Jihad Brides

Years ago I read a Friday mosque speech in which the imam, or whatever, said “If before we couldn’t win with the long sword, we will win with the short sword!”   He went on to explain that the men had to breed with Western women.

I just saw a segment on TV about women who are going to ISIS held territory in order to become jihad “brides”.  They are going freely.  They are purposing to provide lots of jihad offspring for the future of the caliphate.

They are thinking long term.  They intend to have lots of children for their future… projects.

Meanwhile, the wealthy, free West is contracepting and aborting its future into oblivion.

That got me thinking about the long term effects on our society of a) romantic “luv” and b) “no fault” divorce.

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Father, is it time to call for a New Crusade? If not now, when? If no when, why not? Christendom has been through this once already; let’s nip it in the bud and have the Cross rule supreme over ALL of the Holy Lands—Asia Minor, Assyria, and all of the supposed Caliphates/IslamoFascist States.

  2. JustaSinner says: is it time to call for a New Crusade?

    What would such a Crusade look like?

  3. St. Rocco says:

    You’ve got it.

    I think some of your brother priests — including the orthodox TLM-friendly ones — would do well to take a hint from you here.

  4. St. Rocco says:

    JustaSinner says: is it time to call for a New Crusade?

    Who would be in that Crusade? The countless children of which generation?

  5. chantgirl says:

    My husband worked with many Muslim men at one of his jobs. He came home with a story one day that these men had been discussing how they were instructed by their families to “practice on” Christian girls before they settled down and married Muslim girls. My husband then told me that he planned to outbreed one of the married Muslim men with whom he worked. For all of the talk about Christian patriarchy and the war on women, Islam really does view women as chattel. As a woman, I’d rather not go to “Muslim Heaven” as even there women are second class citizens who are only useful for sex.

  6. Maldon says:

    This touches on a topic that is so utterly important that nobody is brave enough to touch it: the fact is that the Catholic Church is fighting a culture war it should never have had to fight in the first place. It is also the easiest war for it to win, in theory. We have one nuclear weapon that none could have withstood, and that is our view of the real objectives of marriage, family, and sex. If Catholics were only to view marriage as a doorway into a vocation necessarily characterized by many children, this war would be over. The wealthy secular West contracepts itself out of existence. The indifferent and impoverished pagans of the West are aborted and contracepted out of existence. None of our cultural enemies are interested in their future through procreation. They are only interested in the future of their ideals, through legislation. We should never be in this situation. They have convinced our people that somehow family means the same thing to us all. We hang out with spouses like they do on TV. In our spare time, we take care of one or two kids we decided to get, because having them will make us happy. We should be outnumbering pagans of every stripe in every election. Instead, we are losing. And some Muslims are much the wiser, and they are winning the war in Europe already.
    It also give me pause to think about priests. I mean, we laymen love to criticize our priests. There should be more; there should be two for every parish, not just one; they should be more cheerful; they should be more serious, and on, and on, and on. We know all about what the priest has done wrong with the liturgical elements of his vocation. But we never discuss this other topic. It is truly taboo. But apostolate, and conquering the world for Christ, and converting the country, all are possible with large Catholic families. Instead, we complain because we want the priests to convert everyone. As in, everyone else! It is a real shame for us. I hope we realize before it is too late, but no one, not even the Pope deals with this clearly.

    There are also a lot of new groups for men in the Catholic Church. Yet sadly, I find that noneof them take a military approach to the problem. None that I know of, anyway. And just so we are clear: by “military approach” I do not mean a Crusade! I mean a military approach in which men stand up and pledge to have massively large, Catholic families. You can’t have a Crusade if there are no Catholics! Our job is to spread the Church across the globe, and the best and usually the only way to do this for working laymen is to have large Catholic families that exude Catholic culture.

  7. benedetta says:

    Assuming one manages to avoid being aborted and come into existence, and that’s far from a guarantee, in fact the odds do not favor it in the West, and assuming one is fortunate to both be born, and raised, Catholic, and in a large family, still, it seems to me, the courageous aspects needed not only with respect to those threats to our freedoms but to others more local, are not just given nor acquired through osmosis. Some may have all of these benefits and yet not comprehend the basic aspects required to be a man for others with conviction and masculine strength, and others comprehend but are not strong enough to do what is necessary to attain the goal. And, in the most unlikely places, some are able to do that but with very little of the kinds of gifts and abilities one seems to assume often are foundational.

    It is not a given by any means that these basically good attributes also then translate into a vocation to the priesthood/religious life or to fatherhood in the ways which the Church so desperately needs right now. If one does not know adversity or how to suffer well and care for others at the same time, a lesson that could be learned through military type programming but by no means exclusively, and to do it without sinning, or sinning less in general, or in sinning less in a way that impacts the community one is trying to foster and grow, then, no matter our numbers it will not go well for us.

