Nancy “The Theologian” Pelosi tears the throat out of a reporter asking about big-business abortion

Nancy “the Theologian” Pelosi (D-CA), devout practicing Catholic and mother!  Ain’t she sweet?

Listen to her nasty snapping tone when she is asked about big business abortion by a reporter.  To defend her darling Planned Parenthood, she’d tear the throat out of any member of the press so audacious as to suggest that perhaps this was an issue for comment.

HERE  Start at about 14:00.  It is only about a minute long.

Apparently big business abortion’s – with which she has an intimate relationship of mutual help – trafficking in baby parts is not a public policy issue.

Can. 915.

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  1. Packrraat says:

    We have one of these Canon 915 bumper stickers on both of our vehicle—“CC915 NOW. . . for Biden, Cuomo, Pelosi, Sebelius, etc”. Our former pastor ordered them made. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON from our parish has ever asked about it. The only person who has ever commented was an evangelical at a gas station when I was filling up. And he agreed totally.

  2. greenlight says:

    At this point Pelosi, Biden, etc. are not the scandal. Scorpions gonna scorpion. The scandal is the silence of their bishops.

  3. Suudy says:

    Two points. First, she admits she doesn’t know the questioner, then goes on to say that since she has 5 children she knows more than him. Given she doesn’t know him, how does she possibly know what he might or might not know about children? Second, she called the question “ideological.” The question “If not human, what species is it?” is not an ideological question, but a factual one.

    And to wrap it all up, she claims her Catholic membership as if that’s immunity. Was CCC #2272 recently removed? Is it no longer binding on the conscience of each and every Catholic?

  4. Back pew sitter says:

    Who is her bishop and why hasn’t he said something?

  5. acardnal says:

    I saw this on C-SPAN TV as it occurred. I am concerned about Pelosi’s mental health.

  6. She is obviously extremely touchy about this subject. This isn’t the first time she’s reacted this way.

    Pray for her. Perhaps her conscience is working overtime on her.

  7. majuscule says:

    She does not look well.

    This is tangential…

    You know how our longevity is increasing in these “modern” times compared to the short “average lifespan” in former ages due to the high mortality of (born) children…

    In today’s world, if we factored in the loss of human life due to abortion, what would our average lifespan be?

  8. Mike says:

    She is obviously extremely touchy about this subject. This isn’t the first time she’s reacted this way.

    Having backed herself into a corner of illusive “logic,” lacking weapons of truth, all she can do is lash out. Except…

    Pray for her. Perhaps her conscience is working overtime on her.

    Yes, because the illusiveness of her “logical” corner is her liberation, if she but accept the grace to see it.

  9. If I were the Pope, I would have had a big medal in my hand and called her to the podium during my speech to Congress. As she came to the front of the room, I would have said, “I have an award to give out to a member of Congress who did a whole lot to promote the Catholic faith.” When she got alongside me, I would have continued, “but since no one has reached the required standard, I am going to give the award another time,” and I would have placed the medal aside. Then I would have given her a good dressing down. But that is why my phone is silent during conclaves, I’m afraid.

  10. A.D. says:

    As acardinal and majuscule have mentioned, I am also concerned about Mrs. Pelosi’s health. She seemed to have difficulty arranging her thoughts in an organized and concise pattern. She did not articulate her words smoothly, almost as if she had some physical or cognitive problem. And, of course, she could not respond to a simple question from one of the press without the rudeness of cutting him off and inappropriately referring to her religious beliefs and personal family life in a fluster of incoherency.

    And my question for the Democrats is: Why is this women still representing you to the public? Unless, of course, you are using her as a scapegoat.

  11. aviva meriam says:

    Do the Bishops not understand the damage Politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden et al cause…

    Both to the faithful and to those not yet within the Church? Why commit to obedience when those in the public limelight don’t?

  12. majuscule says:

    Back pew sitter asked, “Who is her bishop and why hasn’t he said something?”

