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  1. Hans says:

    I am on vacation! It may not affect many people, but it’s good news for me.

  2. Reconverted Idiot says:

    Christ is risen!

    Oh right, yeah… you meant other good news.

    I mentioned this in a comment on another article, but it is good enough to repeat here:
    France offers Iraq Christians asylum after Mosul threat.

  3. Mike says:

    Caelum et terra transibunt, verba autem mea non praeteribunt: words to hold fast to as the dystopia accelerates.

  4. magistercaesar says:

    Will be hoping to start up a schola for students interested in Gregorian Chant so that we can add more chant to our student Mass at my University. Our music director loves the Extraordinary Form so it’s a start.

  5. Cafea Fruor says:

    Externally, I’ve got nothin’. The Lord’s allowing me to go through several very heavy crosses right now, including some major discernment disappointment (the community I really loved and really thought God was telling me was the path for me has now said no).

    BUT, there’s a spiritual silver lining: I’ve been able to remain peaceful in the midst all this, so it seems I’m growing in the ability to trust the Lord, and that’s priceless.

  6. StJude says:

    My son and I found a dog, after searching for the owner and not finding them.. we adopted her.
    Amazing how much joy a dog can bring into a house.
    She was scared, dirty and hungry and wouldnt come to us so we asked St Frances to help us…. and lo and behold, the dog came to my sons arms. Frances didnt fit as a name for her so we named her Clare after reading how St Frances founded the order of Clare’s.

  7. Lyons says:

    I passed an exam for a professional designation I’m shooting for. Now I just need two more exams…

  8. Reconverted Idiot says:

    Over the past year or so I have passed the house of a kindly old gent, who has occasionally left valuables in his car, or the windows open, leading me to knock his door and remind him. We’ve developed a nice little polite acquaintanceship. Two hours ago, as I passed by, he was in the garden, so I stopped for a chat, and he was so pleased that having had an earing aid fitted he could now listen to music again. I told him where I worship, and the wonderful choir and organist we are blessed with, the upshot being that he is coming to High Mass this Sunday! (He mentioned that he ‘prefers the Latin’, but hasn’t been in years). I’m walking on air. Thanks be to God.

  9. AVL says:

    Just a few weeks ago our parish went from having no kneelers for Communion (Father took them away), to Father being reassigned to a different parish where everyone loves him (win-win!), and the new pastor has allowed our Novus Ordo Mass in Latin to be changed to the Extraordinary Form, a Missa Cantata! Praise and glory to God in the highest!!!

  10. Priam1184 says:

    I went to Confession yesterday morning and had my sins absolved, and then received Holy Communion. To quote someone more eloquent than I: “where else can I do that but in the Catholic Church?”

  11. OrthodoxChick says:

    I am desperately in need of gainful employment. After being rejected for a position a few weeks ago, the folks who interviewed me emailed me personally yesterday to invite me to apply again for a second position that has just opened up. It’s only part-time for now, but could lead to full-time down the road. I haven’t officially gotten the job yet, but just the personal outreach from the woman who (might, God-Willing) become my supervisor has me riding high on a cloud of hope.

  12. yatzer says:

    The usually hot, suffocating summer weather has broken for a few days, and I am sitting outside on my deck and the windows of the house are open to hear the birds and cicadas.

  13. kford says:

    I just completed my last requirement for my doctorate about an hour ago. Now, a stiff drink… Cheers!

  14. Sword40 says:

    Going to Fr. Saguto’s, FSSP, last catechetical lecture this evening. He is going to start another series sometime in the fall. This last series was “Theology of the Tridentine Mass”. Really looking forward to the next series.

  15. Bea says:

    One of my sons visiting with us. Unexpected surprise as he had a few more days of vacation left.

  16. majuscule says:

    Our priest is teaching a group of interested people Gregorian Chant. This may lead to something. I hope.

  17. Supertradmum says:

    My computer broke a few days ago after a long illness. However, an international friend of mine, Hans, is ordering me a new, light laptop. I am so happy. God bless him.

    Also, I am praying to Fr. John Hardon, who had asthma, to intercede that the asthma I have been enduring be healed. A bit better today, thank God.

  18. KosmoKarlos says:

    My friend, Andrew, and I have both been accepted into our respective seminaries. He is entering the Archdiocese of LA and I am joining the Institute of Christ the King, and we are both very excited.
    Please pray for us, that we may persevere in our formation and one day, become the priests that our Lord needs us to be.

