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Ready? Daily Carry Stuff and You.

You can’t be perfectly prepared for every possible contingency, but you can be prepared for some of them, including injuries. On some blogs you will at times see people post their “daily carry” stuff. Those posts often also involve “readiness” … Read More

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Emergency Contact, Medical Information and YOU!

Sometimes I post about preparing for emergencies or disasters.  For example, I’ll mention things as practical as having an Uninterreptable Power Source (UPS) for your important electronic equipment. I like APC products the best, reliable and great customer service. I’ll … Read More

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The effects of secularism at the Marathon’s finish line

This morning the parish priest where I am staying in Cambridge pointed out a piece in the Boston Globe (Friday 26 April). At the finish line of the Boston Marathon, clergy were not allowed to reach the victims of the … Read More

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Skype security hole and a 72 Hour Kit

From the National Terror Alert Response Center page: Fox News reports a flagrant security flaw in the massively popular Skype video chat service may be putting Internet users worldwide at risk.The serious security breach in the Internet video chat program, which … Read More

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