St. Patrick’s Day promotion for Courageous Priest – reminder

The nice people at Courageous Priest are still working on their t-shirt fundraiser.  They have a St. Patrick t-shirt which, for a change, doesn’t promote anything stupid, immoral, or disrespectful to the Saint.

Since I simply loath what has been done to the Feast of St. Patrick, a great saint, I am happy to promote this.

As this site says:

Let’s remember St. Patrick’s Day is not about beer, kissing, fighting, or other immoral activities you might see at a parade.

ALSO there is still a $5 Off Promo!  Take $5 off your purchase.  (The $5 comes off during the check out.)

This St. Patrick’s Tee will only be available until Monday, 2 March! You are guaranteed to have your St. Patrick shirt before St. Patrick’s Day for domestic – US – orders.

Also available in Kids, Women’s Fit and Long Sleeve.


Click to buy!

Click to buy!

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  1. HeatherPA says:

    Thank Fr. Z! Ordered one for my daughter, nice to find one that isn’t completely inappropriate and actually has St. Patrick on it without a bunch of stupid garbage that demeans him.

  2. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Ditto. I have to remind myself not to blame the Irish (or Americans posing as Irish) for what has happened to the public’s perception of one of the all-time coolest saints.

  3. JesusFreak84 says:

    St. Patrick is right there after St. Valentine for having his feast day desecrated =-(

  4. MarylandBill says:

    My Dad (May the perpetual light of God shine on his face), use to tell me that Saint Patrick’s day was a somber day in Ireland where you went to Mass, and the pubs were closed. Now, I don’t necessarily have a problem with having a pint or celebrating Irish culture on Saint Patrick’s day, but what has been done to the day is an abomination. Having good craic doesn’t mean drinking to excess, or any of the other sins of excess that are now associated with the feast. Having a drink or two with friends, playing the music or dancing some Ceili or Set dances are great and fun ways to celebrate the Holiday and the Saint without demeaning him or the Irish.

  5. LeslieL says:

    As a proud officer in the Ladies’ Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, please accept my thanks for promoting Courageous Priests’ efforts. We have been fighting this particular battle for a long time – but it does seem to us that St. Patrick’s Day has been co-opted by the secular. The proof is what happened to the NYC parade – which my division is boycotting this year… are many of us. We are disappointed that the Cardinal does not see the damage that has been done, and we keep him in our prayers as we hope he does realize what he has, perhaps unwittingly, assisted. Between the wonton partying, drinking and nonsense in the name of our patron saint and the political maneuvering of the powerful LGBT lobby, this day has become somewhat of an embarrassment to many of us. Please keep us in your prayers as we will continue to struggle to try to reclaim it…..

    [Buy some shirts.]

  6. HeatherPA says:

    We have a theory that satan has worked very powerfully to have the most powerful saints either forgotten (like St. John Vianney, St. Philomena etc) or ridiculously sexualized and/ or imbibed with a level of worldliness that pushes the saint it involves down so far people have forgotten it even involves a Catholic saint (St Valentine, St Nicholas, etc).
    These saints must be very powerful intercessors before God.

  7. Paulo says:

    Hey! Just got mine up HERE in Vancouver, BC.

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