Archbp. Cordileone, Church in San Francisco under attack from without, within

This is another indication of what is coming our way in the near future.

Folks… start getting your heads into that mental place where you can deal with open persecution.

From LifeSite:

SAN FRANCISCO, March 6, 2015 ( – San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors says the archbishop’s effort to ensure the city’s Catholic schools uphold their faith is discriminatory, and one member of the board says the city is considering legal action.

At the same time, a reported 80 percent of teachers in the archdiocese’s four Catholic high schools have sent a petition to Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone that accuses him of fostering “mistrust and fear.” [What to do?  Fire everyone and start over?  Forget about schools?]

“We believe the recently proposed handbook language is harmful to our community and creates an atmosphere of mistrust and fear,” the letter said. “We believe our schools should be places of inquiry and the free exchange of ideas where all feel welcome and affirmed.” [B as in B. S as in S.  They are really talking about immoral sex.]

Organizers report that 355 teachers from Sacred Heart Catholic Prep, Serra High School, Archbishop Riordan, and Marin Catholic have signed the petition, according to CBS San Francisco.

The archdiocese announced plans in early February to add language from the Catechism of the Catholic Church spelling out Church teaching on sexual morality into faculty handbooks for the purpose of clarifying the long-standing expectation that Catholic school teachers uphold Church teaching and not publicly contradict it. Three new clauses clarifying the same were also proposed for teacher contracts in the four archdiocesan high schools.  [Imagine the nerve of quoting the Catechism!  That out-dated old thing!  It’s – what? – 23 years old now or something like that?  Sheesh.]

Part of the opposition was over the idea of classifying teachers as ministers, which some fear would make it more likely for teachers to face discrimination. [No… it isn’t “discrimination” to expect Catholic school teachers publicly to adhere to Catholic moral principles.] The archbishop has said they would not be defined as ministers, but the word ministry would be part of the contract language.

The archbishop has stressed throughout that the efforts to preserve Catholic principles in the schools are not meant to target anyone.

Earlier this week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution calling Archbishop Cordileone’s efforts to preserve the Church’s moral teaching “contrary to shared San Francisco values of non-discrimination, women’s rights, inclusion, and equality for all humans.

The resolution pressed the archdiocese “to fully respect the rights of its teachers and administrators, and pursue contract terms with … educators that respects their individual rights, but also recognizes the informed conscience of each individual educator to make their own moral decisions and choices outside the workplace.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, supervisor Mark Farrell, who is Catholic, says “city officials are considering legal action to prevent what [Farrell] described as Cordileone’s discriminatory measures from going into effect.”

Eight San Francisco-area lawmakers sent Archbishop Cordileone a letter February 17 telling him   his efforts “conflict with settled law, foment a discriminatory environment, violate employees’ civil rights, send an alarming message of intolerance to youth, infringe upon personal freedoms, and strike a divisive tone.” [Translation: they hate the Catholic Church because they want to do immoral things and the Church says ‘No’.]

Archbishop Cordileone wrote the lawmakers back, asking whether they would hire a campaign manager who advocates policies contrary to what they stand for, and who shows them and their party disrespect.”

“My point is: I respect your right to employ or not employ whomever you wish to advance your mission,” said Archbishop Cordileone. “I simply ask the same respect from you.”  [Yah, right.  That’s going to happen.]

[And now, behold… how liberals and those who pursue immorality work…] Two of the Democrat legislators then called for an investigation of working conditions at the archdiocesan high schools by the California Assembly Labor and Employment Committee and Assembly Judiciary Committee.

A high-profile PR strategist was hired last month by as-of-yet unidentified individuals to counter the archbishop’s efforts in the court of public opinion. It’s not clear whether this week’s petition and related media coverage are a result of that.


Read the rest there.

It’s coming and we will have decisions to make.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to be bishop of, say, Sodom?

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  1. Legisperitus says:

    I’m sure Abp. Cordileone knows almost exactly what it would be like to be bishop of Sodom.

  2. Scott W. says:

    If you are inclined, you can sign a petition of support for the archbishop here:

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    These people have no scruples about forcing others to bow to their demands. In fact this is now their total MO, they dig it. I predict they will win. They will band together and agree to harass and harangue the poor Archbishop until he is harassed out of there. I wouldn’t live in California for FREE. One of these days the ground there is going to open up on that San Andreas fault and…..
    Despite what these people will think is a “victory”, and I have no doubt they will think they’ve got it, I would do what there is no doubt should be done. CLOSE those schools. When the day comes that Catholic teachers are signing petitions over things like this, it is time to close. The money can be used for something else. Let the people see for themselves what happens when they don’t support Catholic teaching and doctrine. The haters don’t care, their kids don’t go to Catholic Schools, but when it starts getting out there that schools may close, supporters may decide to make their own noise. They need to man up and show up, complain about the treatment the Archbishop is getting.
    Every time liberals/heretics “win” on issues like this, it gets worse, because they get bolder. At least they can start to understand actions have consequences. It’s not like shutting down a poor bakery. Closing a school affects thousands of people. When the Catholic church cannot mandate this simple oversight over who and what the Catholic students are being taught, it’s time to shutter the doors. We are Catholic or we are not Catholic. If not, shut it down. That’s going to make a lot of unhappy people who should be out there right now shouting down the trouble-makers.

  4. Some pertinent propositions condemned in the Syllabus of Errors of Pius IX:

    — The State, as being the origin and source of all rights, is endowed with a certain right not circumscribed by any limits.

    — The teaching of the Catholic Church is hostile to the well-being and interests of society.

    — In the case of conflicting laws enacted by the two powers, the civil law prevails.

    — The civil authority may interfere in matters relating to religion, morality and spiritual government: hence, it can pass judgment on the instructions issued for the guidance of consciences, conformably with their mission, by the pastors of the Church. Further, it has the right to make enactments regarding the administration of the divine sacraments, and the dispositions necessary for receiving them.

    — The best theory of civil society requires that popular schools open to children of every class of the people, and, generally, all public institutes intended for instruction in letters and philosophical sciences and for carrying on the education of youth, should be freed from all ecclesiastical authority, control and interference, and should be fully subjected to the civil and political power at the pleasure of the rulers, and according to the standard of the prevalent opinions of the age.

    — Catholics may approve of the system of educating youth unconnected with Catholic faith and the power of the Church, and which regards the knowledge of merely natural things, and only, or at least primarily, the ends of earthly social life.

  5. TNCath says:

    Get ready, folks: the persecution is coming sooner than later.
    Just remember the refrain of that wonderful hymn:
    Faith of our Fathers, holy Faith!
    We will be true to Thee ’til death!

  6. TitanTom says:

    St. Thomas More, Pray for us.

