ALAMOI call on all the readers here to pray and offer fasting and alms for the spiritual defense of Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco.

Will San Francisco be the Alamo of the Church in these USA?

Today, in the ultra-liberal San Francisco Chronicle there is a full page ad from 100 “Prominent Catholics” calling on Pope Francis to remove Archbp. Cordileone.  Prominent?  Why?  Because they support sodomy and they have money?  Catholic?  How?

What will happen across these USA if the liberals and homosexualists succeed in bringing down Archbp. Cordileone?

Think about it.  The libs and the haters of the Church and homosexualists with whom they are in bed, who have been feeling their oats for a couple years now, will target every bishop and priest who dares to preach faithfully on Catholic doctrine and morals… especially morals.

I received an SMS from a friend to find, immediately, a live stream of Michael Savage’s radio show today.  He talked about the attacks on traditional Catholic teaching and the organized liberal attacks on Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone by homosexualists and other liberals with whom they conspire.  Like him, hate him, Savage was great today.  He mentioned that San Francisco, and this attack on Archbp. Cordilone, is like the Alamo.  Wait until the 16 April show is posted.  HERE  There was a priest from the Detroit area who called in.  He did well.  I rarely hear Michael Savage, but today was worth the effort.  (NB: Savage is NOT a fan of Pope Francis’s comments on anything economic or on the environment, but he told the truth about Francis’ comments on the reality of the differences of men and women, etc.)

Savage defended the Church from a liberal pogrom, and he isn’t even Catholic.  How much more should we self-proclaimed faithful Catholics be willing to get up off our complacent backsides and FIGHT BACK?

Keep in mind that, if and when you do fight back, the Devil and his earthly puppets will go after you.  Just watch.  Therefore, the first thing we do when getting ready to fight back, is go to confession and receive Communion in the state of grace.

Look what happens to Catholic bishops who support the Church’s teaching, indeed the very natural law, human ecology.  Archbp. Neinstedt supported the amendment to the Minnesota Constitution in defense of marriage, and the payback has been nothing less than vicious.  Today if a bishop holds the line, he will be relentlessly assailed.

We have to hold the line with Archbp. Cordileone.

Also, check the website

Also, in a related issue, check out this project to Mass Mob a Mass at a parish which has been at the eye of the hurricane in SF, Star of the Sea Church.  HERE

  • When: April 25, 2015 at 4:30pm; plus a reception following the Vigil.
  • Where: Star of the Sea Church at 4420 Geary Street (@ 8th), San
    Francisco, CA
  • Who Should Attend: All supporters of Father Illo and Father Driscoll
    at the Star of the Sea. Invite your family and friends!

One thing that I did to support Frs. Illo and Driscoll at Star of the Sea was to send them some Z-Swag.  I had a nice note back from them.

In any event, I call on all the readers here to pray and offer fasting and alms for the spiritual defense of Archbishop Cordileone. We could use this post as a kind of spiritual bouquet.


The Archdiocese of San Francisco responded quickly to the ad.  According to CBS News, the statement reads:

“The advertisement is a misrepresentation of Catholic teaching, a misrepresentation of the nature of the teacher contract, and a misrepresentation of the spirit of the Archbishop. The greatest misrepresentation of all is that the signers presume to speak for ‘the Catholic Community of San Francisco.’ They do not.”

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    “Prominent Catholics”, feh! What hubris. I would like their definition of “prominent” too. What on earth would they point to, bank accounts? God cares not at all about that. Piety? I doubt it. That wording alone highlights the thinking of this mafia, that superficial worldly characteristics are what make one worthy of weighing in on such matters. How ugly.
    Unfortunately, this is on the people in the geographic area to do the heavy lifting as far as presence, and they are needed. They should bombard the news outlets with emails, support for Archbishop Cordileone, and show up, somewhere, with signs that simply state they support him. Get together, get organized, if there is a rally, show up. Don’t bring children, this is no time for them. Don’t bring frail elderly, this may get ugly. But everybody else needs to get involved. Here is your chance. Don’t get into debates or conversations about the topic. These people have heads like cement and you will not convince anyone of anything, just show your happy support for the Archbishop.
    We cannot lose this particular type of battle. Were he to be removed, this would be incredibly bad. These people are railing against God, trying to suppress, bully, and control Him. I look forward to seeing how God is going to answer them.

