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I can see why Pope Francis is concerned. After all, who knows what sort of monster one of those rabbits might turn out to be? You might need the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. [And before there are objections… yes, … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Help Franciscan Friars!

UPDATE 27 Jan: I thought you might like a follow up about the collection taken for the Franciscan Friars. Here is what I received from my friend who is coordinating the project for them. I wanted to give you an … Read More

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Another triumph for peace in our day

Huge progress has been made in the Vatican in the cause of peace!   In the wake of the planting of the peace tree (HERE) and the peace match (HERE), a bold new policy initiative will certain have a calming, peaceful … Read More

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How did ‘ad orientem’ worship go in the Diocese of Lincoln?

Do you remember that in the Diocese of Lincoln, Bishop Conley decided to celebrated Holy Mass ad orientem versus during Advent?  HERE The blog Corpus Christi Watershed has a follow up on how that went.  Sample: A number of other parishes … Read More

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Girl altar servers: a woman’s perspective

I noticed an interesting post at 1 Peter 5.  A woman explains the altar girl situation.  Let’s jump in after her intro remarks: […] I was a girl altar server. I served for roughly eight years in my parish. While I … Read More

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