4 August: Dominic and Jean

According to the traditional Roman calendar, today is the feast of St. Dominic. Happy feast to all Dominicans and Dominics.  I have his first class relic.

I am pleased to have a 1st class relic of St. Dominic. Many observe his Mass today.


I work systematically through my list of intentions for Holy Masses each day.  Today especially His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke.

Also, where I say Mass on Sunday there is a relic of St. Jean Vianney is on the altar.

From the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum:

Memoria sancti Ioannis Mariae Vianney, presbyteri, qui, quadraginta amplius annos paroeciae ipsi commissae in vico Ars prope Bellicium in Gallia actuosa praedicatione, oratione et paenitentiae exemplo mirum in modum ministravit et cotidie pueros et adultos catechizans, paenitentes reconcilians atque ardenti caritate e sacra Eucharistia velut e fonte hausta refulgens tantopere provexit, ut longe lateque consilia sua diffunderet et permultos ad Deum sapienter duceret.



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  1. Eugene says:

    Thank you Father for the reminder of the feast of St. Dominic. I will ask his intercession for my 85 year old father Dominic, especially at this time as he lost his wife of 57 years (our mother, Caterina) this past week. Would you be so kind in remembering them both in your next Holy Mass and prayers. Thank you.

  2. msc says:

    Alas, it being a weekday there was no mention of Dominic at Mass this morning. He and his Hounds of God have always been particularly dear to me.

  3. Random Friar says:

    Thank you for the mention! In many of our parishes, the OF Solemnity is transferred to the closest Sunday, to allow for a parish-wide celebration, so you may or may not see him celebrated on August 8th.

    It is a long-standing tradition for the Dominicans and Franciscans to “swap” preachers for each other’s founder’s feast. In the Litanies of the Saints, we often see them together, as the two pillars who helped re-build the Church.

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