  7. kiwiinamerica says:

    Hey Father, did you read this news item from Ghana this week? This is the way you handle it:

    Headline: “Quit Catholic Schools if You Can’t Stand Our Principles”

  8. thomas tucker says:

    Replace them, just as President Reagan replaced the air traffic controllers.

  9. Jackie L says:

    Do we not still have a freedom of religion in this country? Or has Obama succeeded in creating a freedom of worship in its place?

    The most amazing thing about this article is that the anti-Catholic side has not used Francis as a reason for opposing the Archbishop.

  10. JustaSinner says:

    Awesome idea on the letter of petition Archbishop! Now you KNOW who to fire! Now THAT is an Archbishop for the NOW!!!

  11. Matt Robare says:

    What have San Francisco’s ordinaries been doing for the past 50 years?

  12. Norah says:

    The bishops have presided over the implosion of the Catholic Faith in Catholic Schools. They have stood by and permitted the flock to be ravaged by the wolves in the persons of priests who kept silent or preached “God lurves you just as you are no need to repent” and university teachers who passed on faux Catholicism to students who would, one day, be passing on faux Catholicism to their students. The situation in Australia is dire and from what I read, the situation in the USA is not much better.

  13. jbelleza89 says:

    …cornibus utriusque Testamenti terribilis appareat adversariis veritatis…
    Archbishop Cordileone is doing it right. Truly antistes et agonista Dei.

  14. The Cobbler says:

    “…and equality for all humans.”
    This is so discriminatory against aliens. The EVTLHD* Alliance should protest.

    *E.T./Vulcan/Time Lord/Hutt/Dog

  15. Nicholas says:

    Being Bishop of Sodom would have been easier. At least he would have had Lot to support him.

  16. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Of course, this is hostile to a lot of pagans, too. Hindus have fairly well defined priests and priestesses for various of their deities, and this also hits out at the feminist separatist “Dianic” Wiccans, various Native American groups, etc.

    But of course, people on the left these days have no perspective, so many of them are totally unaware that their own oxen are next in line to get gored.

  17. Chon says:

    Turn one of the schools into a convent to train a fantastically good order of teaching nuns. Close most of the schools for now, except a few that can be staffed with the teachers who are loyal to the archbishop. Use any extra money to support home school cooperatives until the new order of nuns can slowly re-open the other schools. Rent the school buildings to someone in the meantime. Another idea is to close some of the schools for only a year while advertising nationally for teachers who are not teaching right now because they can’t stand the public schools or the “catholic” schools. I quit teaching biology for that reason. I will not support the so-called schools we have around here. (No, I do not want to move to San Francisco). My feeling is there are a lot of teachers who would love to support the Archbishop’s goals. Go, Archbishop Cordileone!

  18. Chon says:

    Time for hedge schools.

  19. majuscule says:

    I’ve heard that the archbishop has a knowledgeable team working with him. He also has a lot of prayer support. The Archdiocese of SF is made up of more than the city of San Francisco and the loonies in league with the PR agency and the media outlets. Hey, there is at least one EF Mass in the Archdiocese every single day of the week! often more.

    The latest edition of Catholic San Francisco, the newspaper for the archdiocese, has an ad for an upcoming job fair to recruit high school teachers. (There are twelve high schools in the archdiocese. I believe the four involved in the morality clause flap are the ones run directly by the archdiocese. The others may be run by religious orders–I’m not sure.)

  20. Eugene says:

    Archbishop Cordileone (translation heart of a lion) is in my daily prayer list of faithful shepherds I pray for.
    I found it kind of sad that His Auxiliary has just been named Bishop of San Diego and is being hailed as kind compassionate liberal by the secular press and in particular the NCR, while a faithful shepherd is being assailed by CINO’S in the public square and inside the church. As someone else posted what exactly have his predecessors been doing? What has his Auxiliary been doing, he was in the position before the Archbishop was appointed.
    One last thought where is the public support from his fellow bishops and from the Bishop of Rome?

  21. Kerry says:

    “Ye lay traps for me Thomas!”
    More, “No, I show you the times.”
    Church Militant TV has a recent last interview with Charles Rice, which also shows the times. I recommend to you his book, Contraception and Persecution. From the interview’s last minutes Dr. Rice repeated several times, “Trust the Holy Spirit”.
    Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.
    This Bishop is on our list of those whom we pray for daily. With our prayers may he “Stick to his tackle and clamor like champions!”

  22. Grumpy Beggar says:

    Norah says:
    “. . . The situation in Australia is dire and from what I read, the situation in the USA is not much better.”

    Canada has a nice mess going on too . I already dropped this link at Father Hunwicke’s blog yesterday, but here it is again: It’s a link to Campaign Life Coalition’s fact sheet on the Ontario government’s sex education curriculum – about to be rammed down parents’ throats – essentially the same curriculum which was shelved because of parent protest a little over 4 years ago. At that time, Ontario’s Education minister was an openly gay woman Kathleen Wynne . . . now she’s the premier of Ontario . . . and the assistant minister of education, well . . . (have to leave for my apostolate now – perhaps will have time to augment this post with another late this evening , but please have a peek at the page – it provides some painfully graphic excerpts from the actual curriculum being forcefully implemented, and a ton of insight into the type of people who are backing such an agenda)


  23. jfk03 says:

    This is the result of 40 plus years of non-catchesis in a bastion of left wing politics. This battle should have been fought long ago. We are witnessing the logical conclusion of Cuomoism.

  24. SanSan says:

    Yesterday, Archbishop Cordileone visited us at the 40 Days for Life prayer Vigil outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. He came out to say hello, thank us for our witness and to pray with us. It was wonderful! Afterward, my husband and I went to our daughters home and shared the wonderful news. She started lambasting the AB and our beliefs. She sounded exactly like the opposition in the SF Chronicle. The Lord said that He would pit father against son and mother against daughter……so saddly true. We accept and overlook a lot when it comes to our kids, but an attack on our good and holy Shepherd and our blessed Church will not be tolerated. We are “taking a break” from her and will continue praying like blessed Saint Monica for the conversion of her soul and that of every other family member. Anyone, like to join us for a “table for one”?

  25. Kirk O says:

    I wrote this prayer for my facebook share of your article.

    “God help us stand strong against this immoral sexual crazed culture. Their inner guilt brings out hate beyond understanding to civil moral people. They truly belive if they suppress or destroy Your Church that their guilt/pain will go away. How foolish are these fools to think that this would work. For it is not man that makes them feel shameful inside but it is their very own soul. This soul which knows the Truths that You have written. Lord have Mercy on them and us for not standing as stong as we should.”

