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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

Something is up. I’m getting many more requests for prayers than last year at this time

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

I still have a pressing personal petition.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Pray for me please. I have been diagnosed with depression and am so sad and lonely now. I had been taking care of my father with dementia until I broke down. Now, my siblings will not talk to me.

  2. Joan M says:

    Just read all the intentions and offered a prayer for all.

    The intention I had entered last month is, slowly leading in the right direction, but there is still danger of more hostilities, as it is a political affair. More prayers needed.

  3. JonPatrick says:

    Please pray for my sons who are discerning vocations.

    Also for my brother long estranged from the Church that he would return.

    For 2 parishioners who have serious personal issues they are dealing with.

    I will pray for Fr. Z’s intentions plus the others posted above.

  4. John Grammaticus says:

    Will pray for all intentions

    Please pray for me, (not feeling well at the moment) , my intentions (one of which has been pressing for over five years) and those for whom I have promised to pray.

  5. Mariana2 says:

    Very happy to pray for these intentions.

    Ellen, I’m so sorry.

    Please pray for my 17 year old son who has highly unsuitable friends and very easily influenced by anyone except my husband and me.

  6. KnightOfTruth says:

    I perceive many more prayer requests/needs than last year too. Prayers for your pressing personal petition.
    For my coworker’s mother who was just diagnosed with an aggressive incurable cancer – and all of the family, especially her father who is so beautifully attached to her mom. For my daughter-in-law’s sister who lost her baby yesterday at 18 weeks. For two cousins, sisters, who are two months into fighting breast cancer. For a student of mine who is a good kid, but struggles with learning. For family members and friends who are fighting depression.
    We pray to the Lord

  7. Allan S. says:

    For my wife who is ill, and for her conversion.

  8. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Anna – a very pleasant widow who had been taking care of flowers and altar linens at our parish – has been diagnosed with dementia. A very solid Denver priest has been diagnosed with cancer.

  9. steph8kids says:

    Please pray for my family. My husband has been unemployed for 6 months now. He’s now going to have to take a job making a third of what he was. Getting tough to support our family of 10!

  10. steve51b31 says:

    For my friend Jeannie who begins Chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. Asking for the miracle of healing.

  11. mpmaron says:

    Please pray my wife reverts.

  12. Menagerie says:

    Please pray for a personal petition I have. I am praying for all prayer requests here, those listed, and for those who do not post them.

  13. benedetta says:

    I am praying for all the intentions here. The commitment of believers to take on these sufferings and continue in the way of Christ and not contrary in that is inspiring.

  14. stjoe says:

    Please pray for our daughter who needs to improve her college grades dramatically.

  15. APX says:

    That a priest I know reconsiders his decision to take a group of young adults to an immoral performance or that something prevents them from attending.

  16. mobrien says:

    I will pray for everybody here and Father Z as well. Please pray that I can fast and say the rosary better. Please pray for a particular priest who is going through a very difficult time. Thanks

  17. Peter Stuart says:

    For my friend who is struggling with MS, alcoholism, bipolar disorder and SSA.
    For the reversion of my brother and the conversion of his family.
    That Our Lord through Mary’s intercession will grant me the strength to overcome addiction to sinful Web surfing and impurity.
    Praying for everyone here.

  18. HyacinthClare says:

    Praying for all of the above.
    For my foster son, age 43, completely fallen away from any form of Christianity, who has aggressive prostate cancer which the doctor says is going to take his life in the next year or two. He has twin sons who are not yet two.
    For my autistic granddaughter and wisdom and grace for her good parents.

  19. For my dear friend and colleague who is battling cancer and just started chemotherapy. (Through the intercession of Bl. Margaret of Castello.)

  20. JMody says:

    For Jim, diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and Ed, who has pancreatic cancer.

  21. Sandy says:

    Prayers for all of you, Father Z too. So many heartbreaking needs are listed. I’m praying that there will be great conversions in our diocese, especially since some of us are disheartened by the appointment of the new bishop. Of course the Lord knows all my family needs, thank you Jesus and Mary.

  22. Liz says:

    Please pray for: Anthony who is dying, for my daughter who is very ill with Lyme disease and trying to finish her last quarter of college so she can graduate, God willing, for Fr. Gordon MacRae and a hearing, on St. Patrick’s feast day, to consider oral arguments for his Appeal, for a friend who recently lost a child and for many others who are suffering.

