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  1. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    The MEF is will return again soon (enough) to Our Lady of Grace, Greenboro, NC, where the pro-MEF pastor now has a parochial vicar. The MEF will remain at Sacred Heart, Salisbury, NC. A priest in the same diocese who knows how to offer the MEF has been made pastor in a parish, making the MEF possible at that parish, — if the priest so chooses, his choice likely based on how he sizes up the situation at that parish.

  2. Thorfinn says:

    Bishop Jugis has assigned a 2nd priest to Our Lady of Grace in Greensboro, something for which we have been praying for some time. This will (among other things) facilitate the resumption of weekly celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form later this year.

  3. Thorfinn says:

    Clearly there has been widespread rejoicing in the Triad with people bursting to share this news!

  4. marymiller says:

    My son attends St. Charles Borromeo Seminary near Philadelphia. The school is old and they are considering selling off portions of it. Beautiful old St. Martin’s Chapel is not being used due to its continued drain on resources. They had removed the Blessed Sacrament from the chapel as well. However, the seminarians still love to go into the chapel for prayer. Thanks to some effort by my son and his friends, they have returned the Blessed Sacrament to the tabernacle there and have lit the sanctuary candle. Praise God!

  5. Menagerie says:

    My youngest son was seriously ill with kidney failure. It looks like he will make a full recovery. Many other blessings in my family and personal life, including the promise of a job after long unemployment.

    The most joyful good news is the continued life of a friend’s unborn grandchild. Her daughter is in serious condition and hospitalized as they fight to gain at least two more weeks for the baby. She has been hospitalized almost three weeks, and so many prayers are being offered for mother and child.

  6. dmwallace says:

    My wife and I just learned that we’re expecting our fourth child. Deo gratias!

  7. Sword40 says:

    Sorry, Sid, but I need to ask, what MEF stands for. Being an old Marine, it means something different than what I’m guessing you mean.

  8. Dad of Six says:

    Son #3 was a freshman at Fisher More last year. With that now belly up, he was able to transfer to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom in Barrys Bay, Ontario. School started yesterday, and all is thumbs up!

  9. Nicholas says:


    I think he means Mass, Extraordinary Form.

  10. Nicholas says:

    I am the founding Vice President of my HS’s rosary club, which is good.

  11. Darren says:

    The last time prayer requests went up I asked for prayers regarding a job interview I was having. After over a year and a half out of work, I return to full time employment this coming Monday (Our Lady’s birthday!)

    I thank everyone for their prayers.

  12. Lucy C says:

    As I type this, our beautiful daughter-in-law is in labor!!! The baby is already 9 days past due. Please say a prayer for her and our son, and for a safe and healthy delivery of their baby. I’m looking forward to posting a birth announcement later today or tomorrow!

  13. MarkJ says:

    I just downloaded the DivineOffice app on my Android, and now I have full access to the complete official text of the Liturgy of the Hours (Ordinary Form), including downloadable audio for all the offices with sung hymns. $15 for the app vs. $125-$150 for the 4 volume set. A great option for those who cannot always have one of the volumes in hand, or for those intimidated by the price of the books. I hope this app gets widespread use and increases the practice of liturgical prayer in the Church.

  14. Patti Day says:

    Thank you all for your good news. It has lifted me up today.

  15. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    My eldest son has just begun at Thomas Aquinas College.

    New-ish tutoring business continuing to do well.

    Prayers to the Infant of Prague continue to be answered with rich blessings.

  16. Militans says:

    I got to meet the vocation director for my diocese on Saturday, which went pretty well I think. We talked about possible futures (as a priest, as a layman, etc) as well as my past, he talked me through the process of applying for seminary and suggested a spiritual director.

  17. JudicaMe says:

    Today I defended my doctoral dissertation. Thanks be to God, it went really well.
    I started the day with morning Mass which reads 1 Cor 3:1-9. The verse “I planted, Apollos watered, but God caused the growth.” spoke to me reminding me that it is He who made all things well.

    I am Ph(inally).D(one)!

  18. MarthaiinCalifornia says:

    Chris Garton-Zavesky, Hi from a fellow TAC parent! I’m thankful for the college, plus the University of Dallas, where I also have a child. I’m very happy to report that my son’s friend DIDN’T die on a mission trip to Mexico, despite being extremely ill with a fever of 107 and being to sick to fly. Lastly, I’ve had a great grace in my personal life.

  19. I gave a talk to a large group on a scary topic. It went well!

  20. Lori Pieper says:

    I’m happy to report that a new edition of my collection of Pope John Paul I’s writings, A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today, will be coming out on September 28, the 36th anniversary of his death, and the great news is that it will have a preface by Justin Cardinal Rigali, Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia – who knew the Pope personally in his time in the Vatican. I’m grateful to God and the Cardinal for him saying yes; I hope it will help get the book noticed. There is already a print edition at Amazon; just keep looking for the new one.

  21. Gratias says:

    Wife and I will be in Rome in October for the Populus Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage. I hope to pay my respects to Father Z at St. Peter’s.

  22. nrapkoch says:


    Being a former Marine myself, I had the same reaction. While one MEF being superior to the other, I find both to be a great support in a time of need as they both remain “semper fidelis.”