  2. SanSan says:

    You bet Father Z! We are in love with our wonderful Archbishop and to show support we will have a Family Picnic May 16th at the Marina Green in SF at 11AM. We’re all wearing blue that day and will enjoy “like minded” families who feel as we do. Also, we will not miss the April 25th event at Star of the Sea. We have waited so long here in the belly of the beast for these courageous Priests! Praise the Lord!

  3. iepuras says:

    Praying that this ends up like the Battle of San Jacinto rather than the Alamo. Or Goliad. Kyrie eleison!

  4. McCall1981 says:

    Archbp Cordileone is fantastic, and as a member of his Archdiocese he has my admiration, gratitude and support. This does make me a little nervous though. As Kathleen10 said, this is the kind of battle we really can’t afford to lose, and given the current, um, climate in the Church, I wonder if he has enough support behind him to withstand this. I pray that he does, I just hope he hasn’t bit off more than he can chew.

  5. SophiaGrace says:

    I offer a Memorare, Rosary, and Divine Mercy Chaplet for the lion-hearted Archbishop. Thank you, Father.

  6. seanc says:

    I have say that Pope Francis is not doing faithful, orthodox Catholics any favours by not making a clear, public clarification specific to his “Who am I to judge?” statement.

    I, of course, have read and understand Fr. Z’s article about it, but it seems that the vast majority of people are either unaware or are willfully ignorant of the context in which the Holy Father made that statement.

    While Pope Francis has been clear in his support of orthodox Catholic teaching, I’m not so sure that the message is being successfully conveyed to most Catholics, let alone the world-at-large. This section of the ad is particularly telling:

    “Instead of your famous words, ‘Who Am I to Judge’, Archbishop Cordileone repeatedly labels the behavior of our fellow brothers and sisters (and their children) as ‘gravely evil.'”

    In one concise sentence, they show their deep ignorance of Catholic teaching and the context of the Holy Father’s comment. My hope is that, this being San Francisco (a city notorious for its long history of promoting and celebrating immoral, unnatural behaviour), it isn’t necessarily an indicator of things to come. We shall see.

  7. The chances of any archbishop being removed against his will by the Pope for such specious reasons are almost nil, but his life could be made difficult to the point that he might want to resign “for health reasons,” so he definitely needs our prayers and visible encouragement and support. Some good Catholics in the area should purchase some space on giant billboards along I-5 or I-80 to show their support.

  8. IoannesPetrus says:

    After this Lent I’ve given some thought to starting the Friday fast for myself. (It isn’t done in my diocese, and of course last Friday was in the Easter Octave.) So there: I will offer my first Friday fast for this situation. My family also prays the Rosary that day every week, so I will remember it there.

    BTW His Excellency finally has a Twitter feed @ABCordileone: go follow him!

  9. JSII says:

    I will offer 7 decades of the Rosary over the next 7 days .

  10. Latin Mass Type says:

    I would like to share something a priest told me about Archbishop Cordileone’s pastoral visit to his parish. (His Excellency is planning to visit all the parishes in the archdiocese!)

    It was Saturday and during the regularly scheduled parish confession hours, Archbishop Cordileone sat in the confessional hearing confessions!

    And then there is his support of the Extraordinary Form…!

    No wonder the “prominent Vatican II catholics” want him removed.

  11. Reliquary says:

    Consider the flowers ordered and on their way.

  12. Joe in Canada says:

    It’s good to say “Michael Savage” instead of just “Savage”, because the other one (“Dan Savage”) is a bully.
    “Prominent Catholics”. The only prominent Catholics should be the ones we don’t usually know about because they are so busy praying and fasting and doing good works.

  13. CharlesG says:

    Archbishop Cordileone is also doing wonderful things to help bring reverence, beauty and tradition to the ordinary form of the Roman liturgy by sponsoring the superb music books produced by Fr. Weber, i.e., a book of English hymns for the Liturgy of the Hours, based on translations of the original Latin hymns in the Liber Hymnarius, not just random hymns as in the standard US LOTH books, and most recently a book of chant for English language mass propers for all Sundays and Solemnities. I’ve ordered the latter in the mail and can’t wait to receive!

