Very Cool Blue Angels Video

I had to share this video with you.

This video reminds me of my days as a Navy pilot, before my all too short astronaut career. These days I don’t experience the same level of g-forces during the consecration. And I miss the reflective visor. Un-liturgical.

It’s helps with versus populum Masses, though.

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  1. Someone please be the Garrigue says:

    Did your astronaut career end when you upset the LCWR cosmonauts? :-)

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    I’m pretty sure I suffer the same level of G force when I take that wicked left exit going home in my Elantra. If I didn’t huff and puff like that I’d pass right out.

    These guys are so cool!!

  3. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    LCWR cosmonauts. LOL. But seriously, folks, was that one of Marty Haugen’s latest they were playing?

  4. Rushintuit says:

    I still can’t believe that Father Hunwicke is married. What am I supposed to do with these (new to me) data points? Was is the Apostle Paul who wrote, fly fast and hold to formation?

  5. Mike says:

    I grew up down the street from a Naval Air Base–saw the 70’s version of these guys practicing over our neighborhood every summer! The best.

  6. deaconjeff says:

    One of the few perks of being Permanente Deacon living on the Pensacola Side of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee is being able to attend the Blue Angles Air shows held at Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola.
    No other team in the world flies as fast or as close as do the Blues. Standing on the flight line and watching “Fat Albert” JATO was a teeth rattling experience of power, strength and physics. Sadly no more JATO for Fat Albert, but nonetheless, IF you get a chance to see them I encourage you to make the effort.
    In Service
    Deacon Jeff Massey
    Pensacola-Tallahassee Diocese, Class of 09

  7. HyacinthClare says:

    I’m laughing out loud over a pile of tax returns — reflective visor helping with versus populum masses?? Thanks, I needed that!!

  8. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    I love how calm these guys look – chewing gum, even! I used to feel like a stud navigating the Tangenziale in Napoli without breaking a sweat, but these guys put me to shame!

  9. Perhaps the most noteworthy is that they do the show without g-suits. Any idea as to what location this show was recorded from?

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer, LCDR, USN ret.

  10. Penelope says:

    April Fools?

  11. Elizabeth D says:

    I have seen Fr Z celebrate Mass versus populum and I can confirm there was no reflective visor whatsoever, no barrel rolls, it was about as plain “low Mass” as one could celebrate Novus Ordo Sunday Mass with no singing by the celebrant and not a lick of Latin and of course no Sign of Peace, however the homily was high-performance.

  12. JohnS says:

    Oh, I came to see aquamarine seraphim caught on film. I guess I forgot the date. You got me, Fr. Z. Well done!

  13. frjim4321 says:

    Great, thanks!

  14. gramma10 says:

    This is one reason I Iove Fr. G and his blog! We all need a break from the intensity of life’s messes!
    This is awesome! Amazing and I loved it!
    This is also on the thumbs up list with the other videos and photos on here!
    Especially the Aurora video! I first began checking out this blog because of that one!
    I need to mix, awe, humor, science, music, history, art, religion, politics, cartoons, nature, etc. etc. etc. etc. Because it keeps me sane and well rounded and allows me to really be grateful to God for the awesome piece of artwork that He created using all for good!
    Thus Fr. Z has the best blog out there! Because, Fr. Z, I can tell you are someone we all wish we knew personally!
    Thanks for sharing with the crazy world that “priests can be cool” and “orthodox” at the same time! You help make our faith fun, human and honest! A blessed Holy Week to all!

  15. Mariana2 says:

    “Because, Fr. Z, I can tell you are someone we all wish we knew personally!”

    Very true.

  16. Rob in Maine says:

    Go NAVY!

  17. barre218 says:

    Navy is cool. Air Force is better :P

  18. DonL says:

    Having been stationed on a carrier during the Korean war, all I can say is to quote father Z (as I watched pilots land jets on that tiny little bobbing rolling runway)….”Have you gone to confession?’

  19. pannw says:

    barre218, I don’t know but it’s been said, Air Force wings are made of lead. I don’t know but I’ve been told, Navy wings are made of gold! :P

    My family used to plan vacation around meeting at Pensacola beach the week of the Blue Angels show. We’d sit on the beach and they would ‘sneak up’ on us from behind the line of hotels and then the earth would shake!! And they’d already be over the water. So cool… And Deacon Jeff, Fat Albert JATO was awesome!!!

    I still think the F-14 is cooler than the F-18 though.

  20. Liz says:

    DonL, lol! :)

  21. Sandy says:

    What a nostalgia trip; even reading the comments brought back memories! My aviator Dad was stationed in Pensacola when I was young, and my husband flew a C-130 like Fat Albert (after flying carrier based planes). The C-130 squadron deployed to Antarctica where they had to use JATO. ( I could tell you about God’s miracles in more than one of those flights.) The thrill will always be there for me watching these awesome Blue Angels. God bless our military folks who give so much. God bless you too, Father Z.

  22. AMDeiG says:

    Martial Artist asked, ….Any idea as to what location this show was recorded from?…..

    Readily recognizable as the Seattle show mostly over Lake Washington with the downtown skyline in the distant background performed approx the first week of August each year…. except that one year when Dear Leader sidelined the Blues to “save money”….

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