    I am so worried for the coming years. It seems everyone is afraid to stand up and fight because they are weighed down by their own chains of sin. We need a revival of Reconciliation and unity of Christianity to fight this evil.

  26. DonL says:

    “… the efforts to preserve Catholic principles in the schools are not meant to target anyone.”

    When someone puts on a brown fur coat, a white tail, antlers on their head, and runs around in the woods on opening day of deer season, they’ve lost their right to feign being a target by evil hunters…..

  27. Joseph-Mary says:

    For DonL: sin is still sin no matter what the city council and those who champion it say. Martyrs were made such because they did not bow to the secular immoral demands.

  28. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    May I encourage all here to pray the Prayer to St. Michael (short or long form), and to remember also to pray for the persecutors, too, since — to quote a famous piece of music — “Nolo mortem peccatoris”….

  29. HeatherPA says:

    Seriously, do the homosexuals think the Muslims are going to roll the red carpet out for them to prance down throwing daisies? They will kill them as quickly as they kill us.

    Are they out petitioning the mosques and Muslim schools out there in San Fran and elsewhere in Cali for inclusion? Or is Satan just inspiring them against Christ’s church? Obviously. Look at the work satan does and why. 50 years and the homosexuals have defeated all secular institutions and all “christian” ones except the Catholic Church. These people would do well to meditate on this, instead of attacking the Catholics.

    The hypocrisy of the homosexual community and their syncophantic followers are stunning. Get a grip, fools. You will go down with that ship.

  30. poohbear says:

    This is yet another result of the lack of teaching sisters in the church. If there were only faithful religious sisters teaching in Catholic schools we wouldn’t have this problem.

  31. Priam1184 says:

    Forget about schools. The institutions of the Church are so ridden with heterodoxy, heresy, anti-Catholicism, functional atheism, and just plain stupidity that many of them just need to go away. We don’t need ‘catholic’ schools that are in large part run by closet or functional atheists who want to fill the heads of little children with the same crap that the open atheists running public schools want to, but just use the veneer of the name ‘Catholic’ to get people to pay them for the privilege and to besmirch that name in the process. It is one thing for those of us who are adults to hear this kind of garbage during a priest’s homily at Mass, but to expose little children whose minds have not yet been formed to this nonsense is highly dangerous.

    I don’t know what the alternative is, maybe home schooling networks run by faithful laity who aren’t associated with the highly questionable institutional Church? But that takes a lot of dedication and a pretty large chunk of change to finance.

  32. ChrisRawlings says:

    The irony is that these teachers are actively demonstrating why the archbishop is reworking contracts in the first place. The idea is to get believing Catholics as teachers in Catholic schools. That that is even a little controversial highlights the level of apostasy that the Church has to wade through on her earthen journey.

  33. DD says:

    Sadly, it is almost impossible to remove a teacher, even in a non-unionized Catholic school. At least that is my experience in Ohio.

  34. Supertradmum says:

    All dioceses let the wolf into the sheep-fold years ago by accepting state money. All dioceses did not ask all teachers to sign the oath and promise, which NAPCIS schools do. All dioceses let non-Catholics teach in Catholic schools.

    This good bishop is reaping years of carelessness. He is our John Fisher.

    Here are the two documents every single teacher in every single Catholic school or college or university should have to take, as I did.

  35. pannw says:

    Cardinal George seems to have been prophetic, though as fast as this is all happening, I’m not so sure it will be his successor’s successor that dies in the public square.

    I do not pray for priests and bishops nearly enough. Forgive me.

    Matt Robare says:
    What have San Francisco’s ordinaries been doing for the past 50 years?

    I don’t live there, and so I can’t say what all of them have or have not done, but at the very least I know that the list includes permitting Nancy Pelosi to persist in her public Scandal and giving transvestites dressed as nuns the Most Blessed Sacrament and allowing it to be recorded on film and used as pro-sodomy propaganda. Those two things alone are enough to show us why this is now happening. Archbishop Cordileone is facing the damage allowed and caused by others and charged with cleaning it up. God help him and God have mercy on them and all of us.

    In related news, my family is going to California soon and we have planned our schedule to be able to go to Mass at Star of the Sea in San Francisco and offer our support to Father Illo.

    Kathleen10, please pray it doesn’t open up while we are there.

  36. Famijoly says:

    “Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America” by Steven L. Kellmeyer (Bridegroom Press) articulated what for me was a shift in attitude about Catholic schools. I’m a product of Catholic schools and was a big proponent of them until I became pastor of a school parish. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I knew something was amiss, systematically, not just the local headaches over financing and staffing and enrollment every parochial and other Catholic school experiences.

    I was moved to a parish without a school, where I’ve been for more than 10 years. During that time, I read Kellmeyer’s “Designed to Fail” and everything became so clear. It has to do with God’s plan for the family, namely the parental responsibility and therefore right as the primary educators of the children produced from their union. In the Rite of Marriage, the priest asks the couple, “Will you accept children lovingly from God and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?” That changed my whole pastoral approach to the catechetical program for children and teens (and adults).

    So, my concrete recommendation to the Archbishop of San Francisco would be to close the schools. The money can be redirected toward catechetical and spiritual resources to which families can have resource as they fulfill their obligation to be responsible for their children’s education, including and especially their education in the One True Faith.

    While the homosexual activists and others who hate the Church will get their mainstream media enablers to spin it as a surrender by the Archdiocese and a victory for “inclusion,” “tolerance,” (whatever moniker they place on the filth), the move will free the Archbishop and his priests to be pastors of souls and teachers of sound doctrine.

  37. Muzhik says:

    I admit, this sounds strange to me. I live in Iowa, where the quality of the public schools is generally very high. People don’t choose private academies for their students just for quality of education or because the local public schools aren’t safe, they choose them because the academies are usually associated with a religious tradition. In my area, we have not just Catholic, but Quaker and Lutheran private schools.

    I understand the situation is quite different in larger cities such as Chicago or San Francisco. I’m not sure I would go so far as to actually close the schools, but I’d let leak that the diocese was exploring ALL possibilities, including closing some or all of the schools. If the parents are so opposed to their children receiving CATHOLIC educations, based in CATHOLIC moral teachings, then fine. They can send their children to the public schools.

    At that point, I’d do two things: I’d start asking the teachers who DIDN’T sign the petitions about commute times, etc. to each school and if they’d be willing to drive that far to a different school. Not that the diocese would consider hiring ONLY those teachers who didn’t sign the petition — that might come across as union busting — but if we’re only going to have one, maybe two schools operating, we want to make completely sure that the instructors are comfortable with and enthusiastic about promoting Catholic moral teachings.

