Z-SWAG In the Wild: Zed-Head gear

I received a note from a reader today:

If a note of appreciation helps you to keep going, consider this a thanks.

PS. I’m sewing a Zedhead patch on the back of my leather biker jacket.

I ride a Yamaha Road Star 1600cc

I must admit, I’ve never had a thank you note quite like that.  Then again, the “ZED-HEAD” Swag is pretty new!  Follow the link to find out more about why I made this one.

Meanwhile, I returned from Rome to find in my mail some round “Zed-Head” magnets!  I affixed one to my hardened-portable power system, which is built into an ammo can and can be charged by solar panel (which folds and fits into the can).


Thanks to the official Fr. Z Blog photoshopper, the great Vincenzo for the design.  Check out his extremely cool clocks.  HERE

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  1. KateD says:

    Father, I’d love to see what that looks like all put together…..when you next test it to make sure it’s all in working order, could you take a photo and post it?

  2. JesusFreak84 says:

    For anyone else looking at ordering the ZedHead hooded sweatshirt/jacket garments: I ordered an XL, and what I received had XL printed inside, but the receipt in the package said Large and it fits like a large. Bigger buyers beware =-( (Yes, when CafePress sent me a survey, I informed them of this.)

  3. HeatherPA says:

    Received my Zed Head bumper magnet Saturday. Very pleased!!

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