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So the Pope and some journalists walk into an airplane…

I am sensing a pattern. The Holy Father takes a trip.  The Holy Father talks to journalists on the plane.  The Holy Father is asked a question about a hot button issue.  The Holy Father speaks off the cuff.  The … Read More

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LONDON DAY 4: prints and pain

I’m having trouble with an ear infection that I just can’t shake. Today is pretty blustery, so the cold air is… bracing. At the National Gallery I got a good quality print of a painting by Murillo which I have … Read More

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Your Good News

I haven’t asked for awhile. What is your good news?


The more jihadists attack West, the more frightened leaders cower.

In American Spectator there is a piece by George Neumayr caught my eye: THE DIVIDED WEST Its “values” are too confused to eliminate jihadism. The White House’s decision to avoid the Paris rally against last week’s jihadist killings conforms to its relaxed … Read More

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

From ZENIT: Vatican Officials Ask Filipino Faithful to Use Images of Christ, Not Pope Gesture Falls In Line With Pope’s Call to Keep Eyes on Christ Use images of Christ, not the Pope, is the message Vatican officials have been … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Priest couldn’t hear confession in Spanish.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Today I went to confession at a nearby bilingual Novus Ordo parish. The priest was visiting, and informed us that he didn’t speak Spanish and could only hear confessions in English. I know that in the … Read More

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