LONDON DAY 4: prints and pain

I’m having trouble with an ear infection that I just can’t shake. Today is pretty blustery, so the cold air is… bracing.

At the National Gallery I got a good quality print of a painting by Murillo which I have long admired, of “two Trinities”. Given the attacks on the family these days, I figured I’d add it to my chapel area at the SPTDV.


Soup dumplings for lunch. Quick.


Off to the Royal Academy for Moroni!


Moroni was side tracked. Instead I am so meeting a friend coming in from out of town.

Meanwhile, I found a quote by Burke:

“The age of chivalry is gone”, wrote Edmund Burke, a fierce critic of the French Revolution who lamented the loss, after 1789, of “manly sentiment and heroic enterprise.”

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  1. Andrew says:

    Whenever I’ve had a painful infection in my ears I’ve been able to cure it with “Murine Ear Wax Removal Drops”. I put a few drops of the liquid in the ear, wait a while, then use the plunger to rinse the ear with worm water.

  2. Bruce says:

    In the Murillo painting the look on St. Joseph’s face is unsettling, in a good way.

  3. ReginaMarie says:

    I am guessing Andrew meant to rinse your ear with warm water…versus worm water. Ick. ;)

    Another natural option which has always worked well for us & our children is to gently simmer sliced, fresh garlic in a bit of olive oil for a few minutes, strain the garlic, allow the oil to cool until warm but comfortable to the touch, then place a few drops of oil in the affected ear. The garlic has antibiotic properties & the warm oil is soothing.

  4. MrsMacD says:

    That painting by Murillo is breathtakingly beautiful. Wow.

    I used to get ear infections a lot as a child. My mum would rinse them with diluted peroxide. It usually did the trick.

  5. That is one of my favourite paintings! It is a stunning piece and I always love to see it.

  6. LarryW2LJ says:

    Fr. Z, take care of that ear! My Mom was frequented by ear infections, and her Dr. suggested extra Vitamin B, which actually did help.

  7. Andkaras says:

    Have someone sew aviator flaps on your biretta ; ) to keep your ears warm and out of the wind.

  8. Amateur Scholastic says:

    The country to the south of London (Surrey, Sussex) is the most beautiful in the world. Do visit if you’re able.

  9. SKAY says:

    Praying for your improved health, Father.

    Thank you for sharing your travels with us.

  10. momoften says:

    Make sure you chew gum on your flight back, and during the day, it somehow helps the ears from what I have been told. I think your ears probably did not like the flight. For relief from pain if you can find a plastic bag (ziploc kind is good) and put a wet (not dripping, wring it out) washcloth in it and nuke it until fairly warm then seal it, or tie it if it is just plain will have a heating pad that is temporary, but will help with ear pain. Also, decongestants are very good with ear infections to help relieve some of the pressure of fluid build up. I have had lots of kids that have had problems with them, sorry you are having problems now, prayers for you.

  11. aviva meriam says:

    Hey…. one thing that always helped (not necessarily cured) ear infections for us was to promote drainage…. a gentle decongestant that opened things up a bit and allowed any fluid that’s accumulated to drain (I know… ICK) always helped.

    FEEL BETTER and safe travels…..

  12. Cyrillus Mariae Cheung says:

    father, you really like chinese food, don’t you?
    take care , I’ll pray for you

  13. Mike says:

    The nuke-a-bag-o’-wet-washrag solution suggested above by momoften might even work on the plane, given a cooperative flight attendant. Especially on overseas flights, which have the most experienced staff, they’ve probably seen and dealt with multiple ear-achy passengers of all ages. Safe travels and feel better, Father.

  14. “But the age of chivalry is gone.

    “That of sophisters, economists; and calculators has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished forever. Never, never more shall we behold that generous loyalty to rank and sex, that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of the heart which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of an exalted freedom. The unbought grace of life, the cheap defense of nations, the nurse of manly sentiment and heroic enterprise, is gone! It is gone, that sensibility of principle, that chastity of honor which felt a stain like a wound, which inspired courage whilst it mitigated ferocity, which ennobled whatever it touched, and under which vice itself lost half its evil by losing all its grossness.” Edmund Burke, Reflections on the French Revolution.

    P,S. I am an economist.

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