Fr. Z’s Voice Mail

I have received a few more voicemails…

Remember, I don’t call back, but I listen to it.

  • Greg in Denver says he once called from a hospital 5 years ago.  He wanted this time to thank people for prayers, thank this online community, to say that he prays for us.  He wants me to continue to encourage you to GO TO CONFESSION!   Thanks, Greg!
  • Bea in Arizona observes that the “Credo priest petition” post has scrolled off.  She contacted some priests who signed, but some names didn’t appear. I can do that in a couple days.
  • Charles from Georgia asked about a priest who gave people waiting in line a general absolution after getting out of confessional when going to say Mass.  Yes, probably valid, provided you had the right intentions.  However, you should make a sacramental confession, auricular confession, of all mortal sins in kind and number as soon as possible.  You can’t receive “general” absolution twice in  row… so GO TO CONFESSION (… that was for everyone).
  • Peter in Cleveland started in Latin!  He wants me to push the news that I am to be chaplain for a pilgrimage to Rome in October.  Okay!  HERE
  • Marian from Florida to wish me well for my anniversary of ordination.  She said that she would say a Rosary for me today.  Sweet.  Thanks.

Wanna leave me voice mail?  You have three options:


 020 8133 4535


Since I pay a fee for the two phone numbers, USA and UK, I am glad when they get some use.  I have occasionally thought about how to integrate the audio into posts, when there are good questions or comments, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

TIPS for leaving voice mail.

  1. Don’t shout.  If you shout, your voice will be distorted and I won’t be able to understand you.
  2. Don’t whisper.  C’mon.  If you have to whisper, maybe you should be calling the police, instead.
  3. Come to your point right away.  That helps.

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