CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Saturday – CARDS!

The first thing to report is that I made a few QSL cards with my printer. I wanted to send a few out before I change my call sign.

Next, I am in NYC right now. I brought my hand held along. Perhaps I try to hit a couple repeaters here.

I finally made RF contact (as well as Echolink) with Fr. KD8ZFF (that “Foxtrot Foxtrot” really cuts through the mud. We have had a hard time making contact by radio. I suspect that my antenna is the problem, not his. Mine is effectively in a partial Faraday cage, given its position on a balcony.

I have developed a couple of Twitter accounts that we might use to set up contacts or connect on the fly.  More on them later. I have also placed a note on the top of the right side bar for when I am on my rig.  During the last week a few of us used that to try to find frequencies where we might hear each other.

Also, I brought my practice key along.  I bought it in Tokyo at Rocket Radio!

Also, with WB0YLE we are slowly working toward building a Catholic Net.

I am building a list of hams who frequent this blog (chime in if you are missing. [I think I may have cut and pasted an older list.  Let’s get this updated.]


  • acardnal KE4WKV
  • Joan W4JMJ
  • BMKoenig K3BMK
  • chris1 KJ4MPE
  • crule N4TII
  • Bryan Boyle WB0YLE
  • Andy Lucy KG4ZMF
  • Navy Jeff KC9TCZ
  • pledbet424 WB0MZT
  • Kenneth Jones KB3JA/BY
  • asperges G4NJH
  • Dan Soderlund KBØEO
  • Hesiodos AD7QQ
  • MWindsor – KT5WX
  • dahveed – KD8ZIB
  • FloridaJoan – W4JMJ
  • Jilly – WA4CZD
  • jpaluh – KB3LUE
  • Humilitas – KC4RAC
  • Jeffc – AC5XL
  • pledbet424 – WB0MZT
  • Patrick L – AG4JQ
  • Dr Guinness – VK3SJB
  • MacBride – KC2MEO
  • Evan C – N5EDC
  • boxerpaws1952 – N3XFQ
  • chris_R – N3GBJ
  • Jack – W1JEM
  • Julia12 – KC9ALW
  • moon123 – KB9VSE
  • Pearl – KC8JSL
  • OK_doc – KF5THY
  • Baritone – KD5AYJ
  • ByzCath08 – W8GMN
  • Mojoron – K0CCP
  • Deacon Bob – W8CRO
  • Incensum – N9WIV
  • SimonsDad – KB1WOL
  • O. Possum – KC1BGU
  • Curt – AF7KQ
  • Arthur – KD9BRV
  • jeff_logullo – N0MII
  • ckamas – AD6CL
  • revueltos67 – KE5AKL
  • marty5519 – N7CYY
  • MouseTemplar – KE8CDO
  • Cascade_Catholic – KD7IGW
  • Stitch – KE0BIZ
  • jtz622 – KD8UTC
  • Allan S. – VA3BVM
  • semper_paratus – W4KM
  • WMBriggs – K2JM


  • Fr. David McGuire AE4LH
  • frdanbecker WA1ZHQ
  • Rev. Canon Glenn Gardner K9ALT
  • plaf26 – KC0GA
  • Fr. Bryan – KD8ZFF
  • starprst- AB4TS
  • Fr. J. Stefanski – SQ3SWS / N2FCH
  • Fr. Paul A. – Cannariato KB2TJY
  • Fr_Joe_OMI – WB5LCU

There must be more of you!


About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. MouseTemplar says:

    Just got my call sign: KE8CDO. Please add me to your list. I only have a Yaesu FT-60.

  2. Cascade_Catholic says:

    Mine’s KD7IGW. My HF gear is put away, but I have Kenwood Dual Band mobile rig in my truck and a Wouxan dual band handheld jobber. Haven’t had a lot of time for Ham stuff lately, perhaps after the new year. 73’s.

  3. best machine on 2m in NYC is W2ABC, the broadcast employees amateur radio service (BEARS) repeater, that’s also part of the Disney intertie net. 147.27 +600, PL 141.3. Full disclosure: helped form the club in 1977 when I had just started at the Net.

  4. LarryW2LJ says:

    If you get to any high buildings while you’re in NYC, try the K2ETS repeater 146.940 -600, PL 141.3. I monitor that repeater. If you get any height, you should be able to hit it from Manhattan.

  5. MWindsor says:

    Anybody going to be on this evening?

    I was on for a while today. 10m actually opened for a little while and I worked a couple of stations in Brazil. 15m was actually pretty decent most of the day, and I talked to several people from California. Oddly enough, I didn’t have much luck on 40m. 20m was crowded because of the QSO party.

    The conditions weren’t great today, but the fact that 10m was open for half an hour means things are getting better. Winter, winter, here we come…

  6. revueltos67 says:

    Hi All,

    I’m on 30 meters (10109) calling CQ if anyone is interested in a CW QSO.

    Mike – ke5akl

  7. Here in NYC I’ve tuned in to 147.27 for a while before I turn in. I’ll switch on Echolink, too.

  8. I’ve the repeater repeat itself a few times, but nobody seems to be on tonight.

  9. majuscule says:

    Our neighborhood emergency volunteers offer a ham radio training every so often. The idea is to connect our area if we are cut off in an emergency–bad storms or earthquakes. They have practice drills every so often.

    We have a radio we can hear them on but I have not thought of getting a license and actually participating. Well…a Catholic Net sounds very appealing! I’m going to sign up for the next training!

  10. Netmilsmom says:

    Majuscule- I would like a radio where I could hear.
    Do you have a recommendation?

  11. MWindsor says:

    Netmilsmom – Most of the local emergency volunteers are on VHF/UHF radios. I’m a member of our local ARES group (Amateur Radio Emergency Services). We run on VHF frequencies via a repeater, that collects our signals and rebroadcasts them at a higher power (well, higher power for my radio).

    If you want to listen in on that, you could try a Baofeng UV-5R. It’s the radio that Fr. Z has and is pictured in this post. It’s a little tricky to program, but it works just fine. It’s very short range without the repeater – in the suburbs I’ve gotten about a mile and a half occasionally – but once you find the frequency for the ARES or RACES group near you, you can at least listen in on the storm spotters and things like that. But I warn you, it can be a little dull to listen to if the weather is tame.

  12. Allan S. says:

    MISSED ME! (4th time…perhaps a hint ;) )

    Allan S. VA3BVM. (Yes, selected in honour of Our Lady)
    Ontario, Canada

  13. jtz622 says:


  14. Bonomo says:

    Well, if you had made it to dinner as planned so long ago, you would know of me by now: Richard Bonomo WB2WXH. Have an Advanced class license. I am not on much at this stage of my life. I still hope to be QRV at my home QTH at some point.

  15. Elizabeth D says:

    Rich Bonomo is a very good person to know.

  16. Fr_Joe_OMI says:

    Add me to the list – WB5LCU.

    HF CW forever!

  17. Stitch says:


  18. semper_paratus says:

    Please add me as well when you are able. — W4KM

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