    I will certainly be praying for all of your intentions including all who have posted, will post and who are reading this. God bless you all.

    p.s. I’ve notice it too, Fr. Z. Lots of people seem to be suffering terribly right now.

  23. MikeM221 says:

    Please pray for my 18-year old daughter, who is on a path leading to self-destruction, and for the teenage son of a co-worker, who is awaiting the results of a biopsy. Please also pray for my wife, who has been suffering from some physical ailments for over two years, and please pray for me, that I might overcome some personal demons.

    I remember all the intentions posted here and Father Z’s personal intentions in my daily prayers.

  24. Marc M says:

    Prayers for all of the above, and everyone reading.

    Please pray for a friend’s 22-year old niece who is in critical condition, having just had a stroke and multiple siezures while undergoing chemotherapy. For my aunt who also just had a stroke after routine unrelated surgery. For my friend’s father who is hoping for a liver transplant. Also, please pray for a personal petition for someone close to me in need of healing.

  25. lmo1968 says:

    Please pray for me that I may get more hours at my current job(s) or that I may find new work. Prayers going out for everybody here, including our host.

  26. Akita says:

    Remembering all you dear hearts in my prayers. For those of you caring for a spouse or parent with dementia please seek a referral for hospice, even if the patient lives in the home. Hospice can be a great source of comfort. If your parent or spouse says less than 7 words in a typical conversation or cannot walk or cannot smile, they are likely eligible for hospice which is covered by Medicaid.

    Dear Virgin Mary, crush the head of the serpent in his every permutation.

  27. Akita says:

    Please pray for my son age 19, who is adopted, is of a minority race and is working toward his manhood.

  28. Torpedo1 says:

    Praying for all those above. Please keep my husband and I in your prayers, thanks so much.

  29. Andkaras says:

    Heartfelt prayers for all of you especially Ellen and all for whom life is a heavy burden right now. Please pray for my family undergoing some deeply troubling changes and challenges.Our Lady ,Queen of Heaven ,Pray for us.

  30. Lin says:

    Many prayers for all requests and for Father Z’s intentions. Please pray for my healing from a nun diagnosed condition. Thank you!

  31. pannw says:

    That God the Father will give my husband the gift of faith to know Our Lord. For my mother’s conversion. For the repose of the soul of Theresa who died this week and in thanksgiving for her conversion in time. For the father of my brother-in-law who has cancer. For my sister who suffers from RA, and for a personal intention.

  32. JTH says:

    Praying for all.

    For my father who has dementia, that he may have joy in his heart and may have a happy death. (He is in hospice. I also recommend hospice services.)

    For my brother who has experienced many setbacks in his life in the last few years, that faith may bring him back to the Church and participation in the Sacraments.

    May I suggest the Green Scapular for those praying for conversions. (Has worked and is working within my family.)

    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

  33. Akita says:

    That should read Medicare in my above comment, not Medicaid.

  34. Gentillylace says:

    Sending prayers for all your intentions, and especially for Ellen.

    Please pray for my friend who has 60 days to find a new place to live: her landlord is forcing her and her family out of the house that she rents.

    Please pray that my mother (raised a Methodist, but does not attend any church services) and brothers (both unbaptized) enter the Catholic Church.

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my father, who died in December.

  35. Quas Primas says:

    Ellen, thought of you when hearing in today’s First Reading that Joseph’s brothers wouldn’t greet him. That resonated so much after reading your comment, that I feel prompted to tell you that.

    Joining in prayer for all of these petitions, and requesting prayer for my mother’s health, my soon-to-be godchild (and that I may be a good godmother), and for the appointment of a good, holy bishop for the Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, who will teach, govern, and sanctify us after the Lord’s own Heart.

    Thank you, Fr Z, for giving us this opportunity.

  36. andia says:

    Joining in prayer for all these!

    My petition is for a very special intention for Father David W Bialkowski. And for a good job for me, that I might get out of debt after 4 years of unemployment and follow where ever God is calling me

    Thank you Father Z for allowing us to pray of each other and you!

  37. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for the S family, who are struggling greatly with various diseases, including alcoholism. The are probably divorcing, wich, sadly, I think will be for the better for the children.

