CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Saturday: Perna

1A0C QSL CardPerna in Latin means “ham”. There is a street not far from where I am that, from the time of the Caesars, is called Panisperna. That’s where you could buy ham and … etc. Also, that’s where the Panisperna Boys had their physics lab.

That seems a good place to start as I am in Roma and I have potential ham radio news.

I have made an initial contact with someone who might help me and another priestly ham in Rome use the station of the Knights of Malta… a prestigious call to log!  We want use their station for special events.

Also, I have a plot to meet those who are in charge of stations that can use the Vatican call sign.

Believe me, if we get the permissions worked out, I will be calling on donations from far and wide to make some special events work!

My first idea is to have a special event in honor of Cardinal Burke to raise awareness of the charitable works of the Knights of Malta in some needy place.

At a certain point we might need a funding drive to supply whatever equipment we may be lacking.

The priestly ham here in Rome is pretty experienced. I expect that he might do the CW while I work phone. We shall see.

And I still awaiting approval of my new call sign!

So… do you experienced hams out there think it might be fun to have a QSO – and specially designed QSL card from 1A0C? From HV0A? With interesting special events QSL cards?


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  1. chris_R says:

    The FCC takes about three weeks or 21 days to process a vanity call. I don’t know why.
    Just like some guys I know will raise a drink to anything, Hams will come up with any reason for a special event station — which gets very interesting at times. One of my prized QSL catches was back in 2011 with DR60BENE, in Germany, which was the 60th anniversary of something with then Pope Benedict — his first Mass in his home town or some such. So, I’m up for all of it! Having a special call for the event is nice but not necessary. As with Pope Benedict — DR prefix for Germany, 60 the anniversary year, “BENE” short for Benedict.

  2. MWindsor says:

    I’d be game for the special events stuff. I’m going to get laid off sometime after the first of the year, so financial support is going to be difficult, but I’ll help in any other way I can.

    The processing date for your new call sign is November 3. It’s currently scheduled to be assigned to you. The only thing that could derail the assignment is someone else sending a request for the exact same call sign by snail mail, and postmarked after you requested yours online. So, odds are very good that you’ll get it and be notified on or shortly after 3 Nov. Congrats!

  3. I’m up for an SE station; having run a couple in my career, they can be intense, but vastly worthwhile when done properly.

    Sign me up if you need an extra op!

  4. Mojoron says:

    I’m game: K0CCP

  5. Just as a data point…this weekend is the CQ World Wide SSB contest. The bands are alive with the sounds of “cq contest”. Even with my admittedly flea-powered station right now (waiting for the new relay to arrive for the amp…), had no problem with stacking up 30 or 40 contacts spread between 20, 40, and 80 meters in an hour of chair time.

    Imagine standing up an SE station during the same weekend from a rare contact such as the KtM or HV station? Can you say “Pileup” I think you/we/? would have no problems getting a fill of contacts.

    Some may question running an SE during a contest, but, since it brings out a lot of folks (I have wallpaper for 1st place on 80 meters during the CQ WW SSB contest for the 3 zone with a whole 6 contacts…!), if you want to make contacts and have the best chance of a population to work…makes sense, right?

    Just a thought.

  6. jflare says:

    “,,,that’s where the Panisperna Boys had their physics lab.”

    Pleading guilty to having been required to look that one up on Wikipedia.

  7. Mike Morrow says:

    The interesting thing about ham (or any other) radio stations operating under the “authority” of the Knights of Malta (SMOM) is that there is no such authority. SMOM calls can take any form the operator desires, though it seems usual to use prefixes that the ITU does not assign to legitimate stations…like 1A.

    Such exotic locale operations can produce a fair amount of revenue in return for a QSL card. I recall the attractive cards from Jonestown in 1977 and 1978 with the rare /8R prefixes, posted for a nominal “donation” to “defray expenses”. Operating a special event station from an unusual location during a major contest weekend would maximize returns. Otherwise, it greatly reduces the probability that those with real interest in the event will be able to make contact.

  8. Fr. Bryan says:

    Absolutely! Would be honored to be a part of this in some way. KD8ZFF

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