My View For Awhile: Heading South

Back on the trail.

And stage two… it’s like an oven in here. 



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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Father, you are in my daily prayers…Prayers for your journey, and pray for me as well, as I shall be on the move soon.

  2. Kent Wendler says:

    Considering the date, I’m quite glad I was not Julius Caesar. On the other hand it was five years ago, today, when we brought home two cats from a rescue agency who were in desperate need of adoption. Since then they have thoroughly integrated themselves in our household and we consider it a blessing from the Father to have been given stewardship of them. They have given us much more than they have taken.

  3. Sean says:

    Is your question mark after the last photo pertaining to the cockpit door being wide open?

  4. majuscule says:

    Is that a bus or an airplane?

    Praying for a safe journey however you travel!

  5. gramma10 says:

    Safe journeys Father! I think we need to buy stock in the airlines you fly! I did not realize that priests were such jet setters.
    You are really blessed to be able to see much of the world and bring Jesus to hungry people! God bless you!

  6. moconnor says:

    Looking forward to meeting Fr. Z in West Palm Beach on Friday evening. He will be giving a talk, sponsored by our Newman Society at Palm Beach Atlantic University. We will do our best to roll out the S. Florida hospitality!

  7. gramma10 says:

    Can you come here too Father? What is your schedule and who do we contact for you to speak?

  8. pj_houston says:

    Wow, first class, must have been intolerable.

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