Nancy “the Theologian” Pelosi… words fail!

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Nancy “the Theologian” Pelosi… words fail!

From LifeSite:

Nancy Pelosi: Gay ‘marriage’ is ‘consistent’ with Catholic teaching

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 2, 2015 ( — House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, says that same-sex “marriage” is perfectly “consistent” with Catholic Christianity.

Pelosi brought her grandchildren to see her receive an award from the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, to show the young, impressionable children that “marriage equality is important.”

In an interview with Thomas Roberts on MSNBC, Pelosi said she took the children to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund gala because “it’s really important to see what the practice of our faith is.”

Pelosi, who described herself as a faithful Christian and “mainstream Catholic,” said her pre-adolescent grandchildren needed to see and be present at a gay and lesbian celebration in order “to give them the image that we have for all people,” meaning the image the Catholic Church has for all.

The House Minority Leader explained that same-sex marriage “is important,” and that her grandchildren “have been hearing this [message supporting gay ‘marriage’] their whole life” because “they go to Catholic school.”

In perhaps the most controversial of her statements, Pelosi said, matter-of-factly, that same-sex ‘marriage’ “is consistent with the dignity and worth we [Catholics] attribute to every person.”


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BTW… Pelosi made is opposed to both the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act. The former would prohibit the abortion of babies 20 weeks or later into gestation unless they were conceived in rape or incest, or if the life of the mother was at risk. The latter prohibits federal funding of abortion and stops federal Obamacare subsidies from going to insurance plans that cover abortion while not preventing people in subsidized Obamacare plans from buying supplemental abortion coverage–with their own money.

Canon 915!

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  1. TNCath says:

    To borrow a phrase from His Eminence, Cardinal Burke: Nancy Pelosi “defies God.” Get ready, folks, the persecution has begun.

  2. Robbie says:

    Yes, I’m sure someone viewed by his contemporaries as a very orthodox rabbi in the first century viewed gay marriage as no biggie. I’d like to be stunned by this, but I’m not. Regrettably, Pelosi probably speaks for a large portion of Catholics. Just another fruit of the Council I guess.

  3. Patti Day says:

    What a disgrace. Scary that there are worse waiting to replace her.

  4. Dave N. says:

    I wonder how long it’s going to take people to realize that Nancy Pelosi IS a “mainstream Catholic.” Her views are probably no more radical or deviant than those of the average person in the pew on Sunday.

  5. Packrraat says:

    Patti, also SCARY is what is awaiting Pelosi if she continues unrepentant.

  6. mburn16 says:

    Of course Pelosi is wrong, but until such time as a higher authority comes to be who will make unequivocal, targeted statements to correct such errors, one can hardly claim surprise.

  7. Suburbanbanshee says:

    You didn’t mention the bit where she said she learned it all from the Baltimore Catechism.

  8. Auggie says:

    In the words of the African bishops: “Repent or resign.”

  9. Landless Laborer says:

    He who has dignity doesn’t sin, or if he does his sins are forgiven as he commits them, that’s the new theology. But woe betide those who say hateful things, for they have no dignity and shall receive no mercy.

  10. Imrahil says:

    can. 915 is not, in my view, a solution beyond, say, the divorced/remarried issue.

    As for public statements and the like, crimes should be dealt with in an orderly juridical manner.

    What we need is both can. 1364 presently in force, and the canon 2334 of the Old Code, in a version extended to cover not only political action directly against the Church, but also political action manifestly abetting immoral actions (though not mere lessenings of punishment).

    In my view, we need to deal with these things in Church tribunals. The benefit as opposed to a unilateral declaration of the bishop w.r.t. can. 915 would be that we would at least try to get them stand their own trial, and that they could take a defender (and lose).

  11. Max says:

    Pelosi has already excommunicated herself with her pro-abortion stance. Now she’s pontificating on homosexuality? Weird Al Yankovic could probably make a great song out of that.

    Hell awaits those who pridefully resist grace.

  12. Imrahil says:

    In addition,

    any excommunication incurred l.s. for actions happening in the public forum should be formally declared. Latae sententiae only makes sense for actions either unknown, or so recent that the Church prosecutor has not yet had time to react (or which have been repented just as quickly as they have been committed).

  13. marytoo says:

    “marriage equality is important”…..for her career!

  14. Latin Mass Type says:

    Which Catholic schools do those poor grandchildren attend? The Archdiocese of San Francisco?

  15. rodin says:

    So Pelosi’s grandchildren are learning of the glories of homosexuality in their Catholic school?!

    Are Catholic schools Catholic? As we have recently learned in San Francisco they often are not, but Archbishop Cordileone is trying to fix that. Good for him.

  16. SanSan says:

    Can that woman be more insane or delusional? I think not. God help her.

  17. crickally says:

    This unfortunate woman has delivered herself mind, heart, soul, and body over to Satan. But the even greater tragedy in our Church is that REAL theologians, priests, and bishops are doing the same thing she is. If ever we needed the protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit over the Church and its members it is NOW.

  18. Adeodata says:

    Has anyone given Ms. Pelosi a mental status exam? Typical liberal delusions.

  19. pannw says:

    Horrifying… Those poor children. This woman is headed for big trouble.

    “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

    And so are her pastors who let her get away with this evil. Ezeckiel 3:18-21

    Please Archbishop Cordileone, for her sake, her grandchildren’s sake, the scandalized Catholic faithful’s sake, and most especially your own sake, do something.

