The stakes are high in Rome next week.

This is a big week coming up in Rome.  This could be a pivotal week in this pontificate.


9-11 Feb – Meeting of the Gang of Nine
12-13 Feb – Consistory meetings of all the Cardinals
14-15 Feb – Public events for the Consistory for Cardinals

And that’s just the surface.  Imagine what is going on behind the scenes.

It was a year ago that Card. Kasper presented his looooong ramble to the Consistory, which provoked the storm in the Synod of Bishops last October.  You will recall that that is Card. Kasper proposed his incredible “tolerated but not accepted” approach to Communion for the divorced and remarried without annulment.

Here we go again!

This time it seems that the Cardinals will be presented with updates on the economic situation of the Holy See as well as proposals about reform of the Curia.  Stakes are huge.

As you know, John Paul II’s constitution establishing the structure of the Curia and competence of its offices was called Pastor bonus (cf John 10:12).  Since what is going to be proposed is surely going to overturn John Paul’s vision, I have imagined that the new document might be called Mercenarius malus.

And the make up of the College of Cardinals changes as of next week.  Again, stakes are huge.

Between now and the Synod in October, tension is going to rise. Last month in Rome I sense a lot of pressure and uncertainty.  Anxiety and tension will build until October.

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  1. Bosco says:

    ‘Mercenarius malus, eh Father Z?

    The manner in which you set forth your thinking here somehow reminded me of lyrics from that 1967 song by Peter, Paul & Mary “I Dig Rock & Roll Music”.

    Those lyrics went something like this:

    “I think I could say somethin’ if you know what I mean
    But if I really say it, the radio won’t play it
    Unless I lay it between the lines.”


  2. Kathleen10 says:

    In our area we were asked by our Bishop to weigh in on the working document on the family, created by the October 2014 Synod. We were asked to respond to the questions posed by the Synod on the family, and to send our written responses to him by Feb. 20, 2015.
    It seems like something we all can do, even if we were not asked. Imagine if the Bishops of everyone here received letters stating our opinions on the matter.

  3. rafferju says:

    Our bishop is coming to us. He will be meeting a number of parishes at the same time. I know I will probably be a lone voice. Please pray for me that I may have the courage of my convictions to speak up and that I may talk charitable in my words if and when I do speak.

  4. Eugene says:

    Rafferju you have my prayers

  5. Robert of Rome says:

    Rafferju, just do it! A little dissent can go a long way.

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  7. Chrissin says:

    Just caught my attention:
    The intention of the Holy Father for February is
    -Marriages. That married people who are separated may find welcome and support in the Christian community.
    This sounds confusing and ambiguous to me in light of the question of admitting those in ‘irregular situations’ to full communion. Does this mean extending ‘eucharistic hospitality’?
    Also had a survey question window pop- up from USCCB re: ‘welcoming’ committees in the parishes. ???? (Asked if I volunteered at my parish)

  8. chantgirl says:

    Synod Questionnaire for the STL archdiocese:

    I urge everyone to make their voice heard!

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