COLUMBUS, IN: Quran verses spray painted on Christian churches. Punks or…?

Sure… right… these words were taken out of context.  Right.

However, I like the fact that some Muslims offered to help clean it up.

Bottom line: Sure, maybe it was a bunch if idiot punks who did this. This may not be a huge deal right now, but this is a sign of the times.

We shall have to see what the investigation turns up.

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  1. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Black ops do happen: for example, a few days ago it was the 75th anniversary of the Gleiwitz incident, where German operatives pretending to be Polish troops ‘invaded’ and seized the German radio station, providing the pretext for the ‘defensive’ Nazi invasion of Poland the next day (thoroughly helped by non-agression pact partner, the Soviet Union: 13 days till the 75th anniversary of their own murderous invasion).

    And provocation – goading another to act injudiciously, accelarate things quickly, etc. – can be simple or complex (in this case, if it is provocation, simple, by some Muslims, seems plausible; but complex, by someone else wanting to set up Christians, hoping they’ll behave ‘incorrectly’ in a big way, does not seem implausible).

  2. RAve says:

    I was in St. Bartholomew parish for 4 years. Great people. Please pray for the parish and the associate priests. Notice that the pastor has not addressed this issue yet. The pastor (who has been in place for almost 18 years or so) supported bringing planned parenthood into the parish school to help with sex education. He also had planned parenthood’s highest medical professional at the local clinic (a nurse practitioner) on the parish council. She also represented the parish on local ecumenical boards. He also allowed a woman LMHC to keep blessing small children in the communion line “in the name of the father-mother, Jesus and the Spirit” even when it was brought to his attention. He also bellowed from the altar during the consecration portion of the liturgy, demanding that people stop kneeling. Etc. etc. etc. I can only imagine how confused the pastor must be. If Father Z wants to contact me I am happy to verify all of this information and attach my name to it. I really want people to pray for this parish. They have a confused leader and this is a time when they need a strong leader.

  3. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    This is how it starts…

    If I were in charge, I’d ask the smartest and bravest people to volunteer to come off of prayer vigil in front of abortion clinics and put them in front of mosques for prayer vigils.

    Before sending them into the lion’s den, I’d sit them down, and go through everything about islam.

    And I mean EVERY-THING!

    (for the record: I will never capitalize anything to do with that dangerous death-cult.)

    I’d start at the beginning and go over the Arabic alphabet, give them copies of the Hans Weir Arabic-English Dictionary, and explain how Arabic words are formed from Arabic letters, and how to pronounce Arabic.

    Go over Arabic grammar, word-order and sentence structure.

    Then I’d open up copies of actual qur’ans and explain how it’s organized and arranged (it’s by the length of the surah, not in chronological order.) Taking care to make sure they know which verses are important, which verses came first chronologically, and which verses have been “abrogated” by later verses, and then make sure they understand what the word “abrogated” means.

    I’d go over the sirah-rasul-allah, and the haddith. And going over the parts of islamic history that muslims try to ignore and gloss-over, but what ISIS (and other muslims around the globe in places like Rotherham.) use to justify their sick actions.

    I’d go over the branches of islamic jurisprudence, and what they have to say about the topic of “apostasy”, and then make sure the class understands what that word actually means.

    I’d cover islamic history, from mohammed’s “four rightly guided califs” through the Crusades to today, and point out the pattern(s) that emerge with muslims throughout history from “saladin” to “tamerlane” (He’s one of the worst human beings you’ve never heard of…), and what muslims have done to non-muslims throughout time.

    I’d go over the Sana’a Manuscripts, and how that is such a theological-problem for muslims (it isn’t for Catholics.)

    I’d go over how muslim’s pray (called “salat”) make them go through all the motions, and through the words of their prayers, I’d have each person in the class point me in the direction of the “qibla” and explain what that is.

    In short, I’d prepare them to confront evil, and the poor souls that that evil possess by giving them all the knowledge to effectively evangelize muslims. We in the West aren’t prepared to go up against ISIS, let alone against islam in general. We still call it a “War on Terror”, we can’t even define our enemy, too many of us don’t even know that there is an enemy out there who wants to kill us…

  4. JustaSinner says:

    So Fr. Z., when will it be time for us to firmly, but forcefully, demand another Crusade?

  5. Priam1184 says:

    @JustaSinner With what army will this Crusade be fought?

  6. APX says:


    For all we know that pastor is away and unaware of this happening.

    Please don’t detract against priests.

  7. MmeScherzo says:

    I have been learning Arabic for awhile, and a wonderful way to learn it is to pray the Rosary in Arabic.

    You can also download mp3 files of the Rosary in many languages. I listen to it almost daily in Arabic and Latin. Having enough Arabic under my belt to understand the words helps me to focus purely on meaning. The Rosary is a powerful weapon against evil. Pray it in front of mosques. Do it in Arabic.
    There are many Arab Christians who could help with the writing and transliteration.

  8. MmeScherzo says:

    Here are high quality, well-enunciated mp3 files of the Rosary in Arabic.

  9. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    “There are times, nevertheless, when one may lawfully make known the offense of another even though as a consequence the trust hitherto reposed in him be rudely shaken or shattered. If a person’s misdoing is public in the sense that sentence has been passed by the competent legal tribunal or that it is already notorious, for instance, in a city, then in the first case it may licitly be referred to in any place; in the second, within the limits of the town, or even elsewhere” writes Joseph Delany in his 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia article, “Detraction”.

    What grounds do you have for concluding that RAve is not conscientiously acting in something like Delany’s “second case”?

  10. RAve says:

    VSL: Thank you for the kind defense. Yes, the actions of the person whom I was discussing are notorious and even scandalous. Many, many people have been harmed by the man and have been forced to seek the sacraments elsewhere for the sake of their mental health and the health of their souls and the sake of their children. I also did not mention him by name. I simply noted the need for prayer because the parish’s pastor must be very confused (that is the nicest way to say it). This must be a very difficult time for everyone.

  11. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    I was saddened to see your earlier comment, having seen translations cited in a couple news stories of the Koran verses referred to in the graffiti at St. Bartholomew and elsewhere in Columbus. Now would be the time for clear reminding/instruction, there, on orthodox Trinitarian and Incarnational teachings! May it come one way (even if perhaps less ‘officially’ or ‘hierarchically’ ?), if not another!

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