    The bishop of her “home” in San Francisco is Archbishop Cordileone. He addressed this in January, as reported by our own Reverend Father Z on this very blog:

  13. iamlucky13 says:

    Her behavior is not a surprise. Interruption is a standard way in politics to prevent someone from framing a discussion around an issue they think is important. Attacking can help imply a question is outrageous and can intimidate a person into backing down, just like a small dog will sometimes attack a far larger dog in hopes they will back away, even though the larger dog did nothing untoward.

    Pelosi failed to continue to the next step, which is misdirection. I think she started but forgot where she was going. “I’m not going to respond to your attempts to use ideology to control my body,” but she was far to scatterbrained.

    That scatterbrained thought process continued into her discussion of Syria. Catherine the Great? We’re talking about Putin. If that was supposed to be a segue, maybe next time, try using it in a compare and contrast manner or something.

    Combine that with “we have to find out exactly what is there.” Sound familiar? She said the same thing about the ACA. Apparently she’s a shoot-first-and-ask questions later. With her support, we’ve been helping destabilize Syria for 2 years, which has done far more to aid ISIL than it has to create a democratic government in Syria.

    “The question “If not human, what species is it?” is not an ideological question, but a factual one.”

    It is both. It is a factual question, in addition to one of the most important ideological questions in the history of politics – which humans do human rights apply to?

    Civilization has a very long history of getting the answer wrong to the human rights question. We’ve slowly talked, and sometimes fought, ourselves away from acting according to the wrong answer in many regards, but every time it has been a slow, painful, ugly process.

    While we’re on the topic, “Why should Great Britain be able to rule over the American colonies without providing them equitable representation?” was another major ideological question that arose in our political history. Thomas Jefferson helped answer it.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  14. excalibur says:


  15. Sanctimonious liberals believe that they are above the law. They think rules never apply to them. They believe that they are entitled to commit the most egregious acts that cry out to the heavens for vengeance in advance of their twisted ideologies because they are more elite than us God-fearing peasants.

  16. gramma10 says:

    She is defensive. People who know they are wrong deep down, defend themselves.
    It is a way to avoid a topic. When someone refuses to discuss something it is closing out all possibilities of truth to get in.
    Wonder what she is afraid of? Probably, that she won’t continue to get her $$ from PP.
    I think God holds people accountable when they block truth to forward their own agenda, yes?
    It is amazing how people can lie to themselves!

  17. SKAY says:

    gramma10 said:

    “It is amazing how people can lie to themselves!”

    I agree but for Nancy it is all about votes. Obviously, money, power and party politics count above all else for her in spite of her words.

    Mark 8:36
    For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

  18. Andrew D says:

    When is this woman going to get her bell, book and candle? Seriously, I know we’re supposed to be in a year of mercy but to ignore this evil and continue to allow Pelosi to receive the Eucharist is sinful, scandalous and shameful. It sends the wrong message to ignorant, left-wing catholics that abortion is o.k. and if not, God will casually forgive us.

  19. newportson says:

    Within which Catholic Church is Ms. Pelosi a “devout, practicing Catholic,” I wonder?

    It is understandable that bishops would want to dialogue with their flock in a manner that leads to a conversion of heart and soul, i.e. privately. But, when one of your flock is so public and uses her “membership” in the Church to protect her from any criticism on a topic of such importance, it would seem to me that the rest of the flock needs the Bishop to speak just as publicly about the Truth, in the light of the teaching of the Church. This is meant not to embarrass or disenchant the gentlelady, but rather to assuage the concerns of the faithful about their valiant fight for the protection of their souls.

    A couple of other thoughts, how is it that Ms. Pelosi knows “more about this matter” than the person asking the question? Is he not capable of knowing that a being with a beating heart and brain is a human person? What does the fact that she has had 5 children have to do with being able to discern human life? Unless she is saying that although she has given birth 5 times, the product of those 5 births are anything but human. I doubt that is the case, but then, what do her 5 births have to do with the question? I also wish the reporter would have used the Pope’s words in his question, given that Ms. Pelosi quoted the Pope in her opening statement to politically bash the GOP about their alleged votes to “shutdown government.” She then went on to use other people’s words against them. I wonder if the question were phrased, “Ms. Pelosi, do you support, in the words of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, whom you quoted earlier in your statement, ‘The protection of life at every stage of its development?’ what her response would have been. We need to be cagier when dealing with the caged.

