ACTION ITEM COMPLETED: Custom breastplate for Swiss Guard being made!


Hurray!  You did it.  I am removing the donation button.  But if you are still eager to donate something… there’s always my button on the sidebar!

Apparently the last donation was pretty large and it put them well over the goal.  As far as the difference is concerned, perhaps it can be rolled over into the next new breastplate project.

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NB: The very first donation that came in was from the Latin Mass Society of Wangaratta in Australia!   Traditional Catholics!  You make things happen.

Meanwhile, this is a photo of the Guard, Cpl. Bergamin, a few days ago, being measured for his new armor.


Another shot…


Also, now that we have done one of these, perhaps we will be able to do another some day!

Oh… and another thing.  I was told that today the Corporal has duty outside the Holy Father’s door.


It’s time to do this.

Here is the donation button set up by the Swiss Guard and his wife.   I didn’t set this up.   We will watch.  They should cut this off at perhaps just over €6000. Right now €100 is about $109 and about £72. It is up to the Guard and his wife to keep track of the names, write thank you notes, etc. I am merely the guy who got this started.


From my visit to the Swiss Guard barracks in UOctober 2014.



I receive a note from Rome. It will be possible to finish the breastplate by 6 May, which is the day of the swearing in ceremony.   They told me that if there are one or two people who are paying for the whole project, they would be hosted by the Guard to attend the ceremony.

So, before I put the Paypal button on this blog (to a specific dedicated account that the Swiss Guard has, not I), would those of you who are willing to donate large amounts for this project PLEASE email me immediately?


I have a project for us all.

When I was in Rome last October with a pilgrimage group for the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage (there is another coming up this October – see the ad on the sidebar), we had a private tour of the barracks of the Swiss Guards.  The tour that day was conducted by the fiancee of one of the Corporals of the Guard.   They are now married, by the way.  When we were in the armory, she explained how uncomfortable the breastplates are for the men, because they are not individually crafted.   Imagine.

However, she said that her fiancee, now husband, the Corporal wanted to get an individually fitted breastplate.

It would coast 6000 Euro, which was out of their reach on a guard’s salary.

However, my heart melted when she said it would have St. Joseph on the front and St. Joan of Arc on the back.

I had an idea.

What if we could find, world-wide, say, 60 people who would give €100 (c. $114) for this project?

The Guard in question.

The Guard in question.

My suggestion would be that, if it isn’t too much trouble, perhaps the names of the people who donated could then be inscribed either inside the breastplate itself or on some part of the case for it.  Just thinking.

Does this appeal?

The donations would be made through PayPal to a specially created account for that Swiss Guard.  Right now the dollar is quite strong against the the euro.  This is a good time.

Let’s have a poll.

A Swiss Guard Breastplate Project

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I am thinking that we could get this done by the Feast of St. Joseph.

If this is successful, perhaps we could do one of these each year for a specific Swiss Guard.

Here are two photos of the couple from their marriage.

wedding 01

wedding 02



Good showing so far.

Would those of you who offered to pay for the whole thing please drop me an email?  Please?


In the informal poll, above, more than one person indicated willingness to pay for the whole project. I had a note saying that were there to be one or two donors, they … well… here’s the note:

Well if it was just one (or two) person(s), I could offer to accompany them to the swearing-in ceremony on 6 May in the Vatican where Dom would be wearing the armour for the first time. What do you think? Of course this is based on the assumption that it could be finished by that date. As soon as the armory manager is back in a few days I will be able to confirm.

Meanwhile, here is a shot of the foundry where the armor is made.  I wish it were a bit larger, but… hey!



Meanwhile, the Guard making the oath to protect the Pope.  It is a great ceremony.


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