  8. clarinetist04 says:

    Living in western Europe is a challenge from a faith standpoint, but do not be fooled by the media into thinking that everyone is an atheist. Most people here, at least where I live and in other Catholic countries like Ireland and Italy, just don’t care. They’re apathetic to it, although most of them still believe in God.

    My brothers and sisters, western Europe needs a revival. Badly. The faith is here, it’s just dormant. The priests are spread among three, four, five parishes and have no chance to evangelize. The population needs to be invited back to church and if the priests can’t do it (and they don’t have the time or familiarity to do it alone anyway), when are we, the laity, going to dust off our walking shoes and do some door-to-door street evangelization? When is the last time you invited a young person to church with you? Or someone off the street?

    I see the Pope visiting Sri Lanka and the Philippines and that’s great. We need the witness of the Pope and other stalwart church leaders in Western Europe too, speaking the faith, not heresy. We need them here where people don’t really care about the faith. Where some, like the Irish, feel betrayed. We need a witness here.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around but when are we going to get over blaming each other and get around to saving our nations and standing up for our faith? Instead we let a demonic agenda run rampant over or countries, legalizing abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex so-called marriage, but we’re afraid to confront our friends over our disagreements because we don’t want to alienate them.

    Stand up for what we believe in. Be a voice. Luke 12:51 – “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division; for from now on five members in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

  9. Giuseppe says:

    Here’s the best analysis of the decreased percentage of American Catholics due to 2 factors: loss of faith and low fertility. So much has been said about the former; not enough about the latter.

  10. benedetta says:

    I don’t think anyone here will ever disagree that contraception and abortion and the laissez faire approach to outright approval of a great many in charge of Catholic institutions and programming, even parishes and other places, all contribute greatly to the situation. But even in the supposedly good ‘ol days, lots of people born to families with sibling numbers into the teens did not “stay Catholic” even with an upbringing featuring huge numbers of Catholics all around, a culture which embraced and celebrated the Faith, lots of vocations, strong Catholic identity. There are a lot of people walking around right now who had all those gifts, turned away from regular practice of the faith, and whose children and grandchildren do not practice it either. I do not think it aids the fact that we are greatly out powered and outnumbered to dream a what if that will never happen in the next few generations, particularly given the way that many Catholics even do not seem to trust in the Holy Spirit in terms of their own futures. Do we really think that by the powers of our own persuasion, if not witness or example of joy and caritas, that all of a sudden the vast majority of Catholics who, do not believe in the Real Presence, never go to confession after one’s first reconciliation, are told it’s fine to contracept, style themselves as prochoice “for the women”, hide behind their lace curtains if someone in the neighborhood, Catholic or no has fallen on hard times or more nimbyism and are happily accept being shamed into a corner fawning over the pop culture if the hells bible tells them they must shut up and not move or exist? Hey if you believe that, that’s fine. Meanwhile, the only reliable power that will assure an eternal effect and imprint on the times for the better is, personal holiness, humility, realizing and putting into practice even if no one notices or cares or is looking, the smallest actions of self denial in communion with the universal Faith. Why should we get worked up over smaller numbers anyway…better minds than ours have predicted as much, no matter how you slice it.

    I grant that people may have adequate faith to move mountains in our time; it’s the getting up and putting the back to the labor, or the friendship to others, or the great announcement and proclamation to the now majority in our country who have not had the gift of baptism that is necessary, in the here and now, as a start, with the numbers we do have, before lecturing others as to what they must do to enter, we must do this ourselves. One can see this played out even now in the communities that even with all the great foundational things, shrink in numbers nonetheless. Any marketing professional worth their martini at happy hour would stop and take a look at situations like that and not tell others to simply hop to and produce in the meantime.

  11. Kathleen10 says:

    Who said “God put limits on man’s intelligence but none on his stupidity”.

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  13. JesusFreak84 says:

    For the women, even if they later on repent of using artificial contraception, the damage to their fertility can take years to recover, if it ever does, and by then she may be past her childbearing years anyway. =-

  14. Maldon says:


    The “good ol’ days” are long gone. The 20th century saw two World Wars and the cultural revolution of the 60s and 70s. There has not yet been a single generation in which the laity have been given pastoral emphasis, such as we have now. The generations before WWII and before VII simply deferred to their parish priests for everything. There were many priests, and they had resources, so catechism, and the preparation for adult Catholic life was for the priests and nuns to do. It was an entirely different situation from that of the post-VII/ and post-70s generations. Each age of crisis seems to have had its own nuclear solution. In one age, it was Athanasius; in another, it was the Templars; I contend that in ours it is large Catholic families. In the good old days, Catholics would not have felt and been threatened as they are today, and today, Athanasius might thunder away at his clergy (surely a good thing!), but in today’s world, it is numbers that determine social outcomes. Numbers of votes, numbers of viewers of movies and television. At the drop of a big number, politicians today will run from one idea to its opposite.