  19. Skeinster says:

    A dear young couple from our church welcomed their third daughter this morning. They lost their year-old son last year, so she is a special gift.

    My husband, after years of resistance, is excited about getting a hearing aid. Yay, technology!

    It has only reached triple digits the last two weeks of July. We don’t know what to do with this crazy cool weather. Grow more veggies, I guess.

  20. catholiccomelately says:

    Our younger daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in January. She is healthy and happy and all is going well. They have worked hard to prepare for this and she will be staying home to care for their child(ren). I am helping her prepare clothes and other items for the baby, as well as making a new baptismal gown. (the one she and I and my Mother wore is 113 years old).

    We are poor as dirt and life is uncertain, but God is awesome in His love and provision! I thank and praise Him every day!

  21. zag4christ says:

    This morning at Mass, Fr. Connall’s homily began with him sharing a realization that occurred to him just prior to the Mass. He had been praying in front of the high altar of the Cathedral which upon rests a huge marble crucifix with the Virgin Mary to the left and Mary Magdalene to right. He noted that the artist who had sculpted the Virgin Mary had her not looking directly at the Crucified Christ, but slightly oriented beyond Him to the west transept where there is a huge rose window depicting the glory of the Resurrection. This is a priest who has been in and around the Cathedral for many years, probably prayed at the high altar hundred’s of times, and in his private prayer and meditation prior to this Mass, the feast of St. Martha, Jn 11:19-27, he realized that Mary, while watching Him die , must have in her deep faith, been looking forward to, anticipating, the Resurrection, and the sculptor, architect or whoever who was responsible for the altar piece, the beautiful window , really, the Cathedral itself, had been graced to build it so the beauty of the art taught the Gospel. I have heard Fr. Connall preach many a homily, but could tell that he had really been Graced this morning!

  22. Rachel says:

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s news and prayed for those who mentioned difficulties.

    My good news, which has been coloring my life in a happy way these past two weeks, is that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is at long last getting an FSSP parish! My friends and I have prayed for an EF parish for years, and I know we weren’t the only ones. I gather that location is still to be determined, but Fr. Fryar, FSSP, arrives on August 7. :) The website is .

  23. Siculum says:

    To my own surprise, I feel as if I have substantially good news this week for once. God seems to have provided a reliable and relatively inexpensive used car, and–I hope–a new job I start tomorrow. Based on another recent comment to this blog, I’m feeling more excited about considering a move someday to St. Paul, MN, so I can join St. Agnes and have the high school nearby should I raise a family there.

    @Rachel: I think you’ll like Fr. Fryar. He doesn’t pull any punches.

    Very nice other testimonials above as well, from birth and jobs to the vocations and the homily in a cathedral.

    I learned something new about Fr. Hardon as well.

  24. A dear young couple from our church welcomed their third daughter this morning. They lost their year-old son last year, so she is a special gift.

    Snap! A couple at my parish welcomed their second son and sixth child, after they lost a much-wanted pregnancy last year, and were under the impression that this was the ‘end of the line’ for them.

    Also, my sister and I have resolved to start doing the prep work for our next bit of domestic painting this weekend.

  25. PS. Ordination to the Priesthood this Saturday in our Cathedral, 10am. Rev Christian Irdi will be ordained.

    Please pray for him; I don’t know if there are any others to be ordained, as our local Catholic media is distinctly rubbish in this respect. You always get to read about the ordinations afterwards in the local Catholic paper and think ‘Dang! I would have liked to go to that!’

  26. ReginaMarie says:

    Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma Annual Pilgrimage at the Shrine of Mariapoch
    (across the street from Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in Burton, OH)

    “Rejoice O You Who Have Borne the Guide of the Lost”
    (Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary)

    Thursday, August 14th – Friday, August 15th: Vigil & Procession for the Feast of the Dormition (Assumption) & Pre-Pilgrimage Activities
    Saturday, August 16th – Sunday, August 17th: Pilgrimage & Hierarchical Divine Liturgy

    Schedule for the 80th Annual Pilgrimage in Honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at Mount St. Macrina Monastery (Uniontown, PA)
    This year’s Pilgrimage theme is “Theotokos: Fountain of Mercy”

  27. The Astronomer says:

    PRAISE JESUS, HIS IMMACULATE MOTHER and ST. PADRE PIO!!!! After a two year wait, we received official notice the diocesan annulment tribunal has granted the annulment of my wife’s first marriage. We’re planning a ‘new’ marriage this fall according to the 1962 rites. :-D

  28. djc says:

    Our bills are paid and our family’s health is good.

