so much, why don’t they just…leave?”

    They don’t leave because if they left 1) they would cease to be rebels and 2) they can’t seem to tolerant leaving Catholics who, you know, believe what the Church actually teaches to do what we want. They don’t care if we are comfortable or in agreement with the “reforms” they demand; they’ll do it and we’ll shut up and like it. Or at least that’s my view of it.

    I used to get angry about stuff like this, but now I just get sad.

  61. Legisperitus says:


    That is the best answer to that question I have ever read. :-)

  62. xavier217 says:

    I just want to throw up whenever I hear the ubiquitous protest chant:
    Whaddawe want: blah blah blah!
    Whendowewannit: NOW!

  63. Legisperitus says:

    xavier217: I think we have Dr. Spock to thank for that, indirectly at least…

  64. AnnLewis says:

    Um. Is this an April Fool’s Day post? It reads like a Catholic version of The Onion.

  65. Mamma B says:

    Sorry, but the only thing that tambourines remind me of is the little sister from the Partridge Family.

  66. APX says:

    Ordination Tambourine? Here I was struggling to decide what to get my friend for his ordination, a nice watered silk fascia for his cassock, or a nice traditional reversible stole for all those confessions he plans on hearing, but an “ordination tambourine!?!?” Now I really don’t know what to get him.

  67. jflare says:

    Can’t say as I’ve ever thought very highly of tambourines; this article doesn’t help my view a lick!
    Honestly, Father, I’d prefer to see you receive a beautiful chalice for Christmas. [From your lips to God’s (and the readers’) ears!]

  68. Tim Ferguson says:

    Hey! Lady Tambourine Priest, liturgize for me,
    I’m schismatic and it’s warm where I am goin’ to
    Hey! Lady Tambourine Priest, liturgize for me,
    In your jingle jangle worship I’ll come followin’ you

    Though I think the Roman Catholic Church has got a few things wrong,
    And I’m fond of Bishop Spong,
    Let me belt out one more song, before I leave here,
    Your heresy amazes me, I smile and shake my head,
    You have no valid cred,
    Your hosts are still just bread, and that’s still wine, dear.

    Hey! Lady Tambourine Priest, liturgize for me,
    I’m schismatic and it’s warm where I am goin’ to
    Hey! Lady Tambourine Priest, liturgize for me,
    In your jingle jangle worship I’ll come followin’ you

    Lady bishops dance in miters held by bobby pins,
    no penances or sins, blue veins upon their shins
    With many double chins,
    Wait only for the NCR to gratify,
    Large puppets swayin’ up the aisle, to strains of David Haas,
    Scripture’s from Daily Kos, is this really a Maas?
    It sure don’t satisfy.

    Hey! Lady Tambourine Priest, liturgize for me,
    In the jingle jangle worship I’ll come followin’ you

    Then take me disappearin’ through your schism and dissent,
    We’ve cast off all pretense, we finally have a voice,
    In Catholics for Free Choice, who cares what bishops teach,
    We’re far beyond the reach of Christ’s own Vicar,
    Yes we dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free,
    Goodbye to sanity, in our labyrinths of pride,
    “Non serviam!” we’ve cried, all gender roles have died,
    We’ve forgotten our Creator and humility,

    Hey! Lady Tambourine Priest, liturgize for me,
    I’m schismatic and it’s warm where I am goin’ to
    Hey! Lady Tambourine Priest, liturgize for me,
    In your jingle jangle worship I’ll come followin’ you

    And if anyone needs context:

    [Yes, indeed.]

    Fr Z's Gold Star Award

  69. APX says:

    @Tim Ferguson
    ROFLMAO! I was thinking about the song, “Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man” in relation to this thread. Where’s Fr. Z and his Gold Star for the day?

  70. Tradster says:

    Second the gold star! That was brilliant!

  71. APX says:

    I shook my ordination tambourine […] We were chanting the Celtic Alleluia
    Yeah, I bet it sounded just like this.

    Do they realize just how ridiculous they look playing dress-up? Why would any woman want to become a priest anyway (no offence to priests)? It’s so masculine. Notice how even playing dress-up they can’t even perform simulated Masses in the same way the Church prescribes. They have to feminize it with all this touchy-feely all-inclusive non-sense. It’s clearly not something designed for women. My goodness, could you imagine Confession and the Seal of Confession if women could be priests? Me neither ’cause they’d never be able to keep it. Personally, I’d rather be a consecrated virgin than a Wymyn Prystess.

  72. Will these Women begin using the new translation of the Roman Missal starting Sunday..

    Ya..know… Since they are “Roman Catholic” and everything….

  73. nichols says:

    Read the original post and the humorous comments all I can say is thanks for giving me a great laugh tonight! (No really, I pray for these souls). No really, a great laugh (wipes laughter tears from eyes)!

