I am now home, back at the SPTDV.

Today I struggle up to go say a 7:30 Mass, after which I felt really awful.

I have a bit of a temperature and I spent most of the day sleeping.

So, I have a fair piece to go, it seems.


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  1. danhorse says:

    Fr. Z, you have manned-up! God sees and He is pleased.

  2. Gratias says:

    Thank you Father Z for the beautiful masses in Rome, with Cardinal Burke and at the London Oratory.

    Get well soon, you are a treasure for the Church.

  3. Mike says:

    I remember my first trip to Rome a few years ago. We walked all over the place. Upon return, I felt like a house had fallen on me. And I wasn’t down with something, as you are, Father.

    I hope you feel much better soon!

  4. Oh Father, I am so sorry you are ill. Special prayers today.

    But just think – now you can also get a look at all the many, many Christmas cards that have flooded into your post office box from everywhere! (by now the trained team of killer whales will have reached San Francisco bay, and handed the waterproof Australian mail bag over to a team of equally well-trained snails).

  5. momoften says:

    Prayers for you, and rest—you probably need it Father.

  6. New Amsterdam says:

    Incredible that you made it to the 7:30 – here’s hoping and praying you recover soon. BTW, what is “SPTDV”?

  7. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Dear Fr. Z, rest up and be well. We are looking forward to seeing you in DC for the March for Life and Nellie Gray Mass on Thursday. Use Nyqil or its generic equivalent to get some sleep and then just lie down and drink lots of hot fluids during the day.

  8. yatzer says:

    I’m guessing your jet-lagged, overworked body needs some rest and sleep. Prayers for your recovery

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