    God have mercy.

  20. Kathleen10 says:

    Reason #1452 why our church is a mess, the failing to call out such public figures on their heresy and blasphemy. This woman is literally speaking for the Catholic church, not satisfied with her own sin, she extends it as a self-appointed representative of Catholicism. For many people, millions even, she does represent Catholicism, simply because she says so, and she is of course widely observed and quoted.
    To ignore this type of behavior over the years is grievous. If anyone were truly serious about turning things around, they might start with this type of public person. We are in a bad spot though. We’ve got cardinals who apparently share her opinion. Who will call them out? We’re down to two options. We’ve got the Pope. We’ve got God.

  21. CharlesG says:

    While there may be some merit to the Pope’s position that one needs to explain the moral teachings of the Church in context and perhaps should not be prattling on about them constantly (as if that ever happens with most bishops and priests nowadays anyways!), but I think when prominent Catholic politicians very publicly make statements directly contrary to the teachings of the Church, just as a matter of record, their ordinary should say something. I recall three Catholic politicians (Senator Kerry of Massachusetts, the late Mayor Mumbles Menino of Boston, and Governor Christie of New Jersey) publicly state they did not agree with the teaching of the Church on homosexuality. I waited in vain for their bishops to make a public statement expressing disagreement with these statements with a pastoral and polite statement of the facts of the Church’s teaching. Instead, crickets.

  22. Come on, I just ate!

  23. LuxPerpetua says:

    At this point I think we can legitimately say that Pelosi is possessed. The question is, by which demon/demons?

  24. pied piper
    1. A person who offers others strong yet delusive enticements.
    2. One, such as a leader, who makes irresponsible promises.

    “He sounded his fife in the streets, but this time it wasn’t rats and mice that came to him, but rather children: a great number of boys and girls from their fourth year on. Among them was the mayor’s grown daughter. The swarm followed him, and he led them into a mountain, where he disappeared with them.”

  25. hilltop says:

    Enough with the “Pelosi has excommunicated herself” piffle. Of course she has, and I believe her archbishop has instructed her in private communication not to present herself for Most Holy Communion. This places her far outside the Catholic “mainstream”, though her sentimental approach to the Faith is all too common. My questions are: where are the Bishops? When does her public, highly-publicized, willful, unrepentant scandalizing, all while explicitly claiming to represent the “main stream” of the Church, earn her formal excommunication? If there is ever a clear call for it, it is she. Out! Out!

  26. LarryW2LJ says:

    Unfortunately, there’s a nun who works at my parish that espouses not all, but many of the same views.

  27. revueltos67 says:

    The American Patriotic Church in action. I’m sure Cardinals Biden, Kerry, Kennedy, and Sebelius agree wholeheartedly.

  28. Random Friar says:

    If by “consistent” she means, “consistently never thought of as having even a remote possibility of ever being considered a ‘marriage’,” then, yes.

  29. Rouxfus says:

    At what point do we concede that the “Mainstream Catholic Church” is a heretical schism separated from the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church founded by Christ for our salvation? Seems like our Lord gave His church several distinguishing characteristics, or “marks” which allow the faithful to distinguish Holy Mother Church from the false pretenders, and has declared four of them in the Nicene Creed. The “Mainstream Catholic Church” seems to have abandoned the fourth of these marks, apostolic, because it has explicitly abandoned several of the truths Christ taught the apostles on whose testimony and witness the deposit of faith is based, and which they have faithfully handed down to us unchanged (not for lack of trying, as 19 councils of the church attest) by their successors the bishops in union with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

    The question remains: what if some Pope were to declare in a seemingly infallible declaration some new doctrine which runs contrary to the teachings of Christ and His Apostles? What a mess that would be.

  30. Rouxfus says:

    Along the lines of the “pied piper” definition mentioned above, another analogy comes to mind:

    Judas Goat
    A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and onto trucks. They have fallen out of use in recent times, but can still be found in various smaller slaughterhouses in some parts of the world, as well as conservation projects.

    The term is a reference to the biblical character Judas Iscariot.

  31. John Madison says:

    I realize that her bishop, Archbishop Cordileone, has his plate full at the moment, but do you think he could take 5 minutes out of his schedule to excommunicate her?

  32. WYMiriam says:

    The mental confusion here is incredible: “In an interview with Thomas Roberts on MSNBC, Pelosi said she took the children to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund gala because “it’s really important to see what the practice of our faith is.”

    Excuse me? WHAT “faith” does she adhere to, if its practice happens to be going to and participating in this sort of event??

    May God have mercy on her soul, and send a battalion of archangels under St. Michael to guard and protect her grandchildren!

  33. arga says:

    We may laugh at her, but I am pretty sure she got this nonsense from a priest, probably a Jesuit. We know there are priests out there who would teach this, maybe not publicly but certainly in private conversation with trusted fellow heretics.

  34. rodin says:

    If prayers will do her any good they will have to be someone else’s. Mine seem to be getting nowhere.

  35. KAS says:

    Even more disturbing than Pelosi claiming such blasphemy as Church teaching, is that the vast majority of Catholics do not care at all. They are comfortable. They are content in the sins of this culture. So if ANYONE says what they want to hear it is fine with them.

    The persecution is not going to be only from the outside, the enemy is within the walls. There will be reporting from within to make sure the quietly orthodox believers are ferreted out.

    I keep thinking of some things from Tolkien and oddly enough some song lyrics from Keith Green.

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