    The second thing would be to find a sympathetic reporter or two (or even one who likes to raise a stink) and have them start doing reports on what will happen if/when all these former Catholic school students get dumped en masse into the public school “all-inclusive” system. I remember a couple of decades ago reading a story about the parochial school system in Chicago. The reporter ended the story by asking the public school superintendent what would happen if all the Catholic students were suddenly dropped into the public school system. The superintendent didn’t answer; he just paused for a bit then gave a nervous laugh.

    I imagine the bishop and his staff would want to wait to see the outcomes of contract negotiations before actually trying these things; yet it might behoove them to start laying the groundwork now.

  38. rodin says:

    Archbishop Cordileone is a victim of the sloppy catechesis offered by his predecessors. It is no wonder the San Francisco kathlics cannot adjust. And whoever wrote that resolution is pretty sloppy about his/her/its grammar.

    Thank God for Archishop Cordileone; we need more like him. May we all prove worthy of him.

  39. snoozie says:

    Chon 12:27 A.M…….

    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!! The good and faithful Bishop might like to hire you as chief consultant.

  40. jhayes says:

    Supertradmum, the only teachers required to take that oath are those in seminaries or Catholic universities (and not all of them). Canon 833 doesn’t require elementary or high school teachers to take it.

  41. Ben Kenobi says:


    “When the day comes that Catholic teachers are signing petitions over things like this, it is time to close.”

    Why? Fire them all. Hire faithful Catholics. There are many younger Catholics with the credentials who would love to have these jobs. Think of what message that would send. You want to encourage the young folks to live by the Book? Do this. I trust you that all the little church mice will be overjoyed that their faith finally paid off.

  42. tioedong says:

    Well, Mrs Gay Caswell reports her daughter, Sister Mary Judith OP, was working in a slum Catholic school in Chicago, and helped organize the kids to join the prolife march…and now they no longer are welcome to work at the school. link

    Maybe the good Archbishop could hire them.

    here in the Philippines, a local court ordered one Catholic school to rehire a teacher who had a baby out of wedlock. Don’t know how that one will turn out, but after the RH bill opposition, it’s only a matter of time until a smilar scandal will hit here…link

  43. Stephen D says:

    As the dissident teachers were presumably educated within the Catholic school system, they demonstrate that the system doesn’t work. Close them all except those that can be staffed by faithful Catholics. Parents who can’t send their children to the Catholic schools can be provided with good teaching materials on-line (they might learn a few things themselves).

  44. Midwest St. Michael says:

    “Archbishop Cordileone is a victim of the sloppy catechesis offered by his predecessors. It is no wonder the San Francisco kathlics cannot adjust.”

    Ah yes, rodin. One of those became the prefect for the CDF.


  45. The hypocrisy is astounding but not unexpected. They want us to foster a “safe” environment for children, but they don’t want us to teach the values that go along with that. They beat up on us (and rightly so) when unspeakable crimes are committed against children, but they beat up on us even more when we do the things that are necessary to fix that. It is, in plain language, raw bigotry. I guess that’s why this is tagged “the last acceptable prejudice.” The big question is whether the archbishop’s colleagues will stand firm with him or leave him to hang by himself.

  46. Cantor says:

    Tioedong –

    There was a similar case in the States last year in which a woman teacher was dismissed after becoming pregnant out of wedlock. She obviously had sinned, but perhaps God had already forgiven her through confession. The father of the child was not named, so perhaps he’s still working. He could even be working at the same school, the priest knowing full well who he is, yet bound by the secrecy of the confessional not to say anything.

    It seems that the Bishop and Church have the right to insist that employees do not make a mockery of their Catholicism, that they try to do their best. But to expect perfection? Isn’t there something about “casting the first stone”?

    And let’s face it – the teacher could have kept her job and be one of the godly if only she’d had an abortion, which perhaps her Catholicism prevented.

  47. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Is this an attempt to cow by blustering because the Archbishop is in fact within his (‘civil’) rights in doing what he is doing (though “one member of the board says the city is considering legal action” – merely as a further attempt at intimidation, or with the thought that compulsion may be possible)?

  48. I agree with Supertradmum above. I will go even farther. I think we live in a time comparable to the height of Arianism.


  50. gramma10 says:

    I agree with jfk03
    These people are not Catholics! I really feel for Archbishop Cordilione. He is just a good solid Catholic doing his job correctly and truthfully.
    Can’t Pope Francis support him? He needs that. How about us who are in agreement with him. Can we get a blitz going of sending mail and support to the people dissenting?
    Or sending petitions or bible quotes or something in mass amounts?

    They need to know that many Catholics in the world are on the side of the Bishop.
    Remember when Huckabee had a massive mailing of the bible and prayers etc to that Lesbian gov’t official in??? Was it Texas?
    It made an impression

    Why are we just sitting here discussing this! We need to get all solid Catholic’s banded together in other dioceses and everywhere sending a blitz of mail! We need some action!
    Maybe you Father, can blog the idea!
    My church here had envelopes and papers in each pew to sign and send about the HHS mandate.
    Jay Secula (American Center for law and Justice) has online petitions all the time. He gathers thousands of signatures.

    Can’t we do that somehow?? What about the USCCB standing behind the good archbishop. Can you put out his address or the townspeople’s addresses or the crazy people who think they are Catholic and aren’t…address so we can take action?
    We need to send them the true teachings.
    Maybe we need to send everyone of the fake Catholics a real Catechism!
    I feel Cordilione is alone in this.
    There is strength in numbers. SF has been headed this way for years!
    It is time to group together and speak out!
    Yes or yes??
    I think we need to do more than just get prepared!
    Where are the activists on our side? They always seem to be on the other side.
    Good grief!

  51. Grumpy Beggar says:

    Andrew Saucci says:
    “The hypocrisy is astounding but not unexpected. They want us to foster a “safe” environment for children, but they don’t want us to teach the values that go along with that. They beat up on us (and rightly so) when unspeakable crimes are committed against children, but they beat up on us even more when we do the things that are necessary to fix that. It is, in plain language, raw bigotry. I guess that’s why this is tagged ‘the last acceptable prejudice.’ The big question is whether the archbishop’s colleagues will stand firm with him or leave him to hang by himself.”

    I agree 100% . It looks to be coming full circle now so the payer initiatives mentioned in Kerry’s and Chris Garton-Zavesky posts would be excellent priorities.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could blame the (silent) bishops and the Church for all of this . . . (anybody but ourselves – isn’t that how our first parents dealt with it) ? Truth is, before this ever becomes an issue of morals and religion, it is a parents’ rights (as first educators) issue : I don’t know that exclusively laying the blame on the Church, her institutions and a lack of catechesis would be completely accurate. Parents (Catholic and other) aren’t speaking out in any significant numbers , thanks in large part to the extended lobbying over the years of gay militants with media collaboration. That part can’t be blamed on the Church – at least not directly.