  14. Benedict Joseph says:

    My respect, admiration and gratitude to Archbishop Cordeleone is boundless. There have been a significant number of bishops and cardinals who have spoken bravely in the last year, but honestly, none have taken the bull by the horns as this man has done. I worry that his adversaries will go beyond the bounds of simple contrariness and protest. But there is one thing I don’t worry about – the response of his colleagues and superiors. I don’t worry about that because it is more than likely that 99% of them will remain silent and at a safe distance. It is equally likely that his superiors will allow him to hang out to dry, or reprimand him for his lack of pastoral charity, or both, or worse. Unfortunately, in a church where the spirit of the Adversary has the ear of far too many ecclesiastics, the voice of the orthodox faithful is either not heard, put on hold, or simply disregarded as the mad ravings of groundlings. We should all be praying for Archbishop Cordeleone to maintain his enlightened and courageous stand, and that his brother bishops will find their spines and avail themselves of the Holy Spirit’s gift of fortitude. Speak boldly, Shepherds.

  15. jameeka says:

    Time for the Bux Protocol yet?

  16. Elizabeth M says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The family picnic will be added to 2 group calendars that reach out to families here in the Bay.

  17. jonguz says:

    I can’t even stand to imagine what would happen if these people got their way. I will keep His Excellency and the Holy Father in my prayers, and I will exhort any faithful around me to do the same.

    Gaude Maria Virgo, cunctas haereses sola interemisti in universo mundo.

    Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

  18. pannw says:

    My family went to Northern California on Spring Break a few weeks ago, and part of our trip was into San Francisco. We planned our itinerary so that we would be able to attend Saturday Vigil Mass at Star of the Sea. I wanted to go and offer my support to Father Illo after seeing stories about him on blogs and in the news. He was so kind and humble. He asked me to pray for the Archbishop.

    I added Father Illo and Archbishop Cordileone to my morning offering prayers after that, but I will do more.

    Faithful priests and bishops have a hard enough time in the ‘buckle of the bible belt’, much less the belly of the beast that is San Francisco. May God help them. has a petition, I stand with Archbishop Cordileone, on their site. It has been there a month and still 7200+ shy of reaching the goal of 50,000 signatures. If anyone hasn’t signed it…

  19. majuscule says:

    I contributed to one spiritual bouquet for His Excellency that was delivered last month.

    I have continued to remember him in my daily rosary for priests and with an additional decade specifically for him from another rosary that I say for other intentions. So please add those to this bouquet!

    Time to add some fasting, too. That’s really difficult for me!. (So much the better!)

  20. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:
  21. lana says:

    This is a great teaching opportunity for Pope Francis! Let’s pray he responds.

  22. Geoffrey says:

    I have a feeling that we all need to become well-prepared apologists…

    Meanwhile, I cannot wait until His Excellency’s “Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music and Divine Worship” gets up and running.

  23. danidunn says:

    “My sheep listen to my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

    For another commenter, how’d this become about Pope Francis? If Pope Benedict were still the pope does anybody for a minute think that “prominent” Catholics would not be upset about Archbishop Cordileone upholding the Catholic faith? I know the voice of Jesus’ vicar and Il listen to his voice without needing him or somebody else to clarify remarks that are consistently quoted out of context.

    But, for those who need clarification then this might be a good place to start.

  24. dowirz says:

    A word about Fr. Illo, pastor of Star of the Sea. He was my chaplain when I travelled to Rome for WYD in 2000. He is the kind of priest that did not hesitate to hear confessions, hiked all over Southern I talk with a group Ofover 100 youth, packing the necessary items to say Mass on his back. He is a holy, orthodox priest. I pray for him in his new assignment.

  25. dowirz says:

    “I talk” should be “Italy”. Lovely autocorrect.

  26. A.D. says:

    Thank you for the picture of one of my favorite movies (I don’t care what the critics say!). And it is appropriate. A few may have to defend Holy Mother Church to their deaths. So be it! But don’t leave out the old and frail elderly. Many are quite fearless and a cane is a wonderful defense against anyone foolish enough to contend with one of them.