    We start a family vacation soon.

    The weather has been cool and comfortable—NOT hot and humid.

    Daily Mass is very well attended with families and young adults present.


  29. JABV says:

    I married my best friend on Saturday after seven years dating and two years engaged. Our nuptial mass was beautiful, with most of the ordinary in Latin and the (good, holy) priest ad orientem.

  30. KylieP says:

    I’ve been accepted to the convent!
    I will be entering with the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on October 7th, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!
    Please pray for me, and I’ll pray for you!!

  31. mrshopey says:

    My daughter had her first child, my first grandchild, yesterday. Both are doing great. Thank you Lord!

  32. rhetoric57 says:

    Tomorrow, Thursday 31st July is the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola. In London at the Farm St parish of the Immaculate Conception there will be a Mass for Jesuit alumni at 18:00. Our school in South Africa will provide one of the deacons and I will be one of the readers. There are over 40 Old Aidanites in the UK! Then ten from our small college which was closed in 1973, three years before its centenary in 1976 , will go off for dinner at a good Italian restaurant (where Fr Z rates the pizzas highly,,,) in Mayfair.



  33. Lucy C says:

    I think I can officially say that we are on “Baby Watch”! Our precious grandson’s due date is just 26 days from today! This is our first grandchild – happiness abounds!!!

  34. Mary Jane says:

    Cooler weather, lots of rain, and we are all healthy. Deo Gratias!

  35. rbbadger says:

    I have been re-admitted to the program of priestly formation for the Diocese of Gallup, New Mexico.

  36. OrthodoxChick says:

    Wow!! It’s so wonderful to read everyone’s good news! All of the ordinations, new vocations, and TLM’s are beautiful! Congratulations to JABV. May God Bless his marriage. And congratulations to all of the new parents/grandparents, as well as the soon-to-be’s. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of you – and for myself as well. I just received the phone call this morning that I’ve been praying and hoping for. It’s official. I got the job!

    We still don’t have our housing situation figured out, but I’m not worried about it (much). God is so good and on top of this job being a tremendous gift and blessing, the spiritual consolation it is bringing me is doing a great deal to strengthen me to carry the housing cross. We’re dirt poor too and we’re being told by everyone from realtors to builders to H.U.D. home dealers that we don’t have enough money to afford a home. But I know that the Lord will deliver us through this somehow and all will be well in time.

    So, I’m going to steal “catholicomelately’s” words and second them: “We are poor as dirt and life is uncertain, but God is awesome in His love and provision! I thank and praise Him every day!”

  37. My good news: I now work for ChurchMilitant.TV. Some good people here, doing important work. Very blessed.

  38. Priam1184 says:

    Congratulations to OrthodoxChick and Christine Niles. You are both far richer than you think.

  39. StJude says:

    I love reading good news ! Congrats to jobs, babies, priesthoods, cars, sisterhoods, vacations, health and happiness…

  40. bookworm says:

    “God seems to have provided a reliable and relatively inexpensive used car”

    As he also seems to have done for me and my husband, after months of worry about our old beater. We found a newer vehicle of exactly the make and model we wanted, and at a very good price, on Craigslist. It was being sold by a small dealer in the St. Louis area, who also took a trade in on our old car. All three of us (husband, daughter and me) went down Monday to pick up the new car and leave the old one behind. When all that was done, hubby said that since we were so close to downtown STL we should visit the St. Louis Arch, which none of us had done before, so it turned into a nice family day trip, and the weather could not have been better (upper 70s with nice breeze). Hopefully I can talk him into visiting either the Old or “New” Cathedral next time around :-)

  41. Amateur Scholastic says:

    Still facing exactly the same troubles that I was six months, a year, two years ago (which in the grand scheme of things are astonishingly minor, but cause pain to a weak soul like mine).

    But my ability to bear them is far greater than it was; and I know that, when I suffer well, my sins are being purged now rather than later, so I can take joy in it.