  23. Elizabeth D says:

    Yesterday I was headed to the parish’s RCIA class when I encountered a Jewish acquaintance who has been considering Catholicism, actually he showed up in the back of church after evening Mass looking for me and needing to talk, so I invited him along and he came and was really interested.

  24. Fatherof7 says:

    In about eight months, I will be asking Fr. Z to change my name to Fatherof8.

  25. MouseTemplar says:

    I just learned that Fr. Z. is speaking at Sacred Heart parish, just down the street from me, tomorrow night. Bon chance!

  26. One of those TNCs says:

    Two things!

    1. The priest, deacon, and altar servers did NOT hold hands during the “Our Father” last Sunday, thanks to the counseling of a well-formed deacon.

    2. Our parish just added Wednesdays and Fridays (in addition to Saturdays) to its Confessions schedule. Pray that the faithful will take advantage of this, and it will remain thus!

  27. matt_morrow says:

    I just turned 18

  28. ncstevem says:

    My wife had her contract renewed for her medical residency. This is her second residency which she needs to complete in order to be licensed in the US. She completed her first residency in Brazil where she graduated from medical school 20 years ago.

    That and our four month old daughter continues to grow healthy and happy. Who’d of thunk my wife would give birth at 47 !

    Thorfinn, if you’re ever in Charlotte during your travels, visit St. Ann’s parish. Fr. Reid is the pastor. He put the kibosh on the church-in-the round which was on the drawing board when he was first assigned and built a traditional style church with an altar rail, numerous stautues of the saints and traditional stain glass windows. TLM celebrated Wed. evenings (with a Holy Hour preceeding Mass) and Sunday at 12:30.

    Fr. Reid gives excellent sermons as well.

  29. jaykay says:

    I’m in the throes of planning a last-minute walking holiday in Portugal in early October and have found out that not only can the itinerary accommodate a whole day in Fatima, but it will actually be the First Saturday of that month.

    Just too, sicut dicitur, cool.

  30. Matt R says:

    I will be studying in Gaming, Austria next semester at the Kartause, the former Carthusian monastery (suppressed by Joseph II) now owned and operated by the Franciscan University of Steubenville for its study abroad program. We’ll travel around Austria, Poland, and Rome and Assisi with the school; the Rome and Assisi pilgrimage is 10 days long! I’ll have opportunities to travel most every weekend, with class only being 4 days a week, and I get to go to Rome for the Triduum. I’ll have another 10 day break thrown in as well (probably going to France and England for that!). And at some point my parents will come to visit.

  31. Elizabeth M says:

    My husband has been promoted and now has the title of “Technical Fellow” & at yesterday’s doctor’s appointment my children heard their baby sister hiccup between heartbeats.

  32. Sonshine135 says:


    Ditto on Fr. Reid. I also love the OF Mass at St. Ann. I continue to pray for an EF Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas as well. With Fr. Christian and Fr. Kauth assigned, the only thing we are missing is a choir loft (so Father and Deacons can be moved in choir) and some modifications to the main altar. I continue to pray fervently for expansion of the EF across the Charlotte Diocese.

  33. jfk03 says:

    New grandbaby arrived in good health. Next project is to get mom & dad back to church and baby baptized.

  34. JDBenedictH says:

    My Latin professor generously encouraged that I move up a level into a class focusing on. Medieval Latin texts. I hear tell from other seminarians that the head of the office of worship for our diocese will join the class at some point to teach about the Mass in the Extraordinary form!

  35. Thorfinn says:

    @ncstevem & other NC commentators, it is great to read about the crop of enthusiastic young(ish) priests in the Charlotte diocese and we are fortunate to have a bishop who supports and encourages them and who is willing to hold firm in the face of unfounded criticism. The St Ann’s rebuild is one in a series of attractive Catholic churches built in the diocese. Plenty of good news to go around!

  36. Lucy C says:

    I want to announce the birth of our beautiful grandson – William Matthew.
    Mom, Dad and baby are all well. Thanks be to God!
    Also, thank you everyone, for your prayers.

  37. RJD says:

    I’ve been accepted into our Diocese’s Diaconate formation program.

  38. jameeka says:

    Thank you for your prayers 2 Urgent Prayers ago for a family member undergoing cancer surgery–so far, he is recovering and no sign of remaining cancer. I so appreciate your prayers, and thanks be to God.

  39. Mike says:

    Thanks to God’s provision of a good director, I am better able to live and proclaim my faith in the Eucharistic reality of Our Lord, and to focus (both inside and outside of Church) upon the re-creation of His Incarnation as the priest speaks the words of Consecration in Holy Mass. Concurrently, prolonged periods of spiritual and professional difficulty appear to be approaching resolution. Our Lady, Untier of Knots, continue to pray for us!

    My elderly neighbor is receiving good nursing care and is steadily, if slowly, recovering from the stroke she suffered recently.

    Three more parishes in my none-too-conservative diocese have begun offering the Traditional Latin Mass since August 1.

    Deo gratias!

  40. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Excuse my indulging in taking this opportunity to note some generally interesting news:

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