ITALY: Muslims smash, urinate on statue of Mary

From from Gateway Pundit:

Muslim Immigrants Smash & Urinate on Virgin Mary Statue in Italy

Immigrants attacked local Christian in Perugia and then smashed and urinated on a Madonna statue.

Raymond Ibrahim reported:

A man was kneeling in prayer before the statue of the revered Madonna, with the photograph of a loved one in hand, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia (Italy), when he was attacked by five “immigrants.”

The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands.

Next they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary. They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.

Don Scarda, pastor of St. Barnabas, said the event was led by five “foreigners.” By the time police arrived at the chapel, the unidentified attackers had already fled.

The incident has caused a stir among locals. Some have lambasted Pope Francis who is accused of appeasing immigrants—mostly Muslims—to wild extremes.Earlier he had said that “Migrants, through their own humanity, cultural values, expand the sense of human brotherhood.”

Although the Diocese condemned the act of sacrilege against the Madonna statue, it also followed the Pope’s lead by absolving Islam of any responsibility for what happened.

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  1. MrsMacD says:

    So when someone insults your mother, is it natural to punch them?

    But how guilty are these idiots that don’t know who’s image they smash? I commit sins daily, and I have been washed in the blood of the lamb. How much more guilty am I?! Forgive them Father! Forgive us all for the insults we heap on your Sweet Mother by hurting her Divine Son.

    This calls for some act of reparation.

  2. marcelus says:

    Another exocet directed at Francis for free… oh let’s look at the good stuff once in a while like Pat says above.

    Sorry. but you are doing no good picking this articles (99% of the time) that,by the way, always have a critical line on the Pope. And highligted!!

    I mean , crystal clear the Pope is only tolerated here, instead of loved as all catholics arwe called upon to, but, if we keep this up, not only will the SSPX look like libs but we shall be blaming Francis for the loss of the Malasyan Airlines plane.

    “Light” or indirect bashing should not be a sport.

  3. ray from mn says:

    Speaking of the Philippines: Various Muslim armed groups including the MILF have waged a rebellion in the southern Philippines since the 1970s aimed at winning independence or autonomy for the country’s Muslim minority in Mindanao, which they regard as their ancestral homeland.

    About 150,000 people are estimated to have died in the conflict.

    There are approximately 11 million Muslims in the Philippines, most of them in Mindinao, the large island at the south end of the country. That’s about 11% of the total population. Many of them are engage in armed rebellion against the Philippine government.

  4. ray from mn says:

    Mindanao, the Muslim home in the Philippines is about 1,000 miles from Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country.

  5. ChesterFrank says:

    I had thought that Mary was held in the highest regard in Islam. I have to wonder if the people that statue were truly Muslims, or if they were just paid thugs from the Mid East trying to escalate tensions in Europe.

  6. Bea says:

    The religion of peace and tolerance?
    So much for laying out the welcome mat .

    Loved your reply, MrsMcD

  7. Allan S. says:

    Let those with eyes, see and with ears hear.

  8. Harbour Lights says:

    The curious thing is that each of those sites in the links uses the same photo of a smashed statue which illustrated an incident said to have occurred in October 2011, in an “Occupy Wall Street” protest.

  9. SKAY says:

    Exactly Allan S.

    Christian churches are being destroyed and Christians killed by Muslims in many other countries as well. In the 1030’s not all Germans agreed with – or else they averted their eyes from – the anti Jewish hate filled propaganda but enough did to allow the Holocaust to happen. We know Christians who did not agree with them were also arrested or killed.

    Not all Muslims are terrorists or extremists we are told—but enough are and the evil tentacles are spreading.

  10. Tony Phillips says:

    Why all the Islamophobia? How do we know the perpetrators were Muslims, just because they were immigrants?
    Sounds to me like the sort of thing 5 die-hard Calvinists would get up to–and guess what? Switzerland is right over the Italian border.
    Alternatively, they could have been iconoclastic Nestorian extremists.
    Let’s not blame the religion of peace every time there’s a someone smashes a statue or blows himself up in a crowded public place.

  11. Supertradmum says:

    Coming to a country near you….if Americans do not wake up, the same and worse will happen there. It is so obvious here in Europe that there is no such thing as a “lone wolf” attack.

    Sadly, who would fight a new crusade? Where are the men who would be so committed to God and Christianity to do so?

  12. FXR2 says:

    You sound like Pope Francis and Pat Buchanan, who could have imagined.

    Tony Philips,
    Immigrants is a euphemism for ‘Muslims’.

    Fr. Z.,
    The only way to stop ‘Islam’ is to convert each and every one of them. We should focus our prayers and missionary efforts there. I have found St. Michael the Archangel, and St. Jude very effective. That is where this battle needs to be fought.


  13. FXR2 says:

    Any ‘Crusade’ should not follow the failed military model used in the past. It must be centered on the conversion of all ‘Islam’. If Christ could convert the Pagan Romans with his help we can convert ‘Islam’.


  14. James C says:

    “Sounds to me like the sort of thing 5 die-hard Calvinists would get up to–and guess what? Switzerland is right over the Italian border.”

