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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

Something is up. I’m getting many more requests for prayers than last year at this time

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

I still have a pressing personal petition.

Finally, please say a prayer for newly ordained priests.  Many priests are being ordained this time of year.  I have in mind, in particular, new Fr. Ryan Koster, to be ordained today, Saturday 23 May, in Kansas City, MO.

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  1. Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, cuius Spiritu totum corpus Ecclesiae sanctificatur et regitur: exaudi nos pro universis ordinibus supplicantes; ut, gratiae tuae munere, ab omnibus tibi gradibus fideliter serviatur. PDN

    Da famulis tuis, Domine, indulgentiam peccatorum, consolationem vitae, gubernationem perpetuam: ut, tibi servientes, ad tuam iugiter misericordiam pervenire mereantur. PDN

    Libera, quaesumus, Domine, a peccatis et hostibus famulos tuos, tibi supplicants: ut, in sancta conversatione viventes nullis afficiantur adversis. PDN

  2. Jerome Vincent says:

    1) For a friend’s young brother, Tom, just taken by Flight-for-life to the hospital after falling from a tree.

    2) For a former student, M, suffering daily and nightly through a broken and hellish home life; for her safety and for her [step]parents and for some hope.

    Thank you all; oremus pro invicem.

  3. templariidvm says:

    For the continued healing of my father after open heart surgery,
    For the healing of a friend undergoing treatment for cancer,
    And for my friends’ whose marriage is in difficulty,
    For all these and for those people who love and support them, I ask your prayers.

  4. KAS says:

    For a personal intention.
    For my 6 children and one grand-child– that they remain true to the faith and in those who have gotten lax that they return to the full orthodox practice of the Catholic faith.
    For my work, that I remain productive on a daily basis.
    For my marriage, that all that is good be strengthened and that forgiveness and patience be the rule where there are difficulties.
    For all our clergy, the deacons, priests and bishops, that they be stubbornly orthodox, courageous and holy.
    For all the martyrs, those truly suffering for being of Christ, that they have final perseverance, and the gift of forgiving and being joyful in God.
    That Catholics wake up and choose to become saints even if it costs them every comfort.
    That I live up to what I pray for others.

  5. UncleBlobb says:

    Please pray for the continued strengthening of my father, who will come home again, until the house is sold, but will always struggle with end stage COPD and heart problems, and never drive again. Please pray for my dear, sweet mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease, and is fading away. Please pray for the conversion of my relatives. Please pray for me: that I can continue to have Faith, be strengthened in Faith, can stop being terrified of losing my mother and this house which has been my home and the home of my heart since I was 5, of growing old alone if it be God’s will, as I’m 44 and don’t have a family of my own, of losing my father in the not too distant future, that he can cope with my mother’s deterioration and eventual death until his own time comes, that I can find hope to go on living the rest of my life, and will have the Faith and fortitude to be there for whatever time my parents have left, to find my vocation, to stop being self-centered, to suffer well, and to persevere until death with Hope and Faith to be with Christ. Please pray for the conversion of the enemies of the Church.

  6. VexillaRegis says:

    For my parish, that it will survive our current terrifying pastor.
    For me and my own family.
    For all sick friends.
    For Syria and the Middle East.

    Lord have mercy upon us!

  7. Eugene says:

    For healing in my marriage and for the return to the sacraments of my wife and children. Prayers for everyone here posting

  8. lmo1968 says:

    Prayers please for myself that I may be able to stay where I am living and support myself through work. Also prayers for K. who is depressed and contemplating suicide. Thank you.

  9. A.D. says:

    Get K. some help right away. Talk to his/her physician; talk to the police, etc. Get help now. Prayers for you and him/her.

    Please pray for a friend who lost her beloved husband this week.
    Pray for K. who is responsible for making life-changing decisions for her mother and sisters that.
    Pray for the bishop in my diocese. He needs it.
    Pray for a special spiritual intention for me.

    Thank you for your mercy.

  10. VexillaRegis says:

    PS Dear Uncleblobb, special prayers for you! I remember your earlier postings about what you are going through in life, and have been wondering what happened to you.

    Also, personal prayers for you, Dear SicilianWoman – I pray for you daily.

  11. av8er says:

    Please pray for my marraige, for Ireland and here the US, and the whole Church.
    Thank you.