    The USCCB , in response to the “unspeakable crimes” Andrew Saucci mentions, implemented the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People , which is proving to be so successful, that each pertinent audit report has contained a warning in the foreword that the success the program has achieved must never be an invitation for Catholics to become complacent on the issue. One Report a couple of years ago had mentioned how those in positions of authority, at the Charter’s behest, are learning to become more adept at recognizing grooming .

    What the governments in question are now forcing in the school systems is also tantamount to grooming – sexualizing children, making them available for sex at a younger age . . .which ultimately makes them more vulnerable/accessible to sexual predators. It’s a coin-toss as to who is the more depraved of the two groups – the predators, or those members of government who are working towards enabling them : Glaring hypocrisy with dreadful consequences.

  52. Grumpy Beggar says:

    “Who am I to . . . ” dohhh !
    This one deserves a post all by itself : I just dug around on the net to find the original CBS San Francisco belch mentioned in the OP. At the top of the article, a photo is featured of students and parents staging a protest (at St. Mary’s Cathedral February 18th) over these same proposed morality clauses. Most of us, to a person, would agree that Archbishop Cordileone is proposing these safeguards to uphold the Catholic faith – he wants to plug the leaky boat . He represents the Catholic Church – straight-up.
    Well . . .one of the “protesters” who thinks she is representing the true Church was holding up this sign in protest to Archbishop Cordileone’s recommendations (the most legible of all the signs in the photo), which said : “Who am I to judge? Pope Francis”
    Over 350 Catholic School Teachers Call On San Francisco Archbishop To Drop Morality Clauses

    Nice job media types. Give yourselves a pat on the back (which might only be possible if a scenario existed where snakes had arms).

    Time to break out the rosaries and get into some more serious prayer.

  53. The Masked Chicken says:

    “So, my concrete recommendation to the Archbishop of San Francisco would be to close the schools.”

    Sadly, mine, also. The children of these idiot parents don’t deserve a Catholic education, because it would profit them little. One is not required to fraternally correct someone if it can be forseen that the correction would be futile.

    This is the result not only of poor catechesis. One must look at the root cause. It is the result of the double-mouthed proclamation of a non-uniform moral theology among U. S. bishops in the recent past (and to some extent, the present). Until there is a uniformity of teaching, according to the Truths of Catholicism, this situation will never end. This evil (and it is evil) pandering to the zeitgeist of, “tolerance,” has bred a generation or two of fat and lazy Catholics – particularly parents. The whole idiotic divorced and remarried situation is the result of this long slide towards Gamorah.

    Close the schools. Treat these people like the brats they are. I am sorry to use such blunt and harsh language, but these people should be kissing the ground for having Catholic schools. Do these silly people even know why Catholic schools got started in America? It was because of the distortions in moral teaching put forth in the secular-Protestant school system back in the early 1800’s. Yet, here these nitwits are, behaving far worse than the schools the Catholic system was set up to replace. They should be given a dictionary with one entry to read: scandal. That is what these deluded people are doing.

    Oh, it doesn’t help that they hire non-Catholics, either.

    My point being that he is under no obligation to hire in-state and if he opened hiring up across the country, he would, very quickly, replace the teachers. There is no law that says that teachers have to be hired locally, and the Internet makes a country-wide search possible. Do you know how many starving Catholic Ph.D’s there are out there who would love to work at a steady job with support from the administration? You could replace the whole system in a few years. Granted, they might ask for a bit more money, but then, again, both scholastics and moral education would improve, overnight. In other words, let’s turn the Catholic school system into an enclave of excellence, both scholastic and moral. Make it hard to get in. Accept no Federal funds. Those in the pews should support the education of their children or they do not deserve it.

    Oh, who am I kidding. If the next bishop is Looney Tunes liberal, then any changes made will be useless. I will say this once and then back out of the room: if you want to permanently change the problems in Catholic education, then permanently change the problem with bishops. This is where the real root of the problem lies.

    I think the time change has made me grumpy, but, seriously, these people are bullies and must be treated as such. Oh, excommunicate them, all. Let them earn their way back into the Church by works of penance. The Church has been moving with a limp velvet glove for so long that they have forgotten how to swing the iron fist that is within.

    I think I’ll go back to sleep, now.

    The Chicken

  54. JesusFreak84 says:

    Bishops like him will be persecuted, men like ++Cupich and Mahoney will live just fine =-( If anything, in the months and years to come, Bishops who AREN’T being persecuted should probably start asking themselves what they’re doing wrong…

  55. pmullane says:

    “At the same time, a reported 80 percent of teachers in the archdiocese’s four Catholic high schools have sent a petition to Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone that accuses him of fostering “mistrust and fear.””

    Thats cute, because Catholics who believe in the Church and Jesus and all that (as opposed to catholics who are Catholic because their granny was born in Ireland of Poland or Italy) are mistrustful and fearful of sending their children to “Catholic” schools because 80 per cent of the teachers done believe in the teachings of the Church.

    The Educational class truly are ‘the blob’.

  56. HeatherPA says:

    The Chicken,

    I went on a useless sleep deprived rant yesterday morning that I am surprised Father didn’t delete.
    At least you make very good points. I agree with you, and I am tired in more ways than one of walking on eggshells about these topics.
    Maybe some hard truths and hard actions will make these people see they can’t have it the way they want. You can’t pervert Christianity to suit your desires.i It shocks me that liberals squawk about how these Isis creeps “pervert” Islam and how bad and “wrong” is but there is ne’er a peep about how much they all want to and do pervert Catholicism to suit their agendas.

  57. gramma10 says:

    Just heard Johnette Benkivick who
    always is so Spirit filled!
    She says….and I agree….
    Go pour ourselves like a libation. Go change those places!!!
    Start inundating them with truth and Christ! Do not give up on them. Rather bring them to the fullness of the faith!
    We have God on our side!!
    We must not let the evil one allow us to lose hope!
    Yes….so instead of closing the schools….
    RESTORE them!
    Christ raises things from the dead…remember?
    Let us support that good archbishop!
    Raise the bar! Bieve in miracles!

  58. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Fr. Z asks, “Can you imagine how hard it would be to be bishop of, say, Sodom?”

    Nicholas comments, “Being Bishop of Sodom would have been easier. At least he would have had Lot to support him.”