    In addition, in your response, I hear something similar to (not identical to but similar to) something I have heard my mother say a number of times: that she and her brothers were brought up so very strictly and piously, and yet they all abandoned the faith. The implication in her words was that it was the strictness that led to the apostasy. But then, what about the previous generations? Why didn’t they abandon the Faith? Was there only one generation of strict Catholics in our history? I am sure you will agree that it is not. There is such a thing as an “adulterous generation.” There are generations that are more faithful, and there are others that are less. We are inheriting the mess left by an unfortunate generation. But we cannot blame their parents for everything. And not all that came before should be abandoned, elsewise we should say that in the good old days people went to Mass, and they abandoned the Faith, so we should not go to Mass. In the good old days they prayed, they went to Mass, they frequented the Sacraments, etc., and these were all good things. What happened to their children was a brutal cultural environment. Two World Wars and a massive cultural revolution in a half-century is a brutal thing to have had to persevere through. And some, many did persevere, God bless them. We need all the good ideas and practices we can get. My point is that one, the large Catholic family, the apostolate of the large Catholic family is neglected, is essential, would have won us back the culture in democratic countries, and is still taboo.

  15. benedetta says:

    Maldon, You may be right — although the effect that you are referencing, assuming that it is happening, may not be the “nuclear option” equated with the others you mention historically. It would be more of a situation of preservation in some parts of the world from being even a smaller minority. It won’t result in political or cultural dominance or even equal participation at this point, I’m afraid. The current towards families like these looking to settle in particularly “Catholic” geographical locations in the country where there are like minded kind of already is an indication that there may be safety in some numbers in some places, for a time. Meanwhile, the u.n. & gates fndn is looking to “innoculate” women from pregnancy in other parts of the world, some places where there already is a beautiful and vibrant Catholic culture, with many souls contributing to the kingdom even under sometimes very trying circumstances compared to Christians in the West.

    I for one do not necessarily agree with the sentiments that you state of your mother, that people in those alleged good ol’ days were brought up strictly and piously in the faith. Just because there were certain givens to their contexts in terms of availability of sacraments etc. does not necessarily mean that people were then not any less or more adulterous generations than the first generations or any of the presently living. For example, one often hears even from people who prefer the EF that in the “old days”, in most places outside of urban areas, the Mass on offer was Low Mass with hymns, the homilies were pretty bad, people never read Scripture, people did not utilize confession, devotions, conferences they actually had in the manner they should have or needed, to grow spiritually.

    At the same time, communities, families and neighborhoods were safer, more closer knit, reliable places in which parents could raise their children, the old and young were together, and most Catholic families except the very poor had a number of children. It is ironic that in our time of safety net and relative wealth that people now forego a lot of the essentials needed to raise secure families, living far from grandparents and extended families, working, school, parish all relatively far flung from the actual domicile. The parish priests are so overcommitted that they have no time to get to know their flock and take on the smell of the sheep, and as a result people wander and large family or no get beyond their spiritual abilities to cope.

    I also think that the political powers that be in this country, and our bishops conference are by no means lacking in complicity to all of this, have concentrated on some particular types of scenarios played out on the screens with the horrible, Church and soul killing benign neglect of one of the, if not the, greatest gifts of the lay faithful: to marry and bear souls into the world. It has just been ongoing, relentless, on and on and on, in ways so deviously myriad going on many decades now with no let up. I would really like to see Catholics en masse abandon the major political parties in the US and start rallying for what it is we need. And I think an excellent place to start would be to cater quite obviously and with great kindness to large Catholic families: to see after their needs first and foremost. When we attend to the littlest and most vulnerable among us, we all are thereby served in the way that Christ intended. Obviously neither political party wants to or cares to support the needs of these families but the reality is that with abortion and contraception being the go-to for health care, subsidies, with lotteries funding schools, with elite programs for those who have nothing and for those who have everything but nothing for the working poor or lower middle class with a large family, the children of Catholic families will be the ones who care for the boomers in their old age. One would think that if for no reason other than the self interest that has always driven the boomer agenda there would be a greater openness even in Church circles to the needs of families as a practical matter.

    Still though, in the meantime while the large family plan is percolating, if indeed we want to increase numbers, then, it would be wise that we show some generosity towards others who we would hope to invite to join us, lest we all be confined to small infighting ghettos in certain places in the country.

  16. Maldon says:

    Thank you for answering, Benedetta!
    God bless you and yours!

  17. benedetta says:

    Maldon, prego, and God bless to you as well.

  18. kimberley jean says:

    I recently saw a feminist leaning young woman marry a Muslim man and she’s now completely in hijab. Western women keep marrying Muslim men or just sleeping with them because in part because they are confident in general and their certainty that their socio-political views are right is rock solid. That is far more attractive than a neutered video game playing Western man-boy. Does this make a lick of sense? No, but the romance driven heart is not a sensible organ. We have a huge Muslim community where I live and most of my neighbors have four or five children on average including the ones with a Western covert wife.

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