    Prayers for my battered parish would also be greatly appreciated, as our angry and frightening pastor now has started to get rid of specific persons who have small, but paid positions. They are fired without any warning (which can’t be done here, so the parish might end up in court for breaking their contracts.) Pray that we have a new, good, competent and friendly pastor really, really soon!

    I will pray for all of your intentions and for The Sicilian Woman especially.

  38. PA mom says:

    For a young mother of four, who is in the middle of a divorce.

    That the Lord might grant her family the miracle it needs to pull back together for the sake of their four young boys and each other.

    For my husband, as he and I attend our parish retreat. That the Lord might warm his heart towards Himself and draw us closer together.

    Praying for all intentions here.

  39. Urgent! I just received this information.

    This is horrible!!! Please read, then pray –
    very serious and highly urgent request!!!
    Please share!!!
    John Freund

    From our Curia in Rome…
    From Sister Monique, via Filles de la Charite, PARIS

    Late Sunday afternoon on 1 March 2015, I received a message from M. Francoise, a delegate of the International Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and I managed to reach her by telephone.
    She was leaving for Paris, and collapsed at the news she had just received: members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Syria were kidnapped, along with their wives and children. The children were isolated and put into cages. Adults who do not deny their faith will be decapitated, and their children burned alive in the cages. M. Francoise had been in regular contact with several of them before all this occurred. She asked me to transmit the news and make a fervent appeal for prayers for these people, and all who are held hostage.
    Let us remain fervently united in prayer, and have as our intention the welfare of all brothers and sisters in our Christian faith who are being held hostage

    Baton Rouge Magnificat Chapter
    St. Elizabeth of the Visitation
    Baton Rouge, La. 70810

  40. Suzanne Carl says:

    Praying for these intentions, and those of readers who choose not to post. I ask for your prayers as well. I have lost 3 jobs in the last 3 weeks. And now the only car our family owns has no steering fluid due to a large leak, which would be the reason I lost the 3rd job: I couldn’t get there.

  41. KAS says:

    I am praying for all who have posted here and those who have not as well.

    For my spouse’s health and conversion.
    For my adult son to find his vocational path and boldly follow it. And not remember his orthodox lessons in the faith and return to a proper practice of them.
    For my adult daughter and her spouse and child–that they would find healing for their health issues and return to the practice of the faith.
    For my elementary age daughter who isn’t sure she believed God exists at all, that as I continue to teach her the stories from the Bible and show her the practices of our faith, that she will grow into Faith!
    For my pre-school children, that I will be successful at teaching them to be orthodox, practicing Catholics.
    For my efforts to follow all aspects of my vocation diligently and with joy in Christ.

    Thank God for all the prayers.

  42. KAS says:

    Sigh, I left words out, that is for my adult son to NOT ONLY remember his orthodox lessons in the faith but to return to the practice of it.

  43. nboyle says:

    That my brothers may practice their faith again. And that I may find my vocation and keep my faith in the process.

  44. jameeka says:

    Please pray for strength, wisdom, and courage for Archbishop Cordileone against the opposition.

  45. BobNYCatholic says:

    Prayed for all these intentions with a heavy heart. There is so much pain. Please Lord help them.
    Please pray for me. I have back pain that I have been dealing with. Any relief that will allow me to function in life will help. Thank you and May God bless you.

  46. akp1 says:

    Please pray for a miracle for a two year old girl with a non operable brain tumour

  47. KAS says:

    Something odd happened and I could use some urgent prayers about this one. Thank you and God bless all who pray.

    My prayers for everyone’s needs here too.

  48. gramma10 says:

    For the most precious blood of Jesus Christ to cover all people, who are straying, or sick or in despair or homeless or hungry or confused or angry or sad and needing ANY help or prayer at all, in our families, on this blog, our nation and in the world.

    That Mother Mary will keep them all close to her heart. That all people will be open to the Holy Spirit and allow their hearts to be lit with His fire. That our angels will guard and protect us from evil.

    That we all become united in the Body of Christ and realize we are not alone.
    Thank you Lord.

  49. Gloria says:

    My prayers are with all these intentions.
    “I do not remember ever having asked anything of St. Joseph that he did not grant me , nor can I think without amazement of the great graces God grants through his intercession” Saint Teresa of Avila

  50. Rachel K says:

    Dear Ellen, I am praying for you now. There is light at the end of the tunnel, keep your eyes on Jesus.
    For Pedro, beautiful Catholic soul, who is 19 and has an aggressive bone cancer. The doctors do nt have much hope for him.
    For my dear husband who is now adding cohabitation to his separation from me and our children. I am fearful for his soul. Dear mother Mary, protect him and call him back to your son, Jesus.
    Prayers going up now for all these worthy intentions.