  42. ihsamdg says:

    Good News!
    Firstly, Juventutem Long Island is up and running!
    Here are some links:

    Our first sponsored event is a Missa Cantata and Evening of Recollection on the feast of the Assumption, August 15. We are featuring a guest speaker, Dame of Malta Erin Von Ubel, who is going to be speaking about the cause for canonization of Sr. Marie De Mandat-Grancey who was instrumental in the discovery of Mary’s house in Ephesus. Mass starts at 6:15 p.m. at St. Aidan’s Church in Williston Park, NY, and refreshments and Evening of Recollection are to follow.

    Secondly, I’m counting down the days to begin my candidacy for the Clerical Oblatehood of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. Please keep me, my brother candidates, the Institute, and the Shrine of Christ the King Restoration Project in your prayers.

  43. Lori Pieper says:

    I am thrilled to be able to say that after months of formatting and designing and re-designing the cover, the print (paperback) edition of my translation of Pope John Paul I’s writings A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today is at last ready for sale! It’s available only on CreateSpace right now; it should soon be up on Amazon.

    Aaaand . . . here is the Kindle version, with new cover.

    The only unhappy part was that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI could not write the introduction I asked him for. I never really expected he would; I sent him a proof of the book and asked him anyway. But I did get a lovely personal letter from him, thanking me for the book — his signature is tiny, really microscopic. I was so charmed to get it that it alleviated my disappointment. (I asked him because he knew Luciani personally as a cardinal and has a tremendous appreciation for him).

    Best of all, the remainder of JPI’s Positio goes to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in September! They will at last be able to consider his virtues.

    AND the temperature will fall to 66 degrees tonight in New York – blessed relief from the heat!

    Thanks be to God for His blessings.

  44. boko fittleworth says:

    I’ve been accepted as a seminarian for my diocese. I enter the seminary in three weeks.

  45. TLM says:

    July 30th was my last day of Chemotherapy for Stage III Ovarian cancer.
    This cancer was discovered in January after hospitalization for pneumonia.
    This journey has been a catalyst for me to fully place my trust in God. That have been many trials along the way and I figure that our Lord must want to use these trials to draw me closer to Him. And, they have. I have been given a great grace to be here and get everything ready for death, welcome my next grandchild into the world, laugh and love with family and friends (this includes my extended family at my Parish), to serve God in whatever His will for me should be.

  46. Justin_Kolodziej says:

    Our 3rd child, 2nd son is scheduled to be delivered August 5 at 7:30 AM (C-section of course)…yay! Also working on 3 maybe 4 new possibilities for jobs with insurance, which is expensive being on contract and having to buy our own. Praise the Lord from the heavens, etc.

  47. KAS says:

    For the first time ever I took a song I made up, wrote down the notes and figured up the chords for on my autoharp, then figured out how to use garageband, and with help how to make the recording into an MP3 and sent it in to a song competition. For me, this was a huge deal!

    So far my pregnancy is non-eventful. So that is very good too!

    I am on track to meet my next deadline.

    God is good!

  48. HighMass says:

    Praise GOD we have two new associate Pastors in our area….who sing the entire Mass, N.O. and mostly in english…..but the point here restoring sacredness to the Mass.
    God Bless These Young Priests, and Pope Benedict for having the influence He did during his Pontificate…..

    Pray for the Young Priests as the older ones who are liberals are out there waiting “change” them into Liberal Priests……

  49. acricketchirps says:

    Good news: Found my wallet. (Thanks, Tony!)
    Bad news: None of the credit cards in it work anymore!
    Good news: None of the credit cards in it work anymore.

  50. Chon says:

    My comment is in moderation, maybe due to all the links. Check out the website of the Catholic Sentinel. Archbishop Sample is doing major rearranging in Portland.

    catholic sentinel . org

  51. mariadevotee says:

    Last Saturday morning the Diocese of Nashville ordained 9 men to the priesthood!! Deo Gratias.

  52. Ben Kenobi says:

    Friend having gall bladder surgery is now on the mend. That’s my good news :)

  53. AdTrinitatemPerMariam says:

    Excited for my first nephew, who is due in about three and a half weeks. :-) <3

    @KylieP, that is so awesome!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! :-)

  54. The Sicilian Woman says:

    So happy to see news of children, grandchildren, marriage and religious vocations, and all else! Plus an FSSP parish in LA!! God bless the FSSP and Archbishop Sample, who has a lot of work to do in Oregon. Brick by brick.

    StJude, as someone who has rescued many an animal, including my current, sweet dog, your story warmed my heart. You have a loving companion for life.

    Thanks for sharing, everyone!

