Hugh Hewitt’s interview with David Axelrod

If you have a little time today, go to Hugh Hewitt’s page and listen to the audio of the interview he did yesterday with David Axelrod (advisor to Pres. Obama).  HERE

I can’t stand Axelrod’s politics, but he is a brilliant politician.

Axelrod has a new book, which is largely autobiographical.  In it, he addresses, inter multa, the trial of their family and their daughter’s severe epilepsy.

Hewitt asks some tough questions and Axelrod, as always is deft.  But he is also forthcoming.  It was fascinating.

And, apparently, Axelrod’s book is “a game plan for going after Hillary”.

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  1. Uncledan says:

    Axelrod is highly responsible for making sure low information voters put into power a man who supports sodomy, abortion, euthanasia, Marxism, atheism, and drug use. Axelrod is brilliant in the same way that satan is brilliant. Axelrod, as well as the entire current administration, is in need of a great many of this site’s readers’ prayers.

  2. SKAY says:

    Very true,Uncledan.

    Some of his background that he may not have mentioned in his book.

    Hugh Hewitt did elicit some very interesting(slyly slick) political answers or in some cases non answers from Axelrod. It is his stock and trade.

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Obama demonstrated a meteoric rise to the White House based on a petite four month stint as a U.S. senator. He had no business background, no military background, no other political background, just the four month stint and then he began his presidential campaign for the position of leader of the Free World. Axelrod seemed to be one of the major players in getting him there. He’s either brilliant or diabolical, or both.

  4. jflare says:

    I heard the interview too. As you say, very deft on the part of Axelrod. He does know how to..redirect ..ideas that’re given to him, to his advantage.
    We need Republicans who can bring the focus back where it needs to be. Sadly, I can’t expect much in that vein.

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