    Perugia is in Umbria, Central Italy, far from the Swiss border.

    These could have been other immigrants. I was in Perugia last October and noticed gangs of Africans (almost certainly illegals) roaming around the city. Most Italian cities have them now. I also saw lots of African prostitutes on the roadside in rural Umbria. They almost certainly are slaves of African pimps, who run very large rings of organized crime in Italy.

    No doubt Pope Francis thinks it’s all lovely. Millions more will come and traffickers will get ever richer thanks to Francis and those with his views in the government.

  15. kimberley jean says:

    So much for that “Muslims venerate Our Lady” talk.

  16. Gus Barbarigo says:

    It’s time to encourage the First Saturday Devotion, as reparation for outrages against Our Lady.

  17. NBW says:

    THROW THEM OUT …. If certain people cannot behave according to Western laws, they need to be sent back.

  18. NancyP says:

    I lived in Italy for over five years, and am basing my comment here on my experiences during those times.

    Perugia is often a protest center in Italy. I am not sure why that is, but I am not surprised to learn that something like this happened in Perugia. Nor am I surprised to read in the Italian news reports that local residents were concerned that the destroyed statue be replaced right away. Italians may not go to Mass as often as they used to, but they still tend to revere Catholic traditions and symbols – processions, statues, tombs of saints, etc.

    African immigrants to Italy are subject to an intense type of racism that might surprise American readers of this blog. (And, yes, this racism can spill over onto African-Americans and citizens of other nations who happen to have African ancestry.) The USA does not have the racism market cornered. I think that if African immigrants had destroyed the statue, the news reports would have mentioned their race, and I also think that local police might have tried hard to find out who vandalized the church so they could (at least) force those people out of the city. (And, sorry, there’s no way that Swiss immigrants or folks from other bordering nations took a train to Perugia to smash a statue of the Blessed Mother. They could do that at home, for Heaven’s sake!)

    Italy has a huge illegal immigrant problem (again, the USA is not the only nation on Earth that has to deal with this issue). In addition to the endless tide of Albanian refugees from across the Adriatic, Italy must contend with North African immigrants who pile onto cargo or fishing vessels and then find themselves set adrift by the criminals who have extorted money for their cross-Med passage. And, now, there are refugees from Syria arriving, too. Toss in some immigrants from various African countries, the Roma who drift from place to place within Italy (not that the Roma are necessarily illegal immigrants, but they are viewed as a problem…mind you, they don’t go around trashing churches) and you have a country overwhelmed by a problem that really has resulted from its geography.

    Italy doesn’t have the same kind of social safety net that some other countries do – Italy has long relied on families to be part of that safety net. Whether you are in the hospital or in jail, your family is expected to help provide the necessities of life, everything from nightgowns (hospital) to toilet paper (jail) (tourists aside – different situation). The immigrants have no family to help, no resources to help ease the burden on the Italian economy and no way to earn money. They are an enormous drain on the troubled Italian economy. They are resented, and I am sure they are marginalized.

    This does not excuse desecration of a statue or assault on a man praying in a church, not at all. I hope the carabinieri can find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. I think that if the vandals are caught, we will discover that they are from a nation with a majority Muslim population, based on what I know about the behavior of immigrant groups in Italy.

  19. Eraser says:

    NancyP described the situation perfectly. I still have a number of relatives in Italy and while several darken the door of the local church only on Christmas, Easter, and special occasions like first Holy Communions, they cannot abide this sort of thing. Most are from Rome, where on more than one occasion I have seen the police beating the daylights out of street vendors resisting arrest while the locals walked by without a second glance. Contrary to what some might have us Americans believe, there is no love for Muslims in Italy.

    If my late father was clairvoyant, he never let on but he might have inadvertently made up for this incident several years ago. He was a professor and hosted a foreign study every summer, and once on a side trip to Florence, he was walking his students across the Ponte Vecchio in the evening after the shops were closed. There was the ubiquitous Muslim immigrant selling junk from a bedsheet spread on the ground, and Dad spotted a cheap plaster statue of the Twin Towers in flames with Bin Laden’s face in front. He grabbed it and smashed it, with a few choice words in Italian for the vendor, who loudly demanded his arrest to the carabinieri who arrived to investigate the commotion. Dad simply crossed his arms and said, “I’d like to see you try.” The carabinieri simply tipped his hat, wished him a good night, and left.

  20. Supertradmum says:

    FXR2 it is a well known fact that Muslims rarely convert for one reason. They cannot engage in rational discussions about their faith. There were agreements made in Rome in November of 2014 regarding respect and the condemnation of violence. But, as much as the sheikhs, muftis and professors of Islam signed on to these good goals, this was not communicated to the masses of Islamic people.

  21. Ben Kenobi says:

    “I mean , crystal clear the Pope is only tolerated here, instead of loved as all catholics arwe called upon to, but, if we keep this up, not only will the SSPX look like libs but we shall be blaming Francis for the loss of the Malasyan Airlines plane.”

    Curious we would have these comments to this post of all things. Fr. Z – please keep hitting the nail square.

  22. No good comes for those who blaspheme the Mother of God.

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