    Well, of course each and all (in a certain sense) now have St. Lot to help them. But if St. Lot had not had his angelic visitors to help him, he would presumably have suffered a grisly martyrdom. His besetters shout (Genesis 19:9) “te ergo ipsum magis quam hos affligemus”: now what is that ‘hospitality’ likely to include? “Vimque faciebant Lot vehementissime”: the Hebrew here includes the noun for ‘man’ – “the man Lot” – and I have read a Jewish Bible scholar who sees this as emphasizing their intention for same-sex abuse of him. (In somewhat analogous circumstances, the (shall we say, ‘bisexual’?) Gabaaites abused a woman to death: Judges 19:24-28.)

  59. Cantor says:

    Masked Chicken / Famijoly –

    You both reluctantly suggest closing the schools. That seems like surrender. Why not instead go on the attack – create a new ministerial calling as “Teacher of the Faith” and make it a formal ministry of the Church?

    In that way you could build a formal structure for just who teaches in Catholic schools without the “overhead” of requiring celibacy as is the case with priests, nuns, and other religious orders. Such a group would clearly meet the constitutional requirements established by the US Supreme Court, offer recognition for those who enter into its ranks, and provide a shield to act in those cases in which somebody deliberately went against the Church’s teachings.

  60. rodin says:

    gramma10, that is a very nice quotation:
    Go pour ourselves like a libation. Go change those places!!!
    Start inundating them with truth and Christ! Do not give up on them. Rather bring them to the fullness of the faith!
    We have God on our side!!
    We must not let the evil one allow us to lose hope!
    Yes….so instead of closing the schools….
    RESTORE them!
    Christ raises things from the dead…remember?
    Let us support that good archbishop!
    Raise the bar! Bieve in miracles!

    It appears that restoration is precisely the goal of the Archbishop. How can we best help him? Like you, I feel he is standing alone and the USCCB should be supporting him. He is trying to cope with at least two generations of ignorant kathlics. Also, we Californians as you suggest, should blitz his attackers, especially the idiots elected to the legislature. I have not been able to find the names of those who signed the letter threatening the Archbishop. We should also blitz the city council members who seem unable to comprehend “freedom of religion.”

  61. gramma10 says:

    Yes Rodin.
    I repeated Johnette Benkovic’s words.
    If there is a list to send to let me know where to find it! Yes the councilbers too.

    I think we all ought to respond just the opposite of the nutty fake Catholic school parents!

    Somehow they need to know many others do not agree and stand with the good and very brave Archbishop.

    Maybe we can just get his address and send him tons of support letters.
    But I think the ones who think he is wrong and they are right need to hear that they are outnumbered.
    I bet they are!

    Like David and Goliath and Goliath’s giant army….David won because God was with him. I pray that all the Dioceses who agree with God’s truth would stand up for the Archbishop. It is hard to be all alone standing for truth. But then? Jesus felt that way too.
    So I think of getting depressed about all this we need to DO something productive and take action!
    Too much talk and not enough action, I think.

  62. Grumpy Beggar says:

    @ gramma10 : Hi .

    Here are 2 links provided by the LifeSite news letter linked in the original post.

    If you click here you can read their (somewhat nauseating) letter to Archbishop Cordileone and their names at the end of the letter.

    If you click here you can read Archbishop Cordileone’s reply and their names at the beginning.

    (His address is on both letters too).

  63. Ben Kenobi says:

    “But to expect perfection? Isn’t there something about ‘casting the first stone’? ”


    The day keeping your pants on is equated with ‘divine perfection’, is the day our Lord returns. I have a contract. It’s very simple. It states that I shall abide by the Catechism of the Catholic church in my life and that conduct outside of it will be grounds for termination.

    Am I perfect? No. But I don’t think that the Catechism expects too much of us. I can marry, but I can’t sleep around outside of marriage. Can’t live with someone outside of marriage. Can’t go and teach about gay marriage as the new sacrament. Can’t teach that abortion is the new sacrament, etc, etc, you get my point. The rules are moderate (IMO far less strict than in the past!) but fair. Working FOR the Catholic church is my choice and my decision, I cannot claim that I am unaware of the rules when it is my job to teach them to others. As Chaucer once wrote:

    This noble ensample to his sheep he yaf,
    That first he wroghte, and afterward he taughte.

  64. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Grumpy Bear (or anyone else),

    Have you had any success finding the full text of the Board of Supervisors’ resolution reliably online?

    They have a website (which lists who they are) but the log of resolutions going up to “on or before” 2 March does not include anything that looks like this one. Where did the press get (any of) the text, and does any report(er) link to it?

  65. The Masked Chicken says:

    “Just heard Johnette Benkivick who
    always is so Spirit filled!
    She says….and I agree….
    Go pour ourselves like a libation. Go change those places!!!
    Start inundating them with truth and Christ! Do not give up on them. Rather bring them to the fullness of the faith!
    We have God on our side!!
    We must not let the evil one allow us to lose hope!
    Yes….so instead of closing the schools….
    RESTORE them!
    Christ raises things from the dead…remember?
    Let us support that good archbishop!
    Raise the bar! Believe in miracles!”

    While I admire her enthusiasm, this suggestion is nothing short of naive. I suggested closing the schools for a time to drive home the seriousness of the matter to the recalcitrant parents. This is all a game to them.

    Her idea to:

    “Go pour ourselves like a libation. Go change those places!!!
    Start inundating them with truth and Christ! Do not give up on them. Rather bring them to the fullness of the faith!
    We have God on our side!!
    We must not let the evil one allow us to lose hope!
    Yes….so instead of closing the schools….
    RESTORE them!”

    is very short on specifics. I have no idea what she means by inundating these places with the truth and Christ. As Christ said to the rich man who was in torment in Hades who wanted to send someone to warn his brothers [Lk: 16: 27 – 31]:

    “And he said, ‘Then I beg you, father, to send him to my father’s house,
    for I have five brothers, so that he may warn them, lest they also come into this place of torment.’
    But Abraham said, ‘They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.’
    And he said, ‘No, father Abraham; but if some one goes to them from the dead, they will repent.’
    He said to him, ‘If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be convinced if some one should rise from the dead.'”

    These people will not be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead. In fact, they think they are listening to the Church. They have been convinced by arguments by at least some priests from the pulpit that the Church has changed its mind on certain societal things. How do you convince them that what they believe is not the truth when certain bishops – the teachers of the Church, have reinforced their ideas? As I said, above, the problem starts with bishops and ends with bishops. Even if hordes of orthodox Catholics stormed San Francisco, the bishop would have the authority to censure them. Imagine trying this tactic when one of the previous, more liberal bishops were there.

    The only time you see orthodox schools are in places with orthodox bishops. Period. So, while I admire her enthusiasm, the problem really does not lie at a level approachable by the laity. One does not teach anything about the faith in a diocese without the permission of the bishop of the place, so, “storming the city,” or “trying to change the place,” is totally dependent on the good graces of the bishop. That San Francisco happens to have an orthodox bishop at this time is no guarantee it will have one in the future, so any work one attempts might be quickly undone.