  51. HeatherPA says:

    Praying for all intentions listed and all not.

    Please pray that I continue to carry the cross of illness I have been given. I haven’t carried it well this winter, and I am struggling.
    Also, that my two little girls feel better, they caught a nasty cold and we are having a bad week here. Daylight savings hasn’t helped.

  52. Bea says:

    Praying for all of the above.
    Fr. Z’s special intention and especially for yours, Ellen.
    This problem seems so prevalent lately. In speaking to a parishioner with this same problem just this past Sunday, She, too, is so alone. She works, has children, a mother with cancer and tries to take care of her demented father, who verbally abuses her if he does not get his way. Other parishioners were criticizing her for bringing her father in early (before the previous Mass has ended and at his insistence in arriving early) with his entrance with a noisy walker. One doesn’t know what heartbreak the person next to us is experiencing.

    Thanks, menagerie for starting this trend “and for those who do not post them.”
    Prayers for them, too.

  53. Akita says:

    For Cardinal Burke, that he remain healthy and strong in proclaiming the gospel and the truth about marriage and the family in preparation for the Synod.

    For archbishop Cordelione, that he remain the lionhearted in the face of the diabolical.

    For the millions of lukewarm Catholics who daily buy into the lie of “gay marriage” and the right to choose abortion.

  54. SKAY says:

    Prayers for all of the above requests.
    I ask for prayers for a relative of my sister. She was just diagnosed with lung cancer and the family has been told there is nothing that can be done. Her name is Elaine.

  55. Suburbanbanshee says:

    For a friend in Colorado Springs who’s going in for surgery in a few days.

    She’s also between parishes; so if you can tell me your favorite ones in her area, could you please leave it in comments over at There’s a post up, and I’ll keep it on top.

  56. MikeM221 says:

    Please pray for the teenage son of one of my co-workers. When I posted last week, the family was awaiting the results of a biopsy. Sadly, he has since been diagnosed with lymphoma.

    I continue to remember in my prayers the intentions of everyone who has posted them here, and the intentions of those who have chosen not to post them.

  57. Mrs. G says:

    For though the fig tree blossom not
    nor fruit be on the vines,
    Though the yield of the olive fail
    and the terraces produce no nourishment,

    Though the flocks disappear from the fold
    and there be no herd in the stalls,
    Yet will I rejoice in the Lord
    and exult in my saving God.

    God, my Lord, is my strength;
    he makes my feet swift as those of hinds
    and enables me to go upon the heights.
    Habakkuk 3:17-19

    So many needs; so much pain. May Our Lord and His Mother sustain and comfort us.

  58. Torpedo1 says:

    At Rachael K,
    Trust me, I understand how you feel. Please pray for my father. I just found out this weekend that he has since “married” his girlfriend whom he lives with. All we can do is hope and pray. Also, praying for Fr. Z’s intentions and all of those here. Please keep praying for my husband and myself, thanks so much everyone.

  59. mysticalrose says:

    Please pray for my husband and I. We are in serious financial trouble despite all of our best efforts and my husband really needs to find a new job quickly. I will remember all your intentions.

  60. Moro says:

    Please pray for a friend of mine who is suffering greatly from some personal difficulties and her job search. She is someone with great potential and I sincerely hope that she manages to come to know Christ and his Church. Please pray for these intentions

  61. DavidMichael says:

    Please pray for my father who is dying and expected to pass within just a few days. He has been away from the Church for many years, and had divorced my mother and remarried; I pray he will be reconciled with Our Lord before the end. I’m praying for all these intentions as well.

  62. Wiktor says:

    For the soul of my father, who passed away few days ago.

  63. Worm-120 says:

    A young women I know just had a brain aneurism, they are trying to operate on it.

  64. MrsMacD says:

    We (I, my husband, my eight children) need a place to live by the end of the month.

  65. Cody says:

    please pray for my aunt who was involve in a severe car accident last night. she will likely lose one foot and the other leg. 3 people in the other car (which swerved into her lane) were killed. pray for their souls, as well.

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