Polish Archbishop predicts ugly confrontations at Synod: “innovators have not been idle”

At the blog Witness for Church and Pope I saw this (my emphases):

BREAKING NEWS from POLAND: Archbishop Henryk Hoser: “The Church has betrayed John Paul II…they did not follow his voice, they did not acquaint themselves with his teaching”

Today’s Niedziela, from Poland, carries an interview with Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Warsaw-Praga, about the recent acts of treachery against Our Lord, His Church and our recently sainted Pope, St. Pope John Paul II. These acts of treachery were committed by an assortment of innovators at last October’s Synod of the Family. These innovators have not been idle, and neither have the defenders of the truth about the sanctity of holy matrimony. I predicted to a friend recently that the upcoming Synod will be an ugly confrontation, that (for example) the Polish Episcopate will never surrender to the innovators. We now have conclusive evidence that this is true. When an archbishop has to publicly proclaim that a canonized saint Pope has been betrayed, then we can see the depth of the rebellion, and the “filth” (c.f. Pope Benedict XVI) that has infiltrated the Mystical Body of Christ.

Key highlights from Archbishop Hoser, which I have translated, include:

On the delegates who seek to overturn the doctrine of the Church:

At the Synod there will be a confrontation with delegates from countries where there is already a majority of pathological families – broken families, patchwork families, with only a small percentage of unbroken marriages – and the demand for the provision of Holy Communion for the divorced. In this lies an erroneous assumption, the postulate that God’s mercy is without justice, when you must begin by saying that married and family life must be founded in justice, which as a whole is not taken into account….

On the influence of the media on sexuality:

…All personal relationships are eroticized, and this is an extremely dangerous phenomenon. Sexualization of friendship has destroyed male and female friendship…the texts of various theorists of this trend [genderism] proves that the world is ruled by sexual satisfaction…

…Genderism is not a struggle for equality between women and men: it is a fight with all constitutive social structures, referred to as stereotypes; in the first place with the “traditional family.” It has created a society of independent individuals. A society both asexual and pansexual.

On the Church:

The church is a prophetic voice in this world. This is not to be understood as some sort of soothsayer forecasting the future. The function of the prophet is the attitude of the consequence of enlightening the situation form God’s perspective, reading the sign of the times.

On Pope John Paul II and marriage:

I will tell you brutally. The Church has betrayed John Paul II. Not the Church as the Bride of Christ, not the Church of our Creed, because John Paul II was an expression, an authentic voice of the Church; but it is the pastoral practice that has betrayed John Paul II.

It is a thesis [theory] to which I subscribe because 40 years of my priesthood has been devoted to marriage and the family, during which time I promoted the theme of “the evangelization of marital intimacy”. In Poland it is and was better in this respect.

In many other countries, due to the contestation to the teachings of the Church, as expressed by Blessed Paul VI, the pastoral care of families was stopped.


Read the rest there.

¡Hagan lío!

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  1. Traductora says:

    This is excellent and encouraging. I don’t think he’s entirely right that all the pressure will come from countries where the majority of families are “pathological,” though, because I think the US bishops – with the possible exception of Cupich, who I believe will be a delegate – are not in favor of changing the teaching or the practice, even though our country is surely pretty “pathological.”

    Also, one of the problems with JPII was that while he was very orthodox himself, and devoted a lot of time to trying to improve the expression of orthodoxy, he was way too tolerant of less than orthodox “pastoral” practice. That is, he never approved of it, but he never really called anybody to order, either, or certainly not until Ratzinger became more powerful. And by then it was too late and dissent had gone on for way too long.

    Also, heterodox wink-wink, nudge-nudge practice had gone on so long that is has now been adopted as a strategy by the “progressives” – that is, talk orthodoxy, but permit anything.

    It’s going to be very hard to put this horse back in the barn and I hope the good bishops are ready for a serious fight. And who knows what the Pope is going to do?

  2. juergensen says:

    Let us pray that faithful Successors of the Apostles such as Hoser, Pell, and Müller don’t get “promoted” before the Synod.

  3. arbogene says:

    To Traductora: The US bishops are not ready for a good fight…they have not even begun to put on, much less tie, their boxing gloves in any serious way against the Pelosi’s, Kennedy’s, Cuomo’s, et al., of the putative Catholic political world in the penultimate fight for life. If they won’t fight those Catholic political leaders whom they are ordained to shepherd in the fight for life itself (e.g., deny communion to flagrant self-excommunicants and enemies of the Faith), why should we expect any heroics from them in a fight against their brother bishops for the preservation of sacramental marriage? And there will be many bishops in the US who will go the way of Kaspar et al., with or without the Bishop of Rome. I’m afraid my sanguinity is turning anemic…the Church can lose in time…of course Holy Church and Christ will win for all time and eternity.