  27. disco says:

    Maybe it’s time for actual Catholics to take out a full page ad of our own urging Pope Francis to not only confirm the good Archbishop in his post, but to raise him to the sacred college, a la Paul III to John Fisher.

  28. Kerry says:

    Father, we don’t want it to be the Alamo, but Midway, or Bastogne, or perhaps the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot!

  29. clarinetist04 says:

    Pray it is like Lepanto!

    The bigger problem I see with my generation, fueled by the fire of our predecessors, is that most of my contemporaries (20-somethings and younger) have heretical beliefs about what the Catholic faith is at its core. Most will say it’s more important to “not judge and be accepting of everyone” but there is a distinct lack of understanding around the Biblical way to be accepting and not judge. The Pope merely added confirmation, albeit unintentionally, to these wayward beliefs and our eclesiastical heirarchy in the US doesn’t have the will or gumption to preach about the difficult things at the 1 hour per week they have the Catholic communitys’ ears. don’t think for a moment that these beliefs weren’t already hardened in their hearts before Pope Francis came on the scene. So what are WE going to do about forgiving our neighbor and trying to correct the situation? Isn’t that what Christ showed us? We can “not judge lest ye be judged” while still affirming correct Catholic teaching – it’s easy for us to sit hear and blame the priests and bishops for not hammering away at good dogmatic teachings, but are we doing our part as lay ministers of Christ’s Word?

  30. pelerin says:

    Brilliant statement by the Archbishop – short and very much to the point. I am only sorry I missed hearing him speak in London during his visit. At the time I did not know anything about him except that he was from America.

  31. Packrraat says:

    I will offer a week’s worth of daily Masses and communions, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and rosary daily for a week. Then, I will add him to the list of priests I pray for daily from now on.

    We need more good men like him who are willing to lay their lives down for their flocks in sacrificial love, never afraid to speak the truth. We have not prayed enough for our shepherds.

  32. The Masked Chicken says:

    “We can “not judge lest ye be judged” while still affirming correct Catholic teaching – it’s easy for us to sit hear and blame the priests and bishops for not hammering away at good dogmatic teachings, but are we doing our part as lay ministers of Christ’s Word?”

    It has been my observation that when the day-to-day Catholic tries this, they find themselves unprepared to actually engage with people who are either ignorant of the truth or, worse, have prepared a list of counter-arguments. In other words, it is not enough to know the truth. One has to be able to communicate the truth and defend the truth, but most Catholics are not trained to be able to do that against, say, a garden variety atheist or Evangelical. It would be nice if there were some sort of national training program, similar to the old Catholic Evidence Guild from England (and I know that has been imported into the U. S., I know, but few people know about it). Places like Catholic Answers help, but they don’t really train people to do what they do. There needs to be an apostolate for apologetics. I wonder how well such a thing would be received in certain diocese? Thus, it does, really, come back to the bishops. They control what goes on in their diocese.

    I wonder what one could call the apostolate? Apologetics for Chickens? The Catholic Chicken’s Apologetic Society? Chickens United for the Faith? Chickens Having Incredible Catholic Knowledge Evangelizing Network (C. H. I. C. K. E. N.)?

    The Chicken

  33. HeatherPA says:

    I will offer my sufferings and my daily Rosary and we will offer our weekly Sunday family Rosary for the dear Archbishop. God bless him.

    Satan is indeed rising in his fury against the Church and her faithful. Cling to the mast of the boat, everyone, while the typhoon blows, and the Lord appears to be sleeping. He will awaken at some point, and calm the sea. It may not be during our lifetime, but it will happen for certain, we do know that.

  34. HeatherPA says:

    The Chicken,

    John Martignoni of the Bible Christian Society is the chief apologist of the Diocese of Birmingham. He is superb. He has free, outstanding downloads on his website of his talks, and actually I think he was even on EWTN this week. He has great pointers on how to engage Protestants and evangelicals on Catholic apologetics in a real way.

  35. Akita says:

    I’ve observed the situation in San Francisco for a few years and wrote a letter of support to archbishop Cordelione back in 2013. His level-headed holiness in the face of the beast impressed me from the start. I received a beautiful, personal response from him. I will treasure it always. Prayer and fasting for him today. St. Michael the Archangel, come to our rescue!

