My View For Awhile: Tuna Edition

I changed my socks at the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribuition Venue and am now on the way to KC, MO.

The son of a friend of many years is being ordained to the priesthood, Deo volente, tomorrow.

And so I take to the skies again.

Since the food at this airport is suboptimal, I picked up a Firehouse Sub on the way.

It was considered safe by TSA (Taking Sandwiches Away).

Actually, they were cordial and I was the only one in line.


Landing in my native place.


Time for the next leg.


I shall not be putting my feet on the wall, like the jackass did the other day. 

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  1. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    There seems to be a big difference between the borders between state-states and nation-states – where food is concerned.

  2. Cheddar299 says:

    Once of those being ordained, Deacon Gabe Lickteig, was at our parish (St. John Neumann, in Sunbury OH) this year. He is an excellent homilist, and has a great voice for chant. He will make a fine priest, and the diocese of KC is blessed to have him. Also, he has signed the letter.

  3. acardnal says:

    I believe Bp Morlino will be attending, too.

  4. acardnal: Yes, that’s the plan.

  5. You’re a KC native? Knew there was more about you I like (lived in Overland Park for a few years back in the 80s…). I’m sure you know that God’s gift to roasted animal flesh, otherwise known as KC Bar-B-Que, is the only true version of that dish (*ducking*).

    And, no, Bryant’s is not the pinnacle…I prefer Zarda’s…(talk about sparking a religious war…)

    Safe travels, Father.

  6. Bryan D Boyle:

    Negative. I’m a Minneapolis native. We shall in common, however, U.S. 169 and I-35.

  7. SanSan says:

    Father Z…..while in KC, MO pray for my 92yr old father “Joseph” who is in hospice care……He was born and raised in St. Paul, MN. Thank you Father!

  8. SanSan says:

    btw “jackass” is my Dad’s favorite expression too ;)

  9. Gabriel Syme says:

    Your home City looks beautiful Father, thank you for that picture.

    An amazing mixture of modern urban cityscape, woodland and lakes all rolled into one package!

  10. Ed the Roman says:

    One cannot err with Subway tuna on wheat. It is the sandwich for all seasons. Especially if baby spinach is available.

  11. Latin Mass Type says:

    KC MO? Home of the…oh, I can’t bear to type it…

    I am praying for you.

    I’m praying for that diocese. You all know why…

    So happy about the ordinations!

  12. Auggie says:

    Some Minnesotans, but I’m not sure about Fr. Z, believe that God’s gift to animal flesh is found at Kowalski’s.

  13. pannw says:

    Ed the Roman says:
    22 May 2015 at 4:22 PM

    One cannot err with Subway tuna on wheat. It is the sandwich for all seasons. Especially if baby spinach is available.

    Banana peppers, Ed the Roman. Lots of them. Almost defeats the purpose of Friday abstinence. :)’

  14. Gratias says:

    What a difference with your Parisian and Roman meals Father! That is the thing about Americans, like the seagulls, we are very adaptable animals. Cheers and good wishes.

  15. robtbrown says:

    Brian D Boyle,

    1. I used to go to Bryant’s once a month, but IMHO after the old man died, the quality of the product declined.

    2. Zarda’s has good ribs, but to me their sauce has too much of a tomato flavor.

    The best IMHO

    Beans: Jack’s Stack stands alone]

    Ribs: Oklahoma Joe’s

    Sauce: Okla Joe’s and Rosedale are excellent, but Gates is #1. It’s a compromise between smoky, tomato based and peppery, vinegar based sauce.

  16. robtbrown says:

    NB: Okla Joe’s is now known as Joe’s Kansas City BarBQ.

  17. SaintJude6 says:

    Ha! My husband flies pretty much weekly for work, and I get to hear all the horror stories of airline passenger misbehavior and rudeness. He informs me that jackasses putting their feet up on the bulkhead walls happens all the time.
    He would like to see a sign posted at airports which reads: “Leggings are NOT pants!”

  18. CruceSignati says:

    SaintJude6, I wish that “Leggings are NOT pants!” sign could be posted in ALL public places!!

  19. Elizabeth D says:

    Fr Z, how about some kind of a CafePress plaque or poster or something that says “Leggings are NOT pants!” Bumper Sticker? Yard sign!!! Or little stickers to pass out to school kids to stick on themselves and wear home so Mom gets the message too.

    Hmm, CafePress has a 44″ x 33″ banner. Every parish, and quite possibly every catechism classroom, needs a 44″ x 33″ banner in the vestibule saying “Leggings are NOT pants!” At least I want one for my catechism classroom. I tried to tell the girls all year long. And it is in the catechism handbook that they are not allowed, too.

  20. chantgirl says:

    Elizabeth D- Amy Sly came up with a great “Am I wearing Pants?” flowchart.

    The yoga pants craze is one of my biggest pet peeves as I don’t really need to see anyone’s bottom up close and personal at a restaurant, grocery store, or even at Mass ( yes I have unfortunately had to sit a couple of pews back from this type of attire and found it incredibly distracting- and I’m not even a guy!).

  21. Ed the Roman says:

    pannw says:

    Banana peppers, Ed the Roman. Lots of them. Almost defeats the purpose of Friday abstinence. :)’

    I’ll check that out.

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