  74. JohnNYC says:

    “Hey, sister, pass the bong.” I mean, is this for real ?!?! Good grief! These disturbed individuals with their clanging “ordination tambourines” might find a more fitting place of worship in Rome digging through the rubble beneath the basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Or if they prefer something a little more “Magna Mater-ish” they can scale the Palatine. But seriously, I think these troubled people and their confused adherents need our prayers, right?

  75. levi1991 says:

    I know I shouldnt but… ROFL, this made my day!

    Seriously though what is up with these people? How can they be so deluded and ignorant? They need our prayers thats for sure!

  76. Legisperitus says:

    Tim Ferguson – !! All we need now is for the “Some more Summorum Pontificum” guy to record it!

  77. AnAmericanMother says:

    Tim Ferguson,
    Completely. Awesome.
    The song was running through my mind, but you have nailed it, sir.
    All we need is a stoned Bob Dylan wannabe to sing it.

  78. Legisperitus says:

    AAM: I believe I said that…


  79. Jack Hughes says:

    “Conservatives have the Pope Pius clock, liberals can have the Pope Paul tambourine”

    I think thats a little unfair to all the other Popes named Paul

  80. irishgirl says:

    Tim Ferguson-you certainly deserved that gold star from Father Z! Way to go!
    I get so tired of these whiny females (or as FDR often called his wife Eleanor’s friends, ‘she-males’) ranting and raving about wanting to be priestesses!
    Puh-leeze….and I wish that our own Bishops would do something about The Fishwrap!
    ‘Bell, book and candle’, anyone?

  81. Brad says:

    Miss Moore: I have noticed that Blessed Mother withdraws herself from the heterodox, as much as they spurn her. Chicken and the egg.

  82. Brad says:

    “Phillip, you said, “I just don’t get it. If they hate the DOCTRINES of the Church so much, why don’t they just…leave?”

    Excellent idea.”

    Not an excellent idea. That is uncharity. Why would a member of the mystical Body desire perdition for another member of its own Body? You are in Peter’s boat and you wish your fellow soul would leap out into the yawning waves of death?

    Aside from that, it is my understanding that Mother Church prefers heresy to schism. Time and the Hound of Heaven will destroy heresies with less of a net loss of souls than had schism and apostasy occurred.

    But, where creatures give up on fellow creatures, thank God the Sacred Heart never does. Always aflame, always waiting, begging, excusing, watching, pardoning.

  83. Joseph-Mary says:

    By golly, you can’t make this stuff up!!!!

  84. AnAmericanMother says:

    Great minds think alike. :-D
    Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “sing” wrt Mr. Dylan — tuneless mumbling is more like it.

  85. Zuhlio may have to come out of retirement.

  86. dominic1955 says:


    No, that is not uncharitable. These people have already separated themselves from the Church, now it is a matter of making sure they keep their contagion away from those who haven’t but are going that way. Heretics they are, schismatics they aren’t. Schism has to actually set up a contrary church, like the Eastern Orthodox. They are so close to truth and they have valid sacraments that it is more dangerous to be in that state because its harder to see its errors. Someone who wants to be Catholic but is taken back by some of the goings-on in the Church might be duped by the EOs because they are so close yet so far that their claims could seem credible. Anyone in that same boat is not going to be duped by this Womenpriest nonsense, its obviously not Catholic in any sense of the word.

    That said, it is still a serious error that needs to be purged because these people have fooled themselves and others into thinking you can hold such obviously wrong beliefs and still be “Catholic”.

  87. jbosco88 says:

    Who else spotted the wheelchair and the zimmer frame in the background?!

    Surely she must be due her Ordination Anniversary False Teeth now, or perhaps we could chip in and get them all new hips?

  88. I’ve written lots of fictitious things over the years that I thought were outrageously funny, but an “ordination tambourine” makes all my creative efforts at humor look like a pile of straw.

  89. JacobWall says:

    The whole thing is ridiculous; not only the “women priests” but also, perhaps even worse, “All are invited to say the words of consecration during the inclusive Catholic eucharistic liturgy” (second photo in the original post, with everyone’s right hands raised in “consecration.”) I suppose it all goes hand in hand. I agree with just about all the criticism here, except one point; I don’t agree that there would be anything good achieved by them actually breaking away and creating their own church; sure, we would be rid of their annoyance “within” the Catholic community, but they would still be out their, and they would become just another one of the hundreds of schismatic groups leading people astray.

    I come from a church background where schism is the norm and the rule rather than a rare tragedy. A single generation can see schisms from the schisms from the schism … having a schism (in that religious culture) is little more tragic than showing up late for church. I never saw any good come of it. I’m new Catholicism, so I don’t understand all the ins and outs of how things work with these groups and their relation to the church. I do know that excommunication is necessary under specific condition, and if necessary, I hope the bishops/priests involved carry out as needed, but I do not hope for schism.