  36. bernadette says:

    I offer my hour of Adoration, Mass, and rosary today for the Archbishop. Keep up the good fight Archbishop Cordileone! There are many Catholics who support what you are doing.

  37. Praynfast says:

    I think an important aspect of all of this needs to be brought to light – much of this hatred for the Catholic Church is supported by communist democrats. It is simply the communist attempt to rid society of Christianity by way of force and bullying.

    The Blessed Mother spoke of the errors communism being spread, and we are witnessing it in S.F. right now. Encourage people to speak up against Christianity-hating communism which has become disguised in the democrat party.

  38. pattif says:

    I will offer an hour’s adoration tonight, tonight’s Rosary and the coming week’s Masses and Communions for Archbishop Cordileone’s intentions. We native San Diegans have to stick together.

  39. chantgirl says:

    The children and I are offering a week of litanies to St. Joseph and the prayer to St. Joseph from HH. Pope Leo XIII (good prayer that talks about the enemies of the Church). I am willing to contribute to an ad countering the heinous one if a fund is set up. I might have to see if Star of the Sea parish takes online donations as well.

  40. Auggie says:

    May Saint Francis descend upon his city on the bay, and help make it truly Catholic.

  41. A.D. says:

    Prayers for AB Cordileone: This Sunday Mass & Communion, a Rosary, a Divine Mercy Chaplet, and daily Penitential Psalms for a week and continuing remembrance of his intentions in all my prayers after that. May God bless him with courage and wisdom.

  42. MWindsor says:

    Well, if you want to follow that analogy, then you might want to face a few facts.

    We lost at the Alamo, but it was later a rallying cry.

    After the Alamo, and before the final victory, we had to suffer through the Goliad Massacre. That, too, became a rallying cry. Fanin and his men were shot down on Palm Sunday.

    But ultimately, with God’s grace, we get to San Jacinto.

    To me, it’s not a question of whether or not San Francisco is the Alamo and the Archbishop is playing the role of Travis. What’s more interesting is how bad will the next Goliad be, who will play the modern Fanin, how long to the next San Jacinto, and – perhaps most importantly – who’s playing the role of Sam Houston? And eventually, if we hope to rebuild, we’d need someone to take Stephen F. Austin’s role too.

  43. Latin Mass Type says:


    As far as donations go, ran a campaign for Star of the Sea and raised quite a bit of money for them. Someone could continue doing so! It’s over now but here’s the gofundme link:

    Or a gofundme campaign to take out an ad…I wonder if that would get quashed by “certain people”?

    The heretical letter signers may cause others to withhold funds from the archdiocese. I myself make my Archbishop’s Annual Appeal contribution to my parish through the archdiocese website. There may be ways for those outside to contribute. I don’t know if the parish can be specified. Try this link:

    You could also donate to the Oratory of St. Philip Neri to which the priests at Star of the Sea belong. I don’t see donation information on the page but I’m sure a check made out to the Oratory would be welcome!

  44. Adrienne Regina says:

    For Archbishop Cordileone’s intentions and for the intentions of Fathers Illo and Driscoll, I offer a novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots.

    For the “elites”, Father Z’s prayer: Against Persecutors and Evil-Doers.

  45. justfeddup says:

    It seems they are Satanically driven, anything to Stop the production of a possible future Saint.

  46. kellym says:

    Thank you for giving the information regarding the vigil Mass next Saturday, April 25. I wasn’t aware of it and will now make a point of attending. I love this parish, and although I belong to another parish in the City, I attend the Latin Mass when my schedule permits. Fr. Illo’s eloquence and true reverence for the Extraordinary Form is so wonderful.

    I happened to see the full page ad in the Chronicle last night and it really burned my biscuits. I couldn’t care less who these “prominent” Catholics are and their supposed bona fides who claim to speak for us in the Archdiocese. Heck, even my non-Catholic husband thinks the whole thing is absurd: “What? The Archbishop demanding adherence to the central tenets of the Catholic faith for Catholics? Oh, the humanity!”