    I pray for all thise struggling to remain faithful in the face of all the junk and depressing news that comes out each day. The stuff within the Church is most troubling.

  12. DavidJ says:

    For a friend’s marriage and for my children

  13. Lady Catcliffe says:

    For certain people suffering from various forms of cancer, especially: Lord Catcliffe, now quite ill, although the oncologists are hopeful about a new treatment (and for our not-quite-teenage son Squire Catcliffe who has to watch all this unfold); for a mother of six recently diagnosed with breast cancer; for a toddler boy (not quite two) recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma.
    For my family of “cafeteria” Catholics, as witnessed by a conversation today objecting to Lord Catcliffe’s and my desire to form the Squire in chastity. (I am not so deft at oral defense of the faith, although witness does not consist in winning arguments. As an example of their thinking, they seem to believe that the Gospel of Mary Magdalen is authoritative – based on a book by a Harvard professor – but that the Four Gospels are not.)

  14. djc says:

    That my daughter, and her long time boyfriend, will continue to go to mass and remain Catholic though most of their peers have given up the faith.

    That my wife will continue to remain free of complications after 32 years of Type I Diabetes.

    That my Allergic Asthma will remain under control.

    That Pope Francis will remain strong in preserving the faith.

  15. stjoe says:

    Hi Friends,

    Last month, I asked you to pray for our daughter’s college grades….great news due to your payers!
    She passed both classes in a truly amazing miracle! Thank you for adding your prayers for her!

    Now, we are asking prayers for our nephew, an 18 year old autistic boy in critical condition due to various liver, brain issues and infections. Thank you in advance for your prayers for him.


  16. mysticalrose says:

    That the sick children in my household get well soon, for all of the priests who have benefited me (particularly, D, J, J, D, C, K), for the conversion of those in the Church who most need to be converted.

    I am praying for everyone’s intentions, both written and unwritten.

  17. LeslieL says:

    Still in this beautiful month dedicated to our Blessed Mother – Mother of Priests – I ask you as always to continue – please – to keep a very special intention for my dear friend and young priest, Fr. JM, in your hearts and prayers. Thank you so much!
    I promise to keep all of your intentions in mine…..

  18. andia says:

    For a very special intention for Father David Bialkowski.

    For Father Tom Quinlivan’s continued recovery

    For me to find the path God wants me to take in life.

  19. Moro says:

    For a huge favor of practical help and clarity in my vocation, for profound physical healing for myself, and for a zealous embrace of the faith by my family members

  20. Cafea Fruor says:

    Praying for everyone’s intentions!

    And I’d like to ask for prayers for myself, for a little encouragement and lifting of spirits. I’m 5 days into an absolutely nasty sinus infection/allergies/cold/whatever the heck it is, and it feels like it’ll never end. It seems like nothing compared to others’ needs, but I feel terrible, and these things seem to get worse and worse every time I have them. I’m getting a little depressed about how darned expensive seeing the doctor is (crazy high deductible and working for a Catholic non-profit make paying for the doctor almost worse than not seeing him) and also about how I keep having one random health thing after another just around the time when it feels like I might be getting ahead.

    Extra challenge today: the whole “Should I stay home from Mass, or should I go?” debate. Even when I know I should stay home, I feel about as guilty as I did when I was a kid and actually got to stay home from school by faking an illness. Irrational, I know, but hey.

    Silver lining: the desire for a glorified body sans health problems is really great motivation to seek holiness and try to get to heaven!

  21. I’d like to ask for prayers for someone who left the noviciate of a religious congregation last December and 5 months on is still stuggling to rebuild her life and is carrying deep sadness.

    Also that I may find a job and get to go to Knock on a pilgrimage this summer. Thank you.

  22. Cafea Fruor says:

    CatholicCoffee: you might recommend to this woman. It’s a website run by a young woman who left the religious life and, after going through a huge struggle with little support because it’s not a common situation to be in, decided to create this website as a way of supporting others who have left religious life readjust to lay life. The ladies who run the website might even be able to connect her with others in her area who’ve been through the same thing and can help her. I myself left the religious life ten years ago and went through immense sorrow for at least a year, and had something like Leonie’s Longing existed back then, it would have spared me a lot of pain because a large part of the pain comes from knowing so few people (if anyone) who’s been in a similar situation who can lend an ear and advice.

