OK CITY: Archbp. Coakley exorcised Civil Center after evil event

I saw this at the Oklahoman:

Satan has left the building.

Roman Catholic Archbishop Paul S. Coakley and a priest performed “prayers of exorcism” to rid the Civic Center Music Hall of evil spirits that may have lingered after a satanic “black mass” was held thereThe Oklahoman has learned. [Excellent.  I hope they used the older, traditional Roman Ritual.]

Diane Clay, spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, said on Wednesday that Coakley decided to perform the ancient ritual in the Oklahoma City public venue after he learned that some Civic Center patrons were troubled and anxious about the possible diabolical after-effects of the Sept. 21 black mass. An exorcism is a ritual generally performed to cast out a demon from an individual. [There is also a chapter for places.  And it should be USED!  More often!]

“From the beginning, we have taken seriously the dark and dangerous spirits being invited into our community.  [Once invited, they don’t leave.  They consider that a binding contract has been made.  They are rigidily legalistic. That hold has to be broken, layer after layer all the way to expulsion.] We anticipated this would be a concern for those visiting the Civic Center, and we’ve received many questions about the safety of the building following the satanic ritual,” Coakley said in a statement.

“To address those concerns, we visited the venue the next morning to pray prayers of exorcism over the place and to pray the prayers for cleansing.”

The Dakhma of Angra Mainyu Syndicate, a group of devil worshipers led by Adam Daniels, held the black mass in the Civic Center’s CitySpace Theatre, a small venue with fewer than 100 seats. Daniels told the 42 people who attended the black mass that it was being held as a mockery of the Catholic Mass so that people would be less afraid of the Catholic Church.

Wednesday, Daniels said he wasn’t surprised to learn about Coakley’s on-site prayers to rid the Civic Center of evil in the aftermath of the black mass.

“I find it hilarious how over- responsive he’s being to all of this,” Daniels said. “As I said before, it (black mass) is a deprogramming ritual to cast Christianity out of people. All they (the archdiocese) care about is their religious freedom and not anybody else’s.”

Visit was short

Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock, spokes woman for the Civic Center, said Coakley inquired about visiting the venue and arrived there before business hours, about 7:30 a.m., on Sept. 22, the day after the black mass. She said Jim Brown, the Civic Center’s general manager, let Coakley into the venue and the religious leader’s visit was short.

“It came about very quietly and was private,” Lindsey-McClintock said.

“He (Coakley) felt very strongly about wanting to come in and perform a cleansing of that space of whatever entities he felt might remain.”

She said others in the community expressed a similar idea through emails sent to the city of Oklahoma City on the day of the black mass and several days afterward.


Read the rest there.

It is good to read this on the Feast of the Guardian Angels.

We have many weapons and great armor for our spiritual warfare as a Church.  I think we should use them all.

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  1. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Episcopus verus, et pater omnibus.

  2. Thorfinn says:

    At least there were no obviously Satanic acts reported in Oklahoma City following the ritual.

    Unless a public beheading counts?

  3. iPadre says:

    I have used the exorcism for places. Most times the Grapin flees pretty quickly, others, it takes a number repeats. But, he eventually leave in fear.

  4. Patti Day says:

    This is as much as I have heard about this sordid event. When I heard that it was being held at the civic center and that it was sold out, I pictured thousands of satanists attending. To read that there were of total of 42 people in attendance gives me some solace. God forgive them.

  5. Adam Welp says:

    I would bet a bottle of single malt scotch and a box of good cigars that if Satan actually did escape from the gates of Hell, these so called Satan worshipers would run away in fear with their tails between their legs.

  6. Supertradmum says:

    It is not only such a dramatic thing as a Black Mass which causes infestations. Several friends of mine out East and in England have to endure demonic presences in their houses brought about by those who owned the houses or properties before they bought these, from people who were engaged in sexual perversions, the occult or Masonry,or even blasphemies and sacrileges. The fact that there is a shortage of exorcists means that even though at least one was contacted, he simply did not have time for infestations as there were too many people on his list of possessions and he could not get to infestations.

    Some people had to move. Lay people who engage in the occult, and have had lives of serious sin can call down evil into their midst. In fact, because of the popularity of the occult, there are more and more of these places with demonic influence. As Fr Ripperger notes, Harry Potter fans can cause serious problems in their homes. Some real estate agents are now getting prospective buyers who want to know if there is a history of supernatural activity in a place before buying. This all is not the stuff of fantasy, but the real spiritual warfare we mostly cannot see. I know one exorcist who warns people not to buy second-hand furniture from places with a history of “hauntings”.

    I thank God for such good bishops in the OK City area. But, I am afraid this is only the tip of the iceberg for warfare with the Church Militant.

  7. Gerard Plourde says:

    “As I said before, it (black mass) is a deprogramming ritual to cast Christianity out of people.”

    He left out the part about its purpose in inviting Satan and his minions in in Christ’s place. Either Adam Daniels is a fool, a liar, or both.

    ” vigilate et orate ut non intretis in temptationem spiritus quidem promptus est caro autem infirma”

  8. Clinton R. says:

    “I would bet a bottle of single malt scotch and a box of good cigars that if Satan actually did escape from the gates of Hell, these so called Satan worshipers would run away in fear with their tails between their legs.”

    Yes, if these worshipers of his saw the devil in all his gory evil, they would need a change of underpants. These fools have no idea of the evil they summon with their rituals.

  9. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    Will some bishop have the courage to exorcise Fifth Avenue next March 18th?

  10. New Sister says:

    GOD BLESS all priests and bishops who do this for us!
    A good priest out of Munich did such a ritual in a DODDS school on one of our US bases in Germany (unbeknownst to the liberals running this school; a Catholic teacher let him in during the middle of the night), after an atheist, anti-Catholic teacher (with a cult-like following) hanged himself in the stairwell. Thank God for good priests!

  11. JARay says:

    I am still bemused by those who print “mass” when they should be printing “Mass”
    What is the difference? You may ask!
    This is the difference:-
    The term “mass” simply refers to a collection of like objects. We can have a mass of flowers. We can have a mass of dung. We can have a mass of sheep. We can move into the science of Physics where Force = mass multiplied by acceleration (P=mf)
    However, the term “Mass” is an altogether different thing!
    The Mass is a religious ceremony which re-presents the sacrifice of Jesus in atonement for our sins and in which the priest transubstantiates bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus to become the food for our souls.

    A mass of poppies is no substitute for the Holy Mass which can only take place within a gathering of people and a consecrated priest.
    That capital letter M has far more significance than many give credit for. A lower case m leads only to things of lesser significance.

  12. Sonshine135 says:

    Thank you Archbishop Coakley for not backing down from this fiendish act. I still am astonished that a community that witnessed some of the most evil acts of barbarism in the mid-90’s would allow such a thing to occur.

  13. Makemeaspark says:

    Touche’ Fr. Vincent Touche’!

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