  47. Catholic Student-at-Law says:

    This won’t happen, but I would love it if Pope Francis’s response is to promote the good Archbishop… say to New York maybe, and appoint an equally orthodox Archbishop in SF in his place. Just to show these “prominent” Catholycs that the Church will stand by what she teaches.

  48. Chon says:

    Historically, bishops remained in their sees for life. This is the way to be a father and get things done. I think moving bishops around is a mistake. It takes too long to figure out your new diocese, build relationships, and figure out how best to create a holy and orthodox situation. Can you imagine a family getting a different father every few years? yikes. We are a mess on the west coast and need to keep our orthodox bishops in place. Let them do their work. Let the promotion come after death.

  49. Uxixu says:

    The idea of the Holy Father personally appointing bishops and removing or re-assigning them as if regional managers in an international corporation, is a relatively modern one, as well and not one Catholics should be content with, in general. Vacancies should be filled by election of the Cathedral Chapters (which themselves were last considered for the US in 1883 IIRC and well past due, at least for the archdiocese), subject to the consent of the Holy Father

  50. pannw says:

    I don’t know how promotion in the Church works. Are there limitations to what city can have a Cardinal? Could the Pope not just make Archbishop Cordileone Cardinal of San Francisco without having to move him. That would be far more of a ‘slap down’ to these ‘prominent Catholics’ than a promotion to a different city. And since adviser to the Pope is a key role of a Cardinal, that would send quite a message to all, Faithful and heretic alike.

  51. rodin says:

    Making Archbishop Cordileone a Cardinal of San Francisco is certainly appealing. Far too many San Francisco kathleeks are lacking in knowledge of the religion they claim. Maybe the Archbishop would be willing to hire the fired–or not fired–New Jersey school teacher to set up a training session for the ignoramuses of San Francisco. He could assign all of those Prominent idiots a penance of attending daily classes of that training for at least ten years. As a California resident I have found many occasions to be thankful I am not in San Francisco.

  52. kylie says:

    My spiritual bouquet offering is five Adoration sessions of one hour each, plus this wonderful Archbishop has been added to our daily family Rosary intentions.

  53. rodin says:

    Forgot to add that I have been praying for Archbishop Cordileone since his appointment and will add more prayers as well as fasts.

  54. Cradle Catholic says:

    I will pray the rosary for Archbishop Cordileone.

  55. lana says:

    For another commenter, ‘how did this become about Pope Francis?’.

    Well, the Open Letter is addressed to Pope Francis asking him to do something about the Archbishop. The imagination runs wild…. Pope Francis places a full-page ad with the Catechism text on homosexuality. Pope Francis donates a leatherbound copies of the Catechism to each ‘prominent member’. Pope Francis comes to SF next Holy Thursday and washes the Archbishop’s feet. etc But whatever the Holy Spirit does through Pope Francis is always much more interesting than anything I can imagine.

  56. Kerry says:

    We listened to some of Michael Savage who notes it is the Archbishop’s job to teach right from wrong, and, of the “Prominent 100”, “What do they go to church for!!!”

  57. yzerman123 says:

    Rather than just put out fires, we also have to preventatively plan for the future. These liberals are not Catholic any more. They’ve lost their faith. But we’ve let them hang around, continue to call themselves Catholic, while undermining the Church from the inside.

    Until we clean our own house, these assaults will continue.

  58. chantgirl says:

    In another episode of catholic Democrats behaving badly, we see that this attack may have more to do with politics than teachers’ “hurt feelings”.

    When will American catholics realize that Catholicism and the Democrat party are not compatible?

  59. Tim in Dixie says:

    I got involved with same SF types at the Fishwrap, is a reply to one of my comments “… my “prescription” for you is to put down the CCC for awhile and talk to Catholics in the pews of your church of all ages as I do on a regular basis. In my parish, they have already decided that the CCC’s teaching on contraception, homosexuality, fornication, masturbation plus a few others are stuck in the year 1200 and flatly reject them. By all means continue to follow them if you chose, but realize you are in a dwindling minority.” Sound like heresy to me.

  60. I’m having second thoughts about the first part of my earlier comment in this discussion now, though the rest seems to be on target.

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