Good News and Bad News about Ignatius Press and the “Five Cardinals Book”

I have been pushing the so-called “Five Cardinals Book” from Ignatius Press called  Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church.

This is an important book.  More about it HERE

Ignatius Press’s handling of the release of this book has all the markings of a Goat Rodeo. They had a release date of 1 October.  Then 7 October.

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Now people are getting emails from Ignatius Press [it seems that AMAZON is sending the emails] saying that release of the actual book, paperback, is delayed even longer.  Emails [from Amazon] say that people have to confirm that by some date in November, if they still want the book they have to confirm their order!

HOWEVER, the good news is that the book is available for KINDLE for a reduced price of $9.99, which is much less than the paperback. HERE


Don’t have a Kindle yet.  What on earth are you waiting for?  USA HERE (for one type, a Paperwhite, you can surf to others) and UK HERE

This book should have been available, in concrete form, while the Synod was in full swing.

I might add that the other language versions are all available (Italian, German, French, Spanish).

This is shabby on the part of Ignatius Press.  [To be fair… here I am fisking myself! … to be fair, I wonder if this is a situation where in Ignatius did not supply enough books to Amazon, and Amazon sold more than its pre-release quota. That said, they should have known that the demand was going to be high.]  I am told that, at least, they got the pages in the right order this time.  They screwed up the first release of the collected works on liturgy by Joseph Ratzinger, not that that book was important.

And then they refused to replace mine, which was a gift.

I am not pleased at this moment with IP, as you might have been able to tell.

None of this means that this book is not important.

It will be worth the wait for the paperback.  You can get the Kindle version now.

Moreover, the hype about the issues involved is just getting started. There is a whole year of hype to endure before the more important Synod next year!

So, do support this book, even if Ignatius Press is making it as hard as possible for you to spend your hard earned money and get the product they apparently want to sell you.

I am sure there are all sorts of explanations… blah blah blah.   To quote one of my role models…

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