Francis to new bishops…

Yes, Our Holy Father does have a way of stopping us in our tracks and rereading the sentence.

Not exactly rhetoric in the lofty style, but rhetoric is about getting the point across in way that either persuades, moves or entertains. One considers the ability of one’s audience to follow at which level and then crafts one’s speech accordingly.

According to CNA, Pope Francis said to newly nominated members of the august College of Cardinals:

“The spirit of worldliness … stuns more than grappa on a fast, disorienting and separating one from the cross of Christ.”


So much more than just a great breakfast drink.

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  1. Gratias says:

    “The spirit of worldliness” is what makes this Pope so popular.

    I have tried grappa on an empty stomach myself, celebrating passing a final exam early in the morning, and got drunk as a skunk. Grappa is an after dinner digestif.

  2. marcelus says:

    exactly the way a 70 something argentine man would talk…plain and simple.

    Ohh sometimes you level others, you are solemn.

    It’s life

  3. Boniface says:

    How very Italian! Grappa is the one alcoholic drink on earth that gives me pause.

  4. gramma10 says:

    I love Pope Francis’s idiomatic way!
    I looked on CNA for more:
    “He told the appointees to accept their new role with humility, so that “the spirit of worldliness does not creep in; the spirit that stuns more than grappa on a fast, disorienting and separating one from the cross of Christ.”

    In my humble opinion he reminds me of how Christ spoke. Basic down to earth talk meeting people where they are. Using catch phrases and words appropos to the culture and common people.
    These are called “word pictures” and bring the words to life!

    If the people do not understand…well at least it causes discussion! Similar to Jesus!
    I had no idea what grappa was until now!
    Just another of his little quips that no one likes!
    I may be alone in this but I love that stuff…especially from a Pope.
    Shows he is human and unimpressed with himself.

    Sometimes Catholics come across as unapproachable often due to lofty speech and ego.
    This Pope, I believe, helps bridge the gap.

  5. scholastica says:

    “Grappa. So much more than just a great breakfast drink.”

    Fr. Z,
    May I give you a star? I’ll be laughing for the rest of the day and likely tomorrow too!

  6. Mariana2 says:


    Grappa. Vile stuff. The Pope knows whereof he speaks.

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