Emergency Contact, Medical Information and YOU!

Sometimes I post about preparing for emergencies or disasters.  For example, I’ll mention things as practical as having an Uninterreptable Power Source (UPS) for your important electronic equipment. I like APC products the best, reliable and great customer service. I’ll mention some emergency food and water, especially for times of natural disaster or a quick get away from where you live. I’ll mention some identity security, such as LifeLock.

I’ll tell you to GO TO CONFESSION!  Because a sudden and unprovided death (without the sacraments) is a dreadful prospect.

Things always happen to someone else… until it’s your turn.

Thus, I saw something at ITS Tactical that some of you might find useful. The GO ID Emergency Medical ID Kit

Say you are out and about and, quod Deus averruncet, something happens to you and you are unable to tell first responders about your medical history or allegeries, medicines you take, etc.  Time and information are critical in emergencies.  Giving a EMTs or firefighters or LEOs a fast overview could make a big difference.

Some people with certain conditions wear or carry medical ID.   Some like the bracelet or dog tag option.  This is another option.

For lots of photos and a thorough review, check out the page at ITS Tactical HERE  They have photos of how this handy medical ID can fit beneath your watch with an exposed tag, or be placed in the weaving of your shoe laces, or clipped onto other laces or straps or cords or zipper pulls.  It also has the recognizable “Star of Life” medical logo on it.

Check it out and then…


Because it’s always someone else, until it’s you.

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