    Closing the schools, while drastic, would humble the citizenry, because no one can erect a Catholic school without the permission of the bishop, unless they want to be self-supporting as some colleges are, and even then, the use of the term, Catholic, can be withdrawn under ecclesiastical penalty, if necessary. Even if the next bishop should be off-the-charts liberal, it would still take time to re-build a school system and he is not likely to survive the process.

    As I recall, Mother Angelica and Cardinal Mahony locked horns and while Mother Angelica won her point, she has not, yet, succeeded in changing Los Angeles into a bastion of orthodoxy. We must be cunning as serpents and guileless as doves. We don;t really have the cunning as serpents part down, yet.

    As I see it, archbp. Cordileone has a few options: 1) status quo (not really practicable), 2) close the schools using his authority, 3) gradually replace the faculty with orthodox teachers and, simultaneously, require adult catechesis in each church taught by trained apologists and catechists, 4) invite in an orthodox religious teaching order, like the Dominicans.

    He can’t easily get rid of the current teachers if they have tenure and a contract (at least this is true in most states, especially if there is a teacher’s union). His legal battles would never end. I don’t know how Johnnette Benkovic expects to overcome this obstacle. I am all for heavy-handed storming of the beaches, but one has to know what one is doing. How did Patton re-energize the U. S. II Corps during WW II? From Wikipedia:

    “On March 6, 1943, following the defeat of the U.S. II Corps by the German Afrika Korps at the Battle of the Kasserine Pass, Patton replaced Major General Lloyd Fredendall as commander of the II Corps and was promoted to lieutenant general. Soon thereafter, he had Omar Bradley reassigned to his corps as its deputy commander.[103]

    With orders to take the battered and demoralized formation into action in 10 days’ time, Patton immediately introduced sweeping changes, ordering all soldiers to wear clean, pressed and complete uniforms, establishing rigorous schedules, and requiring strict adherence to military protocol. He continuously moved throughout the command talking with men, seeking to shape them into effective soldiers. He pushed them hard, and sought to reward them well for their accomplishments.[104] His uncompromising leadership style is evidenced by his orders for an attack on a hill position near Gafsa which are reported to have ended “I expect to see such casualties among officers, particularly staff officers, as will convince me that a serious effort has been made to capture this objective.”[105]

    Now, if we only had bishops like that…

    The Chicken

  66. The Masked Chicken says:

    There is, of course, one way to fight this battle that hasn’t been tried: the Patton Method. My long comment on this is in moderation, but the approach of Patton with the U. S. II (Tank) Corps during WW II is enlightening. Now, that, I would like to see tried.

    The Chicken

  67. rodin says:

    Thanks Grumpy. Looks like we are on the way except for the full text of the resolution, which I shall try to find asap. Then, after temperature reduction exercises, I will start drafting a letter/letters that are politely firm.

  68. Uxixu says:

    It would be nice to see an open reply put back requesting their resignations if they disagree and have a bunch of religious and/or third order ready and able to take their places.

  69. Uxixu says:

    Cantor says :

    “Why not instead go on the attack – create a new ministerial calling as “Teacher of the Faith” and make it a formal ministry of the Church?”

    You just described one of the roles of the Lectors, a minor order that survived Ministeria Quaedam. They can only be men, of course…

  70. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Masked Chicken,

    I have no sense of the practically all-important legalities. Would closing all the schools allow getting rid of all the contracted and even tenured staff (though presumably with massive severance or retirement or whatever payments)?

  71. Supertradmum says:

    jhayes, I know that. NAPCIS schools are high schools and grade schools which require the teachers to do such. My point, which I have made before here and on my blog, is that if all teachers were made to do this, we would not have this problem.

  72. Grumpy Beggar says:

    I found the pertinent agenda packet from the City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors website – ( not quite 100% certain if that provides everything you’re looking for – it’s a little sparse).

    The topic is listed as number 5 on the agenda; the minutes follow, and then what appears to be the actual resolution seems to be listed on page 11 .
    Here’s the link :

  73. Gladiatrix says:

    Being a UK resident I am not familiar with the legal situation in either the US or California, but over here it would be all but impossible for the equivalent of the Board of Supervisors (is that the City Council?) to bring an action like this against the Church, as the law is pretty settled that the Churches have jurisdiction over their schools in terms of doctrine etc. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission could investigate if it was thought there had been a breach of either the Equalities or Human Rights Act and possibly bring legal action. However, there is a substantial body of case law giving the Churches a great deal of discretion which a US court could be asked to take account of.

    Surely the Archbishop’s response to the Board of Supervisors should be 1) you have no jurisdiction over the Catholic church and its schools and are acting ultra vires, 2) your disregard of / refusal to acknowledge Catholic teaching is offensive and in itself unlawful. The Archbishop should instruct the Church’s attorneys to make clear to the Board that unless it backs down and apologises it will be taken to judicial review and sued for discrimination and its members will be reported to the San Francisco PD for the equivalent of misconduct and misfeasance in public office and for inciting religious hatred.

  74. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Grumpy Bear,

    Thank you – well-searched!

    Precious Listana is not exactly a master prose-stylist, and no other member seemed minded to attempt tidying it up.

    The minutes allow the possibility that only attempt to amend this may even have been motivated by the expectation that Pope Francis, properly appealed to, would set the Archbishop ‘straight’.

  75. The Masked Chicken says:

    Dear Grumpy Beggar,

    Thanks for providing the link to the minutes. This is really horrible. These people have NO idea what it means to be Catholic. If they can’t or won’t at least not impede the true teaching of the Church, if the really think they are rightly educating children by spouting this non-sense, if they really think they have the right to hold sinful positions or lifestyles while teaching in a Catholic school, then, if they can’t be fired, closing the schools is the only way. Contracts are voided when the situation mandating the contract no longer exists, I think (lawyers, correct, please). A person hired to teach at a specific school loses their contract ( severance pay, excluded), if the school is shut down, permanently. Really, this bishop should pull a Patton on these people.

    I may be in San Francisco in July for a humor conference at a Catholic College, of all places (don’t know about financing, at this time). I could, certainly, do something, while there (I don’t know what). Maybe a chicken parade?

    The Chicken

  76. andia says:

    non-discrimination, but ONLY if your on our side of the line…otherwise we will tell you what you are allowed to believe and act on-in otherwords we WILL discriminate against you.

    women’s rights, an admirable goal, but what do they really mean? Valuing wmen as women or making women into men? I submit the latter rather than the former.

    inclusion, Only if you meet their criteria for inclusion, otherwise you and your morals will be excluded and persecuted.

    and equality for all humans- that word I do not think it means what they think it means. How is expecting the same behavior or lack of behavior from all NOT equality.

