ROME – Day 1: Of spit and sea critters – UPDATED

I’m staying close to the Campo de’ Fiori this time.  It is handy for shopping and opportunities to spit at the statue of Giordano Bruno.


I’m happily going to my “usual” family run vegetable stand which I have frequented since I lived in the neighborhood a zillion years ago.  The nice old lady is still going strong.

And I had to get some coppiette.


 The beginning of lunch, yesterday, after settling in.  A familiar sight.


Sometimes it is better to opt for short pasta, than the classic bucatini, to keep your shirt clean.


One of the best paranza I’ve had in years.


This is yours truly saying Mass for the intention of all those who donated for this Rome trip.

During my stay I will be saying Mass for the intention of my Rome donors.  HERE  Yes, that is also an appeal.

And then there were today’s sea critters.


Not mine, my host’s, but I had a taste. Marvelous rice.


Mine.  Classic.  Wonderful.


Last night there was a fine Pontifical Vespers service at Ss. Trinità.  It was one of the pilgrimage events. The celebrant was a very old Argentine bishop who, I learned, back in the day had taken a principled stand against Communion in the hand.   I only have one photo, but it’s fun.

How many seminarians can sit on a bench?

Tonight, Pontifical Mass at S. M. in Campitelli.


Okay… this is Santa Maria in Campitelli.

My view from choir.


As the celebrant, Bp. Pozzo of the PCED begins his sermon.

Card. Brandmueller in choro.

After Mass and veneration of the miraculous image of Mary.

On the way to meet friends, the famous little turtle fountain.

I stopped at a restaurant where I know the Voris crew would be.  It was nice to see Michael again.

Speaking of Michael, here is his most recent video on the Synod and on the Pontificate … or perhaps the Parenthesis… of Pope Francis.

For your consideration.

And thus ends a long day.

Tomorrow there is a procession to San Pietro and a Pontifical Mass.

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  1. CradleRevert says:

    I was in Rome for the first time last year during the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage and also stayed near Campo de’ Fiori. These posts make me nostalgic to go back.

  2. justteri says:

    Italian Chitterlings (Chitlin’s) ! I guess you just have to have a taste for them. I never let my husband cook ’em in the house.

  3. Patti Day says:

    One of the seminarians is missing a biretta.

  4. yatzer says:

    Oh, I recognize the pasta with the type of clams you can’t get where I live. Lord knows I’ve tried in order to make it myself. I hope to be able to go back to Rome sometime, partly as a pilgrimage and partly to eat that dish in its homeland.
    Thanks for telling us what coppiette is. So I can avoid it.

  5. Tony Phillips says:

    Whoa…how did you take a picture of yourself? That’s, like, bilocation.

  6. robtbrown says:

    In so far as you’re staying near Campo de’Fiori, I’ll recommend the Bavette con gamberetti e limone at a place a few blocks away:

    Ristorante Walter
    Via del Pelligrino, 107

  7. SanSan says:

    Glad you saw Michael. He has been outstanding with his daily updates and news…….and he hasn’t pulled all his hair out yet!

  8. Auggie says:

    I like the photo of Fr. Z and MV. Friendship among orthodox Catholics is more crucial than ever.

  9. Gratias says:

    Glad to see Michael Voris is well, although he is reading Pope Francis through optimistic colored glasses.

  10. Benedict Joseph says:

    Campo de Fiori is such a special spot in Rome. It always comes to mind when I recall past trips — now too long past.
    I watched the Voris presentation yesterday and was left somewhat perplexed by it. As I said over there — Michael’s stubborn and artfully thought out apologetic for the Holy Father is heroic. How I hope it is true. I want to believe Pope Francis is not as he appears, but too much has transpired since the beginning of this pontificate for me to offer him anymore confidence. It is as it appears. God willing, I am wrong, and if I am I will indeed be very happy.
    But now a day later, I am even more perplexed. Of his always interesting presentations, this one I just can’t “locate in space.” Where did he get these notions? It seems rather illogical, and I don’t expect that of him…or you, Father. What is going on? In any event relish a wonderful stay in Roma.

  11. JRP says:

    First, you’ve now got me considering joining in this next time it happens.

    I was looking at the priest’s instructions on the psp website about the “For the appropriate order and decorum at the Procession on Saturday.” I was curious about the line: “If you use the biretta, do not wear it in church ; only wear it outside of church.” I’m guessing there is some sort of suitable reason for that guideline, but I have no idea what that reason is. Any enlightenment?

  12. JacobWall says:

    I appreciate Michael Voris comments. I have a different take on the “Humanae Vitae moment” of which he speaks though. I agree that one is coming. But I don’t see Bd. Pope Paul VI Humanae Vitae moment as a failure, nor his papacy. Here’s why. In 500 years, no one will remember “Folk Masses” or Nuns on a Bus (except perhaps a handful of academics.) The world will, however, remember HV as a prophetic message that stood alone against the onslaught of modernism all around it, proving all too true. People will turn back to its message and it will be part of what will begin to save the world after our culture has crumbled completely.

    If Pope Francis has a Humanae Vitae moment, which I believe is soon inevitable if he is going to do anything at all, it will be met in the same way – completely ignored by the world and the Church alike. It will be a failure (as will be his papacy) in the immediate sense. But if that moment comes (let’s pray that it does) it will serve the Church for years to come.

  13. gatormom says:

    Oh dear, poor poor Pope Francis. I so wish that he wasn’t being besieged on all sides. It’s a shame. It could have been such a nice Papacy. Why, why did he have to show so much personal affection for men who just wanted to twist his perfectly clear orthodoxy into heresy. It’s just not faaaiiir. And now there are going to be so many who want to hear that, “Do as though wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Done, enough said, they are not going to need to wait on an encyclical. Should I not care since I know the truth. Well, I do care. I have brothers that I love dearly and I pray for their conversion every day of my life. They have destroyed their lives with sin and many others’ including innocent children. Strangely they have no desire to receive Holy Communion because as sinful as they are they do not hold animosity toward our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A person who demands to remain in a state of mortal sin and receive the Holy Eucharist has some very strong feelings about our Lord and I am dubious about those feelings being pure love and adoration. I can’t believe this has happened. Can the outcome of this synod possibly be worse than the process? I really do not even have a concept of what the outcome of this will be but it seems like it may be a lot of souls lost that may otherwise have been saved. Isn’t that antiChristian? Anti does mean opposite doesn’t it? I haven’t looked it up but that has always been my impression. The Church is supposed to save people from Hell not send them there right? Why is this happening?

  14. Geoffrey says:

    In the photo of Bishop Pozzo beginning his sermon, who is the fellow in white tie and (I assume) tails?

  15. Ferde Rombola says:

    I find it hard to believe Michael Voris is so naive as to think the Pope, a Jesuit, is so naive as to appoint heretic bishops to positions of authority just he likes them. That is not a Jesuit trait. Scheming perhaps. I didn’t say it! Just made a comparison.

    On a lighter note, I made linguine with clams last night with actual little necks in the sauce. There was some left over. My wife didn’t eat it so I did. For breakfast.

  16. jaykay says:

    Thank you, Faddah. All my previously expressed photo wishes come true… and that in just one post!

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