Have yourself a tactical little Christmas!

The other day when I posted about how to make my “Tactical Clerical Shirts“, I also shared something a reader sent, about the “Tactical Christmas Stocking”.

I am not making this up – a black tactical Christmas stocking! $7.50

I now have more than mere theoretical knowledge of this spiffy item of holiday cheer. One of you dear readers sent me one!

Here it is, hung up with care.  I have no fireplace, so I’ll put it in the hall for people to deposit sticks and lumps of coal with greater ease and efficiency.


It is quite tactical too.  It has a bi-directional zipper – I don’t know why, but I’m sure it’s tactical.  It has MOLLE webbing, to secure the candy canes tactically.  It has several points to fasten carabiners, which is definitely tactical.  There are two straps with tactical releases and a little pocket tactically enhanced with an Amanaote Plastic 0.22″ Inside Hole Black Spring Snap Hook Side Buckle.  And don’t overlook the reinforced tactical carrying handle.

And the interior is tactically waterproof!


I am sure that it is big enough to handle some….

[cue action film music]


Are you already tired of battling the crowds at the coffee stores to refresh your supply of coffee as the “holiday season” begins?

Are you dreading buying those little gifts for coworkers and other stocking stuffers?

How about a new tactic?

Order your little gifts from the Mystical Tactical Monks!   They are building their new spiritual fortress, their Catholic redoubt, in Wyoming, which is very tactical indeed.  Your purchases help them to construct their entrenched position.

The Mystic Monk 30 Pack Sampler might be exactly what you need to achieve your overall Christmas Stocking and Secret Santa Strategery!  And I think you get tactical free shipping!

The 30 Pack Sampler contains 2 oz. packets:

4 x Mystic Monk Blend
4 x Midnight Vigils Blend
4 x Hermits’ Bold Blend
3 x Cowboy Blend
3 x Medium Colombian
3 x Decaffeinated Arabica
3 x Hazelnut
3 x Royal Rum Pecan
3 x Carmel

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Take some to work and then get your office manager to buy Mystic Monk Coffee (using my link).  That’s tactical… for me!

Mystic Monk Coffee!

It’s tactical!

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  1. ghp95134 says:


    CARABINERS!??? Those are S N A P L I N K S, Ranger-Father! Elevate your feet on the nearest rock or tree and gimme 20 — then do another five for John Wayne.

  2. Mike says:

    Are you dreading buying those little gifts for coworkers and other stocking stuffers?

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen a coworker stuff a stocking, but then I don’t clock in at Santa’s workshop. That of course dismisses the alternative inference (toward which, on stressful occasions, one might be sinfully tempted) that coworkers are to stuff stockings with.

  3. Sonshine135 says:

    Looks like the perfect stocking for some ammo! [From your lips to Santa’s ear!]

  4. Siculum says:


    I tried asking the following through the email contact form but it kept denoting me as spam:

    Would you be willing to post some sort of link (e.g, in your sidebar) to a running list of recommended Catholic (and other, like Voyage to Alpha Centauri) books you’d recommend? I don’t own a Kindle but frequently could use something to put me over the $35 minimum purchase for free Amazon shipping, and would find great use in a list you posted of books to buy here and there, such as Ratzinger’s collected works on the liturgy, etc.

    I know you post about them in your blog when they’re relevant, but if you had a catch-all, that would be great. You might add to it as you go along, and/or things occurred to you. [I’ll surely post something like this along the way.]

    In the meantime, I resolve to order from your Amazon box from now on. I have to shop there frequently for work anyway. [Thanks!]

  5. Supertradmum says:

    I have been encouraging families to give “bug-out-bags” to everyone for Christmas. But, as I told someone here in Malta, there is no place to bug-out on this island.

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