VIDEO: Juventutem Thanks Benedict XVI for Summorum Pontificum

Here is a nice video “thank you” note from Juventutem to priests, lay people, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis for Summorum Pontificum.

On Monday 7 July we will have come to the 7th Anniversary of the release of the text.  It went into force on 14 September 2007.

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  1. juventutemDC says:

    Thanks Fr. Z for all you do!

    We invite everyone to check out other Juventutem chapters around the world. For those in the USA, we especially work closely with Juventutem Michigan (
    We also invite you to check out Juventutem Boston, Miami, NYC, and Southern Maryland– and any others!

    If young adults are interested in helping to make Summorum Pontificum a reality– start by forming Juventutem chapters! (Juventutem Michigan is particularly helpful in providing guidance.)

  2. Gratias says:

    It is appropriate that Juventutem thanks Pope Francis for keeping the Motu Proprio in effect.

    I have written here before that having the opportunity to meet Pope Benedict XVI, all I managed to say was the unimaginative “Heilige Vater, vielen Dank für Summorum Pontificum”. Benedict’s face lit up with a wonderful smile and I forgot the rest of my speech.

    So thank you Holy Father emeritus for Summorum Pontificum. Viva!

  3. wanda says:

    May God bless the works of Juventutem. You giveth joy to the heart of this one who cannot claim
    to be a youth. You give much, much hope for Holy Mother Church.

  4. HighMass says:

    Yes Dear Pope Benedict Thank You so much for S.P.

    Ironically it took close to 45 yrs+ to answer a question that the liberals could not answer….why was the Tridientine Mass of almost 500 years ok one day and ousted faster than we could all keep up????
    Seems like the Mass In the E.F. is gaining momentum ….sadly to say not in our town…..but as they say “Prayer changes Things” So we ask again in our area of the world to please send us a Priest who can say this Mass…..

    Pope Benedict, words cannot express our Appreciation to you for your Years as a Holy Priest, Bishop, Cardinal, and Pope, Your start of the reform of the reform is wonderful….
    God Bless YOU Holy Father in your years of retirement !

  5. Athelstan says:

    Seven years later, the impact of Summorum Pontificum is hard to deny: from roughly 200 regular TLM’s in North America, we have gone to nearly 500 today, 75 of them offering it *daily*. Societies and orders dedicated to the celebration of the traditional sacraments and office are surging with growth. The bulk of young priests and seminarians evince a sincere interest in celebrating the traditional Mass, and more and more are learning it every week. Summorum Pontificum made that growth possible. There is still a long, long way to go. But those of us who were attending TLM’s 15, 20 years ago (usually driving very long distances) know well just how much progress we have made.

    A century from now, I have little doubt that Pope Benedict XVI will be remembered most of all for this motu proprio, which will be remembered as one of the most important events in the post-conciliar era. We do well to mark the anniversary of this great legislative act every year, and it is salutory that young adult groups like Juventutem are leading the way on this. They are the future.

  6. jacobi says:

    Yes Summorum Pontificum was right and just. Dignum et justum est.

    But it was simply what Quo Primum (St Pius V) specified. The Catholic Church, you young people must realise, did not begin in 1965, even though that was a very long time ago.

    When Benedict said
    ”what earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful”.,
    I am quite sure he had Quo Primum in mind!

  7. kpoterack says:

    Amen to everything you said. I remember when the first indult came out in 1984 and liturgists were confidently predicting its demise along with that of the WWII generation faithful whom they thought it was for. I sang at the FSSP ordinations in Virginia recently at which there were between 700-800 people (most of whom had learned about WWII only in history books!)

  8. Mike says:

    May I add my felicitations to Juventutum DC, and hearty and humble thanks to Pope Emeritus Benedict and our Holy Father Francis — as well as to all priests who, like Fr. Z, celebrate and propagate the Mass of the Ages. As with so many worldwide, reconnection to our Church’s timeless Tradition has deepened my awe and appreciation of the Holy Sacrifice.

    Let us all pray to be docile to the Holy Spirit, no matter in what direction that Spirit takes us.

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