    And I’ll pray for her in particular because I’ve been there, and I know just how deeply painful it is.

  23. albizzi says:

    For the (formerly) catholic Eire which, like a lot of apostate western countries, has willingly decided to get rid of the divine Laws.
    Oh Lord, if our prayers cannot mitigate the next coming chastisement your servants Sr Lucy dos Santos of Fatima and Sr Agnez Sasagawa of Akita prophesied , at least spare those among your faithful children who prayed and strived so much to prevent this shame happening, by an odd coincidence, on the day of your Holy Pentecost.

  24. aviva meriam says:

    I will pray for all of these intentions.

    Please, in your charity, if you would pray for:
    my family: we have a few very pressings needs;
    For RKS and her Family;
    For F that he continue to have the hours he needs to support himself and his mother;

    and in gratitude for the continued healing of my son.


  25. Cafea Fruor, that is hugely helpful, thank you so much.

  26. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Cafea Fruor – I spent a year or so in a cycle of respiratory infections and sinus problems, so I feel for you. It tends to drain your body of vitamin reserves, particularly the ones from A to D; and that makes you more susceptible to respiratory illnesses!

    Doctors can prescribe B vitamin shots, for one, or you can just increase your intake and get a lot of good out of it. Try it. It’s cheaper than meds.

  27. Franklinwasright says:

    I would like to thank everyone who prayed for my newborn daughter Elise several weeks ago. I had posted asking for prayers as she was hospitalized shortly after birth. She is home now and completey healed, thanks be to God!

    Please pray for our family as we are now battling a nasty virus.

    Also, please pray for the conversion of my brother who has left the faith.

    Also, please pray for Fr. V, a very wise and holy priest who faces an uphill battle in our parish.

    Prayers for all those here.

  28. Bert says:

    Please pray for my friend Father Ignatius, who is sick with something the doctors have been unable to diagnose so far. He is unable to say Mass or drive.
    Also pray for physical and spiritual healing for my family !

  29. Cafea Fruor says:

    Suburbanbanshee: thanks for the suggestion. In all my crazy health history, I’ve actually never heard of vitamin B shots. I’ll have to look into them. I don’t absorb vitamins from food well, so increasing my intake doesn’t work. But shots just might.

    I’ve had frequent sinus problems ever since my teens (I’m in my thirties now), so I’m willing to try anything, especially if it’s cheaper than medicine! My problems are due to a combination of allergies and my sinus openings being too small, both of which run in the family. I may ultimately need surgery to enlarge the openings, like my Mom did, but in the meantime, I’ll have to see about those shots if they can help me in the meantime or even avoid surgery altogether.

  30. KAS says:

    New prayer request: Background, last week I saw both the optometrist and a retina specialist. Both agreed and that things were OK for now, and then today I added speckles to my vision, and called it in, and will see someone tomorrow since it isn’t anything that will be done tonight.

    I am also getting a bit of double vision, and a shadow–except if I pull up on my eyebrow the shadow vanishes so I don’t know what all is going on.

    Complicating this is my allergies are way crazy off the charts so my sinusitis is bad and the allergies inevitably effect my vision, just not generally quite like today.

    They were going to recheck on Wednesday anyway, so this is an issue, a big one, and I ask for prayers that it be OK, that I don’t have a new problem that requires surgery– I am way too freaked out over my eyes.

  31. The Masked Chicken says:

    I would like to ask for prayers. I am going through a rough patch.

    The Chicken

  32. jameeka says:

    I continue to pray for all these petitions, and thank you very much for praying for mine.

  33. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for us today! After a week with a lot of bad news and problems, we have to go to two functions today, where it can get very nasty, even if we tread carefully. I don’t want to go, but it’s socially impossible to stay at home. Thank you!

  34. Thank you all for your prayers: I have been offered a job (6-month contract) today. This means the pilgrimage to Knock is almost certain. I will add the intentions above to my rosary.

  35. The Masked Chicken says:

    I request prayers for a talented artist friend who slipped while hanging her art and impaled herself. The screwdriver missed the heart, but she had to have emergency surgery to remove it. She is a devout Catholic and has been anointed.

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