Bp. Morlino (D. Madison) on EWTN – talking sense

A few days ago, The Extraordinary Ordinary, His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, was on with Raymond Arroyo of EWTN.

Bp. Morlino spoke about what Pope Francis is up to, what is going on in the divorced and remarried Communion debate, Card. Burke’s comments about resistance, etc.

He makes a lot of sense.


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  1. Midwest St. Michael says:

    Thank you for posting this, Fr. Z.

    I found this part interesting:

    “They (the media) want to take every word that he says and turn it into doctrine almost immediately.” [3:00 mark]

    Could we not say some progressives/dissenters do, too?


  2. Midwest St. Michael says:

    “He” being the Pope. Sorry ’bout that.


  3. PA mom says:

    To my mind, Arroyo still fell into the trap set by C. Marx (etc).

    The interview, giving time to the rebuttal of Marx’s position, runs out of time before asking and answering the most important question: What things should a rightly ordered Synod of the Family be focused on?

    THIS is what needs air time and greater discussion.

  4. cwillia1 says:

    I want to point out a little detail that many will pass over and that has to do with the accountability of bishops. Arroyo asks about the idea the bishops should be accountable to their bishops’ conferences Bishop Morlino responds that there could be a bottom-up disciplinary process that results in a final resolution of issues by the Pope. He says that discipline should be initiated by brother bishops in a given region under the leadership of the metropolitan, that is, in what the Eastern churches consider to be a synod rather than the bishops’ conference, which is another structure entirely. This is an encouraging sign for those of us who hope and pray for reunion with the Eastern churches. There is no doubt that the centralized, top-down administrative structure of the Vatican is a barrier to reunion. So is the appearance that loyalty to that structure trumps faithfulness to apostolic Christianity.

  5. Smart guy, that Bishop Morlino.

  6. sw85 says:

    “Understanding what [Pope Francis] means by ‘the peripheries’ is not actually the easiest thing in the world.”

    Amen, Your Excellency. I was pondering this some time ago. It seems to me that public homosexuals, remarried divorcees, and transgender types are far from marginalized; their behaviors are publicly celebrated, encouraged, even subsidized (that’s what gay “marriage” is all about, after all). The marginalized would be people like those bakers who are hounded out of business for refusing to cater a gay “wedding” or the children or spouses (overwhelmingly men) wounded by unjust divorces, who are increasingly seen as obstacles to the realization of the liberal free-and-equal superman who must be dispensed with in order to free us from slavery to reason and morality and tradition and history, etc.

    Christ did not waste much time trying to convert the Pharisees; he simply countered their lies and evaded their traps with patient explanation (and, ironically, converted others who were watching). Pope Francis seems to be of the opinion that conservative/traditional Catholics are the Pharisees, but this seems to me absurd: the free-sex lobby are the modern Pharisees. They are the ones who tie up impossible burdens on people’s backs and lift no finger to help them (think PC — how dare you offend me with this inane question? I’m going to get you fired!!); they are the ones who make great and theatrical public displays of their piety (think the penitential press conference in which a politician checks himself into rehab; the Facebook “gay marriage equality” profile pictures; etc.); they are the ones who are powerful, and who bully the weak.

    The Church appeases these people at the expense of making herself appear complicit in the injustice they inflict on others, and hence making their victims (the ones most open to our message) see us as wicked. And we compound the issue when we harp on endlessly about how reeeeal Christians must look joyful all the time — a Pharisaical fixation on superficial appearances to the exclusion of interior realities, which neglects the fact that the Church is supposed to be a home for the lost and lonely and brokenhearted, too.

  7. Emilio says:

    I thought it was an excellent interview, especially the Bishop’s full agreement with Arroyo on how the abandoned spouse, and the abandoned children of the father or mother who abandoned them, are the ones who FIRST deserve justice and consideration from the Church, clearly BEFORE the parent who left, and wants to now take his/her “newer model” to Church and dare receive Holy Communion. This was such a badly needed moment of clarity offered to us by an actual orthodox bishop, and a Jesuit at that! Thank you Bishop Morlino and EWTN!

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    I saw the full interview and it was very good. We are grateful to even have EWTN, what an oasis in a world of madness. They deserve to be supported for their superb programming. Raymond Arroyo has an opportunity now to be at the center of discussions that have become really important. He is a trustworthy journalist and very good at it. He is asking relevant questions.
    I fired off an email of appreciation to Bishop Morlino when the program ended. It seems so important to thank our faithful Bishops when they properly defend authentic Catholic teaching. This seems something we need to do on a regular basis now. I’m sure they are hearing from opponents.

  9. Mike says:

    +Morlino is fantastic! I will add him to my prayers by name each day at Holy Mass.


  10. Elizabeth D says:

    Excellent interview, Bishop Morlino at his best. Regarding Raymond sending viewers to MadisonDiocese.org to read the Bishop’s columns though, this is obviously his personal recommendation because the column in question always has a notice in front of it in the diocesan newspaper saying that it is his communication with the faithful of the Diocese of Madison and any further distribution reaches beyond his intention.

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