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  1. abasham says:

    Yup! On Pentacost our parish was blessed to host the first mass of a newly-ordained priest from our own parish. And next Saturday, another young man from our parish will be ordained a priest for the FSSP and celebrate a solemn high mass in our parish. This very well might be the first extraordinary form mass in this particular Church building. And if that weren’t enough, we have a third young man in seminary as well. Not a bad parish at all!

  2. Kerry says:

    My wife, taking Mary as her confirmation name, was received into the church on Saturday, the eve of Pentecost. Circumstances were such that she was provisionally baptised, anointed with the oil of charism, made her first confession, was then anointed with oil for the sick, and on Sunday received her first Communion. (Oh, and the outpatient surgery yesterday went very well.) Deo Gratia. God bless all here.

  3. J_Cathelineau says:

    Yeah. Our Lord will come.

  4. Elizabeth D says:

    Our pastor wanted to better fulfill the request of Pope Francis that churches should be open to visit, and when I inquired about how I could be more involved with my parish’s efforts of evangelization he requested me to sit in the church (beautiful Holy Redeemer Church in downtown Madison, WI) during the day so it could be open, and to engage people in friendly conversation about faith matters (I would be sitting at a table at the back of the church). I agreed I could do this many Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is the first day we are trying this.

  5. The Masked Chicken says:

    Elizabeth D,

    Like, so, are you there, right now?

    The Chicken

  6. majuscule says:

    We are continuing to gather interest in Father’s unscheduled weekday EF Masses. Father has been celebrating low Masses as often as three days a week depending on his schedule. Word is spread by email and telephone.

    But the really good news is that on the anniversary of his ordination in a few weeks he will be celebrating a high Mass, and of course, that will be announced in the bulletin.

    Folks, it only takes a willing priest and a handful of interested people. (I guess I should add that lack of hostile opposition helps.) We’ve gone from two or three people in the pews in the beginning to 15 to 20 at a weekday afternoon or early evening Mass. The high Mass will undoubtedly draw more interest!

  7. yatzer says:

    Our hail-damaged roof was replaced before it rained today.

  8. CruceSignati says:

    My little brother and sister were confirmed on Sunday the 1st, and another little sister of mine received her First Holy Communion on the same day.

  9. AMTFisher says:

    1. Exactly two weeks ago today I was approved by our bishop to be a seminarian.
    2. A few days later I was given a cassock; and last weekend one of the farther along seminarians gave me his surplice to use for the next year!
    3. Now we (my vocation director and I) have to figure out which seminary I will end up at tomorrow (it will either be St. John Vianney or Sacred Heart; just depends on finances…definitely say a prayer or two for me)

  10. benedetta says:

    The situation remains the same for me, Father, yet the good news is that I am keeping the faith and offering all for the benefit of Christians enduring greater persecution than us. It is wonderful to read of the good news here.

  11. KylieP says:

    My pastor had a Sister and the Mother General from the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate come to visit us this weekend and do a workshop. They trained us to do door-to-door evangelization and we took to the streets yesterday!

  12. Skeinster says:

    Although our daughter turned out not to be able to use public transportation, her return to work seems to be going well. Many thanks for the prayers!

    We have had nearly 10 First Communicants in the last three weeks- this in addition to the group in May. Plus, as always, many beautiful new babies!

  13. YorkshireStudent says:

    Some very good news: 8 months ago EF started being celebrated in my Parish. When I began attending it was Low Mass, and the congregation was small enough to distribute Communion with only four kneelers (the church having lost its altar rail). 4 months or so ago we began to have Sung High Masses, which have continued since then – with six kneelers being needed from a few weeks ago. Pentecost marked our first Solemn High Mass which – while we don’t have sufficient manpower to make weekly – shows that it can be done for Feasts, plus 8 kneelers were deployed! ‘Brick by brick’ is the phrase, I think Fr.?

  14. aviva meriam says:

    Parish is running a mission week for 80 teenagers.
    Starts with Daily mass, and includes real service to community including working at local shelter for families recovering from domestic violence, shelter for mothers in need, pro-life prayer group that will be at various locations, feeding the elderly and the aged.
    Mission also includes time for Adoration as well as group rosary.
    Teens were happy and enthusiastic

  15. Kathleen10 says:

    I’m so happy for everyone! Thanks to God for his goodness. Elizabeth D., I am hopeful this is something that allows you to share your talents and obvious gifts. I must say you are a blessing.
    My good news is my sister has seemed to respond well to her latest round of chemo.

  16. JDBenedictH says:

    A priest I know has offered to buy a cassock and surplice for me, as I start minor seminary in the fall.

  17. Elizabeth D says:

    Chicken, the pastor thought locals are not morning people so he had me open the church at 10am and I stayed till people began lining up for confession about 4. There were only about 6 people that came in, most of them obviously Catholics who prayed quietly, I greeted them but no one today wanted to talk to me, they were there to talk to God, so I assume God was content with the fact of the Church being open.

    I brought books, I was reading the dissertation on the Eucharist, End of all the Sacraments according to St Thomas Aquinas and his Contemporaries by my favorite Sinsinawa Dominican Sister, Francis Assisi Loughery, which involves a lot of Latin so I was looking things up in the Ecclesiastical Latin dictionary but that did not really help at all. However the parts in English are very good, occasionally delightful. This is an interlibrary loan that has to be returned and I had been putting off reading it. Fortunately I love Jesus so I can deal with being in a Catholic church, and I have a very large collection of books that get neglected because I get sucked into the internet. So I think this can be good (I do not have any type of cellphone nor any portable device that can access the internet).

  18. Lucy C says:

    In the archdiocese of Detroit, we have seven newly ordained priests!!! Praise God!

    Also, our daughter-in-law is nearly 7 months pregnant. This is our first grandchild, a little boy, and we are thrilled! She was having a rough time earlier in the pregnancy, but she’s feeling better now.

  19. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Two FSSP seminarians, Zachary Akers and Daniel Heenan, will be ordained by Bishop James Conley on June 14 at an EF at St. John the Apostle Church in Leesburg, Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. Bishop Paul S. Loverde of Arlington will attend in choro. Both men are from the Diocese of Arlington, are graduates of Christendom College, and used to attend the EF at Old St. Mary’s in Washington, DC, so they have several “homes.” Each will celebrate a Mass at St. Mary’s, one on Corpus Christi and the other the following Sunday. Pray that God will bless, protect, and guide them in their ministries.

  20. Suzanne Carl says:

    On Saturday we attended the ordination of our nephew, Father Matthew Capadano. I had the absolute joy of kneeling down in front of him on the steps of the Cathedral to receive his blessing following the ordination. Then on Pentecost we attended his first Mass, followed by a delightful family gathering at my sister’s home, not his Mom, but another of his many aunts. We received his blessing as a family. Love, generosity, faith seemed to flow abundantly all weekend. Truly beyond description.

  21. ktfaith says:

    My brother, a diocesan priest, said his first Low Mass (in the Extraordinary Form)! He went for training, practiced, practiced and practiced all while serving his parishioners in his Novus Ordo parish. Deo Gratias!

  22. This morning, my mother showed me pictures of our associate pastor wearing a biretta, along with pictures of an ad orientem Mass. I gather that he is learning how to offer Mass in the extraordinary form. He has been ordained only one year. “The old guard is dying out,” I told her.

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