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Pope Francis: “Paul VI… had the strength to defend openness to life.”

From EWTN news: Pope Francis took the opportunity during an address to families in the Philippines to praise Blessed Pope Paul VI’s encyclical opposing contraception and affirming Church teaching on sexuality and human life. The Pope spoke Friday to families … Read More

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Permanent Deacons and clerical attire

I have written before on the topic of the use of the Roman collar by permanent deacons.  HERE I saw that the weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Madison (where I usually am when not on the road) has a … Read More

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More from the Religion of Peace

In the meantime, as I contemplate my problems and the challenges I face these days, I read this at Gateway Pundit: “Adulteress” Begs ISIS to See Her Children Before Her Execution – ISIS Shoots Her in Head Instead This video … Read More

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LONDON DAY 5: Pain and… we’ll see!

I mentioned pain yesterday.  One of the manifestations of the crud I picked up, has been an ear infection.   It has been pretty uncomfortable for days, but, last night, I couldn’t stand it anymore.  By the time I was … Read More

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