VIDEO: Fr. Sirico on problem of multiculturalism

At the moment I am in Grand Rapids, MI.   No, this is not an Acton event.  I am visiting the parish of Fr. Robert Sirico (who happens to head up Acton Institute), to speak at a function and, frankly, to have a little R & R.

As I was arriving, Father was just returning from having done an interview with Neil Cavuto of FNC.   He spoke about multiculturalism.   The video is worth a watch.  Cavuto asked several guests about multiculturalism and the abandoning of Judeo-Christian cultural roots.


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  1. wmeyer says:

    Fr. Sirico makes excellent points. I have seen at close range the effects of the multi-culti mindset on Canada, when I lived there. At least twice in recent history, the province of Ontario has come very close to accepting Sharia law as a second, parallel system in the courts. That is madness, not only because of the brutality of that system, but also because it normalizes the Two Solitudes which originally referred to English vs. French Canada, a gulf which has done terrible damage. But the latter day solitudes would be two systems antithetical to one another.

    It is not uncommon to refer to the “biological solution” when we speak of happy-clappy liturgy; the biological solution in a multi-culti society is that the Judeo-Christian culture gives freely a franchise to the Islamic culture which will outpopulate and eventually demolish it.

    In brief, multi-culti is a suicide pact for non-Muslims.

  2. Moro says:

    While European and other countries like Armenia and Ethiopia have Christian roots, it’s worth noting that America was very secular in its founding. We’re not a Christian culture, but rather more Masonic nation rooted in secularism and Deism.

    Another problem with discussions on mutliculturalism is that elements of it (respect for different races, languages, cultures, etc.) are good. But too often in a relativistic society nobody is willing to stand for what is absolutely morally correct and multiculturalism is used as an excuse to justify or rationalize immoral practices like polygamy (among Muslims), honor killings (among Muslims), etc.

  3. jlmorrell says:

    Moro is, of course, correct regarding the founding of the USA. It is not Christian properly speaking, but Masonic and Deistic. The 1950’s situation in American, while much better than the deplorable state of things now, is not the answer. Christ must reign in the hearts of individual persons AND in public society. Any compromise regarding the Social Kingship of Christ is rubbish.

    As a side note, I’m curious Fr. Z: Does Fr. Sirico know and offer the TLM (at least privately)? If no, why?

  4. majuscule says:


    A Google search presents…

    Easter Vigil
    Fr. Robert Sirico celebrated the Mass of the Paschal Vigil. The service began with the blessing of the Easter Fire out in front of the Church then a procession lead into the Church for Mass.

    Throughout the triduum Mass was said Ad Orientem with Latin chant sung in various places of the Mass by a full choir. Fr. Sirico and Fr. Grondz celebrated the Masses along with eighteen (plus) servers (one cross bearer, two acolytes, one/two thurifers, one boat bearer, one M.C., six torches, and the rest in choir). Fr. Sirico said a High Tridentine Mass on Easter Day.

  5. marpoliv says:

    Fr. Sirico celebrates a public TLM every Sunday at 12:30 pm at Sacred Heart in Grand Rapids, MI.

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