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More “tactical clerical” attire

You clerics out there might recall that I have been making, or having made, tactical clerical shirts by adapting 5.11 uniform shirts.  HERE and, amusingly and most recently, HERE. Fathers, you are clerics and officers of the Church Militant.  Stay … Read More

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ASK FATHER: 5.11 Tactical Clerical Shirts

From a deacon… QUAERITUR: Anyway my main reason for contacting you regards the 5.11 Clericals. I was recently ordained a Transitional Deacon for the Diocese ___.  [Congratulations.] I am very interested in having a clerical shirt that I can play … Read More

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Have yourself a tactical little Christmas!

The other day when I posted about how to make my “Tactical Clerical Shirts“, I also shared something a reader sent, about the “Tactical Christmas Stocking”. I am not making this up – a black tactical Christmas stocking! $7.50 I now … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Tactical Clerics

Speaking of clerical garb, I am, oddly enough, fairly often asked about my black clerical shirts. I have adapted some 5.11 Tactical shirts, both ripstop and cotton, and both short and long sleeved, into 5.11 Tactical clerical shirts. Here’s the … Read More

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