Fr. Z’s Blog 2014 Person of the Year

  • Whereas His Eminence is a fierce and constant defender and promoter of justice for all parties in service of the Truth,
  • Whereas His Eminence willingly celebrates Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form,
  • Whereas His Eminence is kind to children,
  • Whereas His Eminence contributes to scholarly books in defense of Holy Matrimony,
  • Whereas His Eminence humbly submits to the proper garb appropriate for his office and role in the Church,
  • Whereas His Eminence does not eschew the cappa magna,
  • Whereas His Eminence is from these United States of America,
  • Whereas His Eminence is going to be “papabile”,
  • Whereas His Eminence speaks in clear terms about Catholic doctrine when speaking to the press,
  • Whereas His Eminence has extensive pastoral experience,
  • Whereas His Eminence continues to support and frequent the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Wisconsin,
  • Whereas His Eminence generously spends time to travel to support new religious institutes and Catholic schools,
  • Whereas His Eminence now gives spiritual support to one of the world’s most effective charitable organizations,
  • Whereas His Eminence supports the Cause of Fr. John Hardon, SJ,
  • Whereas His Eminence sponsors an annual Canon Law Conference,
  • Whereas His Eminence participates in conferences on Sacred Liturgy and Holy Priesthood,
  • Whereas His Eminence provided unparalleled service as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura,

Fr. Z’s Blog has named His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke, Person of the Year for 2014.

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  1. pmullane says:


  2. Anchorite says:

    Undoubtedly, he was a frontrunner way ahead of the other competitors. Kudos to you and to Card. Burke!

  3. Tamquam says:


  4. Lin says:

    AMEN! Prayers said for all of our priests!

  5. gracie says:

    Excellent! A Happy New Year to everyone!

  6. The Astronomer says:

    Bravo, Father Z! Great choice…

  7. Boanerges says:

    Wholeheartedly agree!

  8. Boanerges says:

    Perhaps a poll?

  9. RAve says:

    I would suggest that, whereas he is an adult male, he also be considered for Man of the Year.

  10. LarryW2LJ says:

    Marvelous choice Father Z! And as a perfect “New Year’s Day Gift”, I broke through the pileup and worked 1A0C, the DXpedition to the Sovereign Order of Malta Amateur Radio station in Rome. You can read about it here:

  11. chantgirl says:

    – Whereas His Eminence spoke out for countless lay faithful whose voices were drowned out by the Synod’s noise,

    – Whereas His Eminence has given the laity hope

    – Whereas His Eminence is a lion-heart, and the people’s champ

    – Whereas His Eminence smells of the sheep

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  13. HyacinthClare says:

    Amen! Enthusiastic second to the motion!

  14. SimonR says:

    Excellent choice Father Z.

    I cannot speak highly enough of Cardinal Burke. He is outstanding!

    I’m not sure if it means anything, but I saw photos over Christmas of Pope Francis greeting Cardinal Burke after the Christmas Eve Mass in St. Peter’s. Both the Pope and Cardinal Burke looked relaxed and happy in each other’s company.

    I noticed they also spoke a bit when the Pope greeted the Cardinals after his address to the Curia. Whereas, it seemed to me that the Pope only briefly acknowledged Cardinal Kasper at the same event.

    Perhaps it’s something, perhaps not.

  15. jflare says:

    Perhaps we ought to create a means to send His Eminence a plaque?

  16. jbosco88 says:

    Whereas His Eminence has earned the title “The Incorruptible” in Rome…

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  17. Polycarpio says:

    Where as his Eminence exhibited exemplary grace and propriety in balancing fidelity to the Church and the Pope on one hand, and expressing his convictions candidly in disagreement with fellow clergymen on the other hand.

  18. mikeinmo says:

    Dittos! To fully close the loop, could you also post the photo of Cardinal Burke giving the same little boy his First Holy Communion at a later date?

  19. Tamara T. says:

    Excellent choice!

  20. disco says:

    There was no other choice.

  21. benedetta says:


  22. oldcanon2257 says:

    May Our Lady Queen of Clergy protect her loyal son Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke and intercede with Our Lord for him.

  23. SKAY says:

    Wonderful choice Father Z.

  24. Bea says:

    I would second the motion, but as other have before me

    I “seventh” the motion.

    What a wonderful pope he would have made. Maybe? If the hierarchy regains it’s sanity?????

  25. Fern says:

    Yes indeed!!! Amen and our prayers are included for Grace and continued health. Words cannot really convey our gratitude for such a faithful example of what it means to be a Faithful Catholic!!

  26. Kathleen10 says:

    Bravo! Excellent choice. Chantgirl, I love your comments about Cardinal Burke as well.

  27. Eugene says:

    In total agreement with everyone and my second choice would be Archbishop Chaput.

  28. Robert of Rome says:

    Fr Z, I nominate Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke for your Person of the Year 2015!

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  29. Jean Marie says:

    Excellent choice! (I’m still hoping and praying Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke will be our next Pope.)

  30. drwob says:


    Cardinal Burke’s newfound freedom to travel more, lending encouragement to those fighting the good fight in defense of Tradition and orthodoxy could prove to be an unexpected blessing for the Church.

  31. “Whereas His Eminence is going to be “papabile””

    Although the rest of your statements is true, I think this one is probably not (assuming you limit the real papabili to 5 or 10 rather than include 2/3 of the college as papabili. Burke seems like a kind guy if you’re on his side but comes across harsh to those who are not and thus would be hard to bring a rallying cry of unity behind him. He would be good as secretary of state to clean up the Vatican but I think putting him on the chair would create divisions unnecessarily.

  32. Rich Leonardi says:

    I’ll … 34th that nomination, for all the reasons you cite, Father. His Eminence’s support for the canonization of the late great Fr. John Hardon, SJ, comes as a very pleasant surprise. For the uninitiated, Fr. Hardon was a master catechist and his Catholic Catechism, Q&A Catechism, [Which I was given by Msgr. Richard Schuler in my instruction to enter the Church. Outstanding.] and The Faith form a holy trilogy of orthodox, compelling, and very well-written catechisms. The Q&A Catechism comes with a forward by Cardinal Ottaviani (santo subito!) on the benefits of traditional catechesis, written at a time when the elites running our dioceses and parishes couldn’t abandon those methods fast enough. All three books have been recently released in affordable Kindle versions:




  33. Rich Leonardi says:

    That foreward (dated 28 June 1981) is actually by Silvio Card. Oddi, Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy. My apology for any confusion.

  34. steveesq says:

    The Man Who Should Have Been Pope

    One of my true heroes in the Church today. Thanks for the post, Father Z.

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