  77. Grumpy Beggar says:

    @ Venerator Sti Lot : Glad I could give a hand. These type of issues tend to help us all keep each other informed and on our toes.

    Dear The Masked Chicken : You too are more than welcome . Although, I can’t empathize all the way with the idea of closing the Catholic schools , your first post on this thread was quite awesome – really enjoyed reading it. It would’ve made a great motivational speech – maybe the kind that every self-professed Catholic should be required to sit down and listen to while it gets delivered to them by their bishop.

    One certainly is justified in asking what purpose (if any) Catholic schools, in their present state, actually serve. Even Archbishop Cordileone would appear to have asked himself that before proceeding with the morality clauses. And when Geogetown U faculty members protest against and walk out on Cardinal Arinze when he speaks defending the family , that same question seems all the more justified. (And of course, when one starts over from scratch – we get to eliminate all the weeds, and to pull out any future ones before they go to seed).

    One of the things Archbishop Cordileone encouraged the San Francisco Board of Supervisors members to do in reply, was to avail themselves of the materials available. That seemed like a good idea for me too. Again, not 100% sure if the following includes all the clauses, but this excerpt from the February 6, 2015 issue of Catholic San Francisco does give the impression of being both comprehensive and complete.

  78. rodin says:

    Thanks, again, Grumpy. It is three pm here and I have only just gotten back to this. You have saved me a lot of time.

  79. gramma10 says:

    This action has brought on him such wrath and ugliness it’s too hard to express. It includes the fact these people have hired an extremely expensive and famous PR person to head their campaign against the Archbishop.

    Catholic Media members are sending him person letters of support and urging others to do the same. This is a bishop who is actually STANDING UP and leading the faithful traditional Catholics. We beg and whine for this all the time. Now that one of our Church leaders is DOING just that, we need to let him know he has our prayers and our heartfelt support.

    I’m asking you to personally write to him. Please, also, forward this information to your Catholic friends.

    His address is:

    The Most Reverend Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco
    One Peter Yorke Way
    San Francisco, California 94109

    The salutation of your letter should read: Your Excellency,

  80. majuscule says:

    May I also suggest a letter of support for Archbishop Cordileone to the papal nuncio:

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
    Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
    3339 Massachusetts Ave NW
    Washington DC 20008

    I used Your Excellency as salutation.

    Archbishop Viganò has spoken alongside Archbishop Cordileone at the rally preceding the West Coast Walk for Life. He has brought a message each time from either (then) Pope Benedict XVI or, more recently, Pope Francis. He has looked out on the crowd of people filling Civic Center Plaza so he knows there are faithful pro-life Catholics there.

    (I think Fr. Z’s post here was of help.)

  81. majuscule says:

    Also, maybe not quite on topic but another insight into Archbishop Cordileone.

    There are active pro-life groups in the archdiocese. The one I follow is participating in 40 Days for Life, praying outside a suburban Planned Parenthood twenty miles south of San Francisco.

    On a recent Saturday the archbishop arrived to show support for those praying on the sidewalk. He arrived in a compact car. I wasn’t there but the pictures I’ve seen show people of all ages flanking our wonderful archbishop.

    The organizer has tried to get local priests to join in the 7AM to 7PM vigil and she has been successful to some extent.

    Having Archbishop Cordileone participate certainly makes a statement!

  82. rodin says:

    In checking through the resolution, which was introduced by Supervisor Mark Farrell (a “practicing Catholic” according to a Chronicle article) I found this statement:

    “Whereas, Certain recent events within the Archdiocese of San Francisco have caused great concern within the City of San Francisco and amongst San Francisco residents, INCLUDING DISTRIBUTING INAPPROPRIATE PAMPHLETS WITH SEXUAL CONTENT TO GRAMMAR SCHOOL CHILDREN,…”

    I have written to Farrell requesting a justification for this charge since it is totally out of line with everything Archbishop Cordileone has ever done.

    Sounds like calumny to me.

  83. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    Thank you for tackling this and him! I was wondering what that was referring to (and probably misrepresenting?), as well.

    Do, please, let Fr. Z (and/or all of us) know, if you get an answer.

    Grumpy Bear,

    Thanks now too for the link to the “Statement” as published in Catholic San Francisco!

  84. gramma10 says:

    Our Evangelical family over at Focus on the Family wrote this. By Jim
    – The Wall St. Journal’s “A Fight to Keep Catholic Schools Catholic” explains how California lawmakers are trying to prevent San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone from hiring faculty that would advance Catholic teaching in area high schools.

    Just imagine: Catholic schools teaching Catholic doctrine? The effort to coerce school officials into violating their convictions is a stunning assault on a religious school’s constitutional freedom.

    – Planet Fitness Revokes Woman’s Membership After She Complained About Transgender Person. The Michigan woman, Yvette Cormier, was changing in the women’s locker room when someone who looked like a man entered. She complained to management, and then to corporate: “This is about me and how I felt unsafe,” she told CNN. But because of Planet Fitness’ “no-judgment” policy, members are allowed to use the locker room that corresponds to “whatever gender you feel you are.”

    The “no judgment” mantra is being normalized throughout the country. For example, Wesleyan University now offers housing for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Flexual, Asexual … Polyamourous, Bondage/Disciple, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism (LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM) communities and for people of sexually or gender dissident communities.” I actually edited out an obscenity that’s included on the list. And yes, it’s a direct quote from the university’s Office of Residential Life website.

  85. majuscule says:

    Someone suggested getting the names of the legislators who wrote the letter to Archbishop Cordileone. Just noticed this or I would have jumped on this sooner!

    Here is a list:

    Phil Ting Assemblymember, 19th District
    Richard Gordon Assemblymember, 24th District
    David Chiu Assemblymember, 17th District
    Marc Levine Assemblymember, 10th District
    Kevin Mullin Assemblymember, 22nd District
    Mark Leno Senator, 11th District
    Jerry Hill Senator, 13th District
    Mike McGuire Senator, 2nd District

    I don’t have time to get contact info for each, but the website below should make it fairly simple:

    At least two of the men listed are out-and-proud homosexuals.

    I got my copy of the letter from The Fishwrap (they are good for something! It’s a PDF at the bottom of this article:

  86. rodin says:

    No answer, yet, from Farrell’s office. Didn’t really expect one. Actually, I was considering taking bets on it. I bet he won’t. If you have a chance to read the resolution, among the things to which Farrell and co. object seems to be (see line 24) “the viewing of pornography,…” So explain line 15 quoted in my earlier post. What a lizzy diberal!

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