Latin Liturgy of the Hours now available… in a new format

For a long time Latin liturgical books, such as the four volumes of the Liturgia Horarum (Liturgy of the Hours for the Ordinary Form) have been very expensive or out of print. Furthermore, they were not well bound, as many of us found out to our dismay.

Here is one initiative that will solve problems of 1) instant availability, 2) price, and 3) unbreakable binding.

All four volumes of the Latin Liturgia Horarum produced by the Vatican Press is now available as an e-book for 11.50 Euro.


And the actual link:

Here is a video:

This was interesting to me because endless strings of clerics over the decades have asked me to get them stuff. This is an easy way for take care of that.

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  1. Actually, it’s 11.50 Euros per volume, hence a bit more than $50 US for all four volumes of the Liturgia Horarum. Which is less than a tenth of what I originally paid for my hard copy set. Still quite a bargain compared with the $360 the Midwest Theological Forum is charging for its 6-volume version. Looks wonderful if traveling and hard copies are inconvenient to lug along.

  2. Johannes Quinque says:

    Isn’t this already available for $1 in the iMass app?

  3. “Isn’t this already available for $1 in the iMass app?”

    No. Not if (as I understand) the breviary part of iMass contains the pre-conciliar Breviarium Romanum rather than the post-conciliar Liturgia Horarum. Other pro and con arguments aside, the new breviary is rather more elaborate, with (for instance) many more Latin hymns and patristic and hagiographical readings.

  4. Joseph-Mary says:

    Of course there is also the BrevMeum app….

  5. “Of course there is also the BrevMeum app….”

    Same deal. The BrevMeum app is for the older 1962 Roman Breviary. Other than the new Breviario Digitale that Fr. Z references here, I’m not familiar with another e-mobile form of the complete Liturgy of the Hours in Latin, the Latin version being far superior than any of the now available (but generally quite inferior or incomplete) vernacular translations.

  6. RichR says:

    iBreviary already has the Latin version, and it has the Ordo built in to it. If the Vatican Press has simply put the LH out as an eBook, you are going to have a hard time flipping pages on a Kindle. Plus, iBreviary is free.

  7. iBreviary is certainly one option for the the Latin text of the Liturgia Horarum, though I find it to be not as reliable for the various memorials, feasts, etc. as I’d like. The English seems to be better in tune with this than the Latin. So I reserve it for English, if I must use English.

    There is an alternative available for most platforms, and the one I prefer for my iPhone, namely the “Liturgia Horarum”. See: It is always in sync and has the various feast day options. It is really for the Latinate, since there is no English option (no loss :-) )

    He also does the “Missale Romanum” (ordinary form), which I use regularly at our Sunday OF Latin Mass. Again, the Latin is always up to date. The accompanying English option as a translation is not always the ICEL version, so I would not use it for Masses in English, unless I wanted to follow along in Latin.

    For the Extraordinary Form, Brevium Meum is still the best, I think.

    Anyone have suggestions for the EF Mass texts for iPhone? Our parish has EF Masses as well. For that I use print one by Baronies Press, but an electronic version would be useful.

  8. Reconverted Idiot says:

    I know the Lux Aeterna breviary works for Android, but a Google search doesn’t easily indicate if there’s an iPhone version. It has old and new calendar versions of breviary/office, mass etc and I haven’t found faults yet. Plus it’s free. It’s basically this site ‘apped’:

  9. (In risk of littering this thread with too many of my own) Strictly a Kindle person (for this kind of thing), this Breviario Digitale version of the LOH is (so far as I know) the only Latin version available for the Kindle. I’d appreciate a comment from anyone knowing of another.

    I use the Universalis Kindle English version as a crutch in reciting the Latin LOH from the hardcopy volumes of the Liturgia Horarum, and with it find the over 7000 pages of the LH easy to navigate on the Kindle. It appears from the video that this Breviario Digitale PDF is provided with live links and menus to make it work similarly with a Kindle.

  10. smetheny says:

    For iPhone, the Liturgia Horarum app in the App Store is very good for travelers. He has both a basic and a premium version (latter includes Spanish translation if you wish that). Downloads the entire text of the LH and one can use it even in airplane mode.

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