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From the Daily Mail:

Raped, tortured, forced to watch beheadings, then beaten when they tried to kill themselves: Yazidi girls reveal the hell they endured during ISIS captivity

  • Two teenage Yazidi girls have described the horror of being capture by Isis
  • Aged just 15 and 19, they saw men from their community mercilessly killed
  • Both were taken away to be sold on to men in the Iraqi city of Mosul
  • Hundreds of other Yazidi females suffered a similarly traumatic fate
  • The girls said some considered suicide rather than enduring their ordeal

By Ted Thornhill for MailOnline

Published: 05:59 EST, 1 October 2014 | Updated: 13:06 EST, 1 October 2014

Two Yazidi teenagers who escaped the clutches of Isis have revealed the full horror of their capture and captivity.

They have described being tortured and forced to watch videos of men from their community being beheaded.

Some, they said, were so traumatised by their experiences that they tried to commit suicide. However, those that tried to kill themselves were severely beaten by Isis fighters.

The women were separated from the men – who were simply mown down by machine gun fire in one of the rooms.

Sara was bundled onto a pick-up truck and taken to Mosul, where she was held with hundreds of others prior to being sold off.

She told ‘We would try to make ourselves look ugly. Some women would cry or scream or fight, but it made no difference. They were always taken anyway. One girl hung herself. Another tried, but the IS guards stopped her and beat her very badly. No one else tried after that.’

Sara, who described Isis fighters as ‘dirty, with hairy faces and smelling bad’ was eventually sold to ‘an old man and a fat man’.

She said that they would show her videos of Isis militants beheading her neighbors.

She added: ‘In some [videos] they put the heads into cooking pots. Sometimes they would stand on them. There were so many heads. And they would ask us, ‘Do you know this one?’ and laugh.’

Sara, whose real name has been changed, recalled that she would sometimes have huge amounts of blood drawn from her arm by one of the men using a syringe, leaving her feeling sick and faint.


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Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.

St. Lawrence of Brindisi, pray for us.

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  1. Traductora says:

    Suicide is the leading cause of death among young women in Afghanistan, usually by self-immolation. They are generally “child brides” and have all been sold or given away in Taliban controlled or influenced areas. I’m waiting for US feminists to come out and say anything about what ISIS or the Taliban or any Muslim group does to women. Waiting and waiting….

  2. JesusFreak84 says:

    Traductora, more likely they’d just say we need to give those girls birth control, abortion, etc. =-\

    Remember, the US is desperate to get rid of the age of consent, so *very freaking soon* child brides will be totally legal HERE, and it’s not the radical Muslims pushing Shaira; it’s the LGBT lobby wanting to cater to groups like NAMBLA–sick and depraved straight men can just take advantage of it =-\ Since feminists are so firmly in bed with the LGBT agenda…

  3. DeGaulle says:

    you are very correct in the dangers you warn of. However, I read recently, but can’t remember where, that all is not quite hunky-dory in liberalinsanityland. Apparently, radical feminists highly disdain transgender males (or should that be females, I get confused) and are now beginning to get oppressed by the latter for refusing them permission to join them and to attend their meetings. So we may soon see feminism being divorced from the LGBT agenda. And how long before the “gender is a social construct” T’s fall out with the “born this way” LGB’s? Really, one couldn’t make it up. Orwell, Huxley and the like would be flabbergasted, I’d say.

  4. Juergensen says:

    Satan walks the earth. All of it.

  5. Rachel K says:

    Bloodletting is a Satanic practice.

  6. Gratias says:

    Slavery, human trafficking, sex exploitation, no rights for the human person, female genital mutilation. The Church should oppose these barbaric Mohammedans with all Her might.

  7. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Abduction, abuse, and slavery have been the story of Islam for 1400 years. It is true that many, if not most, modern Muslims find this behavior abhorrent and want to think it is un-Islamic. They are going to have to become very active in the fight against it. We are seeing a beginning of that but it is still tentative. I think many Muslim countries are afraid of the extremists in their midst whom they have been buying off for decades.

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