  55. Spade says:

    A few of us recently restarted the Young Adults group at our local parish and are trying to get it up and running. A nice lady who was part of the homeschooler’s group came to a picnic we had with her kids. Well, she died a few days ago along with her unborn child. That, of course, isn’t the good news.

    The good news was that a ton of people in the diocese and then elsewhere (somebody saw a facebook link in Sweden) have donated a ton of money to help her husband with funeral costs and taking care of their four kids (including one with down syndrome). And a bunch of people made a ton of cookies for the post-funeral reception. It was pretty nice to see people that didn’t even know the lady (and we’d only met her once) come together and do something good in a bad situation.

  56. e.e. says:

    Our parish — which currently meets in a cinder-block church that is overflowing — has permission from the archdiocese to build a new church! And even better, it’s going to be a beautiful church. Not a grand cathedral by any means, but it will be traditional and tasteful.

  57. David Wade DeCoste says:

    Hello Father Z,

    I started a website to help share the gospel.

    Thanks for the work that you do here.

    Fr. D

  58. templariidvm says:

    Celebrating the 22nd anniversay of my marriage to an incredibly wonderful woman. I have been blessed!

  59. CruceSignati says:

    In 2011, I met this guy who was a few years older than me at a Catholic youth summer camp. He seemed to be a really great guy (very reverent, God-fearing, kind, and a very manly man) and I had never met someone like him before, so when I got home I felt the need to start praying for him every day. Sometimes it got to be a pain in the behind and at times I wondered why I was bothering to pray for this guy, who I never even saw again. Anyways, last year we got in touch via Facebook and he said everything was going well for him. Then, a couple days ago he made the announcement: he is entering the seminary later this month! Praise the Lord! Perhaps God did hear those little prayers for him….in any event, Deo Gratias!

  60. Iconophilios says:

    I got to dig around the vault and storage rooms at my local cathedral, and found all sorts of treasures; a portable altar, lots of beautiful old red dalmatics and other old vestments, paintings, an old paten, and several crucifixes.

  61. sugrue says:

    On Sunday, I am helping my daughter move up to Bloomington, IN. She is starting on her PhD in Anatomical Studies. While I am up there with her, my son will be joining us for a few days. It will be great for us to all be together again!

    May God bless us all with safe travel!

  62. jfk03 says:

    New grand daughter, Lucy, due any day now.

  63. Congratulations to KyleP and the two men entering priestly formation.
    I am starting my journey to become a Dominican sister in 28 days, 12 hours and 8 minutes. :) . It is an immense grace – please pray for me that I may be worthy! Thank you.

  64. VexillaRegis says:

    Congratulations, CatholicCoffee! Just be prepared – the sisters may have restrictions on coffee drinking ;-)

  65. Random Friar says:

    Our parish in Portland, Oregon is doing some wonderful work with the Dominican Rite, and now they are hosting a talk called “The Ordinariate: A Gift to be Shared from Benedict XVI,” which will be on the Anglican Use Ordinariate, followed by a Solemn High Mass according to the Anglican Use the next evening for Assumption. (August 5th and 6th). I think it’s wonderful that we are able to help our Anglican friends, and that we can host Pope Benedict’s gift to the Church. After all, he is… wait for it… the Pope of Christian Unity.

    Lots of liturgical goodness!

  66. Martlet says:

    1. A young friend’s baby, born at 23 weeks (!) is a month old now and holding her own. Prayers still needed though, if you can add Baby Genevieve to your daily prayers.

    2. Another young mother’s heart stopped during delivery and she was in a coma with very little hope, while the baby was facing severe problems. With a day of the prayers being prayed by myriad people, the mother was off life-support and is now home with a healthy baby.

    3. We have a new priest who is a breath of fresh air to our small military parish.

    4. Today is my husband’s 69th birthday and I love him more today than when I first met him, the handsome fellow.

  67. Filipino Catholic says:

    Just recently I got the hang of the Church’s centuries-old computus paschalis (and I mean the tabular method, not the algorithm method), copying out the three tables by hand and extending them to the 9900s, which means I now have a perpetual Easter calendar valid for the next couple of millennia. Not bad for a college freshman I’d say.

  68. Quanah says:

    My sister gave birth to her first child this past Wednesday. She had preeclampsia and little Sebastian David came at 32 weeks. He is doing well in the NICU and my sister, though still in the hospital, is recovering. There has been a great amount of support.

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