  20. wmeyer says:

    What a display of Christian charity. Pelosi has been out on that limb for years. I recall a report from a few years ago after she had enjoyed a private audience with the previous archbishop of her diocese. Clearly it was not for the purpose of congratulating her on a job well done. There was no photo op.

  21. acricketchirps says:

    Andrew Saucci, maybe you’ve got it on mute. I figured out that’s probably why I wasn’t elected in ’13. Not gonna happen next time though.

  22. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    Cardinal Wuerl has emitted countless lies in his many comments about Canon 915. He lied when he called Denial of Communion a “penalty.” He lied when he said Pelosi is “not one of my flock.” (I.e., he was claiming he could do nothing because her “domicile” is in San Francisco.)

    Since Denial of Communion is not a penalty, the domicile of the pro-abortion “Catholic” is not relevant. Rather, each bishop is responsible for the SACRAMENTS in his diocese. BOTH Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Cordileone have the obligation to deny Communion to Pelosi. And if Pelosi stops in in ANY diocese, EVERY bishop, priest, deacon, or EMHC has the obligation to refuse to give her Communion. In 2008, Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo announced BEFORE Joe Biden set foot in the diocese that if Biden DID come through the diocese, and attempted to receive Communion, it was to be denied.

    Giving Communion to Nancy Pelosi or any other publicly pro-abortion person is a mortal sin. Only about ten or fifteen bishops in the U.S. are not walking around habitually in the state of mortal sin.

    As demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt by Cardinal Burke:

  23. Magash says:

    From everything I have heard Archbishop Cordileone is a good bishop, however he is penned in by circumstance and the failure of any of his predecessors to deal with Pelosi in a strong public way. Were he now to publicly excommunicate her (which is what should happen) the blow-back would be horrendous, and it’s likely his brother bishops, including Donald Cardinal Wuerl, in whose diocese Pelosi actually lives, would give him zero support.
    This is the result of the absence exhibited by the U.S. bishops for the past forty years. certainly their predecessors dealt strongly with the issue of segregation, even threatening excommunication of some of the proponents. On the issue of Abortion? Little of nothing really meaningful, at least as far as politicians and scandal.
    Now it would take an especially brave bishop to act, and the USCCB would not be thanking them.

  24. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    A bishop can CHOOSE whether to impose a penalty, such as excommunication. That’s why Cardinal Wuerl, Cardinal O’Malley, and others, have repeatedly called Denial of Communion a “penalty.”

    Denial of Communion is not a penalty. Denial of Communion is mandated by Canon 915 for the simple reason that, in the case of the persons described in the canon, NOT denying Communion is a mortal sin.

    Giving Communion to Nancy Pelosi and other pro-abortion persons is a mortal sin. It is contrary to Canon Law, the moral law, and divine law.

    But that’s just the problem: Almost no bishops believe themselves obligated to obey any law.

    Cardinal Burke explained it ALL several years ago:

  25. Tom says:

    I cannot possibly listen to this again, so forgive me if I “misheard”. Did she say her oldest was six when her 5th was born?

  26. Sonshine135 says:

    Vicious, evil woman. Can you imagine if a Republican said the same thing. It would be front page news. Luckily, I think the American people are tiring of this, and I would hate to drink the cup that Nancy Pelosi has taken upon herself. Have mercy on that woman and anyone who justifies abortion.

  27. mwa says:

    to Tom – yes, her 5th was born when her first was 6 yrs and 1 wk old

  28. SanSan says:

    Well this woman (sic) we all know is unstable. Her statement of “devout Catholic” was so delusional, I almost lost it. She needs mega prayers for her conversion.

  29. Back pew sitter says:

    Majuscule: Many thanks for your response and for the information.

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