  4. gramma10 says:

    I have heard that this is not new to the church from over the many many years…fighting I mean.
    “The smoke of satan……”
    But the gates of hell will NOT prevail against the church.
    “Be still and know that I am God”! God wins!

  5. jacobi says:

    “an ugly confrontation”

    More than that I am afraid. It will be the crunch point!

  6. steve51b31 says:

    But, gramma10 … this does never mean that we sit back and don’t work always for the truth of the Gospel.
    I fear that the kasparites have not been idle and have been working to subvert the teachings of the church for long years by enticement of the naive.
    “Let the Deacons now stand forth, speaking, living, and preaching the truth”.
    We continue to spiral downwards, or as one recent author entitled, “Slouching off to Gomorrah”!
    Let us stiffen our spines and push forward!

  7. Nicolas Bellord says:

    A thousand cheers for Archbishop Hoser – indeed Hosannas. He has certainly cheered me up!

  8. Gramma: “But the gates of hell will NOT prevail against the church.”

    I wonder whether a more nuanced view of “the indefectibility of the Church” is required now than when some of us first learned this phrase in a simpler and more faithful time.

    Might the assurance of a final victory of the Church in eternity with the communion of saints in heaven not necessarily preclude the possibility that in its present temporal form it could be wiped off the face of the earth at least for a time?

  9. av8er says:

    Let’s have the fight (confrontations). Expose the hipocracy of those who claim to live and be shepherds of a faith they don’t believe. If the Church shrinks in size because the good bishops defend the truth, then good!

  10. samwise says:

    Sounds to me like this is in response to Maridiaga’s essay on mercy http://www.scu.edu/ethics-center/events/cardinal-rodriguez-transcript.cfm
    I have to say I agree more with the Polish Bishops.

  11. cpttom says:

    Good. Let’s have the fight. I hate passive agressive, cloak and dagger, mincing of words. We need clear teaching on this. I want to see a St Nicholas moment when one of the Bishops punches Cardinal Casper in the nose at least intellectually, preferably physically. I’m sick of Bishops who are luke warm about the faith. We are at the precipice and we need men of faith and passion to come forward again. I was so encouraged by Cardinal Burke intellectually smacking Cardinal Casper around. Too bad it wasn’t enough to end this nonsense, and too bad he isn’t going to be at the next synod.

  12. Suburbanbanshee says:

    “What does [the local church], of whom we have spoken, do if she is completely overwhelmed by the icy cold and a deep drift of snow in the midst of her journey in the winter season? The hardworking countrywoman customarily carries a striker piece of iron, which they popularly call a “focilem.” She also has flint, which she strikes against the iron. She has tinder “food” upon which the flashing sparks catch fire. She will chop wood, pile it up, and light the fire under it; and when it should begin to burn, those who long to get warm will come in groups from all directions, one after another. And even if it were the most immense army, they all receive burning brands from the same fire, and arrange themselves to make their own fires; and by the fire which was kindled, those who could have died without fire live through the snow.

    “Behold, the Divine Scripture is even so. The fire of the Holy Spirit is hidden in the Law, as in a flint stone… What is in the striker but the Gospel we can receive? …What does flint do without a striker? What does the Law do without the Gospel? … Truly, the [church] is the “food” upon which that same fire of the Holy Spirit is struck by those two things, and the “food” which is set on fire; whereby they make this fire of the Holy Spirit catch upon the Law and the Gospel, with those hands of the Church whom we call sacerdotes.

    “About which fire the Lord says, “I come to send fire upon the earth, and what do I will but that it be kindled?” (Lk. 12:49) Behold, the Lord wills to kindle it… [But a] swollen hand cannot ignite any of them; and with no sound of preaching, she cannot strike the fire of sparks hidden in letters; nor kindle the fire of the Holy Spirit; nor cut the timber of preaching and the thorns of sin with a pruning knife, and burn them to ashes. And all those who could have lived forever with this fire, die in the wintertime of this world without it.”

    St. Beatus of Liebana seems pretty timely for today. We have all we need to help people dying for lack of the Gospel, but we need to bang it together or we’ll all be dead in sin.

  13. Sconnius says:

    Does His Excellency have the authority to pull these guys out of retirement? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9x5ADYWXeo –They could be very needed in the not too distant future.

    Maybe Father could get the ball rolling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjdvf01pJXg

  14. kpoterack says:

    “These innovators have not been idle, and neither have the defenders of the truth about the sanctity of holy matrimony.”

    KP: The second half of the sentence is important, too! Sign the online petition to Our Holy Father. 70,000 plus strong and growing!


  15. Cranky Old Man says:

    Polonia semper fidelis.

  16. Mariana2 says:

    Thank God for Poland!

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