    I understand the Catholic Church’s conditions are very clear; this contrasts starkly to the two backgrounds I come from. In one (my childhood church) excommunication is delivered indiscriminately for anyone who hits a bad note with the bishop, whether on grounds of doctrine/major sin or not. My grandparents were excommunicated by their schismatic bishop since they decided to go to Canada to seek medical attention for a child instead of helping to build the new schismatic church. My other background was the other extreme, a church where there was no excommunication and everyone could decide to partake of the Lord’s Supper according to their own conscience (perhaps the kind of thing that these womenpriests are trying to imitate.) Both have major flaws.

    However, if I understand this part of Catholicism correctly, the hope at the time of excommunication is that the person excommunicated will eventually take the actions necessary to restore full communion with the Church. These actions (again, if I understand correctly) should be made clear at the time of excommunication. This should be our prayer; that if any of these women or the priests and other men supporting them have not been excommunicated, that they will renounce all of this before this happens. For those who have, we should pray that they take the actions necessary to restore communion with the Church. The adopt-a-priestess post above ( communicates this point really well and calls to real action on it.

    We really shouldn’t be wishing for schism; it’s a serious tragedy that the past 500 years of Christianity have made look like a joke. We should be praying that these people repent, are forgiven and come back to the Church and sound doctrine. If I’m wrong about any of this, I hope someone will correct me.

  90. Blue Henn says:

    I am sure there are many smarter and quicker minds out there than mine, but does not the spelling of “wymynprystess” call to mind the word “wyrm”? You know, like dragon-wyrm? Kinda struck me as interesting.
    Perhaps someone might like to inform those who believe that women are worthless in Catholic culture apart from their reproductive potential, that there are many, many great women saints, even Doctors of the Church. Present day examples of how educated and important we women are are all well and good, but it is better to couple them with our rich history, methinks.

  91. APX says:

    It’s too bad the RCC can’t trademark the name “Roman Catholic Church” so that groups like these can’t use it in their name. I’m ashamed to admit this, but when I was in the process of reverting and doing random searches online, I came across the RCWP wed site and almost fell for the wymynpystess thing as being actual ordained Catholic priests. Fortunately I remembered all those long rants one of my Christian Ethics teachers went on in grade 10 on why women can’t be priests I used to lead him into when I needed time to finish my homework in class. (I was told by my brother if I needed time to work on homework, to tell the teacher that I thought women should be priests, as it would make him go off on a long rant. Now that I think of it, I should probably go confess this.)

  92. ALL: Be sure to catch the new musical tribute by Zuhlio, who has come out of retirement.

  93. JacobWall says:

    By the way, when I became Catholic half a year ago, and started looking for Catholic news/blogs, I stumbled across NCR; even then, coming out of the fairly socially liberal context which had defined my views for the past few years, I realized their newspaper was crap. What worries me now (like then) was that non-Catholics read NCR and think that’s what we’re really all about. I’m glad I found much better things to read, like this blog! Thanks Father John!

    I’m also glad I’ve discovered Zuhlio. Great tune!

  94. wmeyer says:


    Sorry, but is not uncharitable to invite apostates to depart. And despite the warm fuzzies insisted upon by the Spirit of Vatican II crowd, Jesus did not welcome the Pharisees and their foibles. Corruption is where you find it, and the bad apple does indeed spread rot.

  95. Brad says:

    Are they apostates, and not heretics?

    It is only not uncharitable if you consider fellow souls to be rot, and not sick sheep. Being sick ourselves, we feel even more for an even sicker animal standing alone in the corner of the pen, deluded, hallucinating, deathly ill from poison.

    We have our Lord’s promise that the gates of hades will not prevail. We survived hosts of arian bishops. We will survive a misguided lady and her Franciscan friend. We would survive hosts of them. We have our Lord’s promise.

    “Behold the Heart which has so loved men that it has spared nothing, even to exhausting and consuming Itself, in order to testify Its love; and in return, I receive from the greater part only ingratitude, by their irreverence and sacrilege, and by the coldness and contempt they have for Me in this Sacrament of Love. But what I feel most keenly is that it is hearts which are consecrated to Me, that treat Me thus.”

    Please note that the object of his love, the lukewarm, the heretics et al, especially the ordained within that group, cause him pain but do not stifle the flames of his heart for them. He accepts the pain as much as we reject it and inflict it. He does not suggest that they be kicked out, should leave themselves, or be “nuked from orbit”.

  96. amsjj1002 says:

    I’m not much for tamborines, but how about maracas?

  97. Sandmama says:

    I’ve never understood how/ why the wymnpriestess and their ilk don’t ‘get it’ that the most dynamic communities of women religious performing AMAZING work are traditional in their orientation, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia come immediately to mind. So many orders have given up their foundation to become pantsuit wearing social justice activists. Women like the priestessa Sevre-Duszynska delude themselves into thinking they are altering the Church for the better. All the while, the true and great work of running schools, hospitals etc. is done everyday by dedicated and holy women who don’t seek or get the attention that nuts like Sevre-Duszynska receive.
    I’m probably being naive, but maybe we should pray for these wymn to encounter the potential they might have for greatness through the work of real women religious.

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